Jul 27, 2017

Free Food Coupons

Good morning Father! The cost of food has sky rocketed beyond belief. Being able to afford to provide for the family has become almost an insurmountable task. What if I was to tell you their is an easier way? Well there is, even though you may consider this idea hogwash. There's one way to find out for sure. Put your trust in me, sit back, and watch. Try it you will be amazed. Love God!

Jul 26, 2017

And The Winner Is

Image result for pics of a boxing match

Good morning Father! Doubt, shame, fear, drugs, alcohol, porn, hate, dishonesty, greed, arrogance, self centeredness, and the winner is undefeated champion of all time, in the white trunks God! He has never lost a fight, and never will. Who's corner are you in? Love God!

Jul 25, 2017

God's Hand

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Good morning Father! There,s a bit of a lift going on. Are you wondering what it is? There'a bunch of things it could be. What do you think it is? Well it's probably not what you think. Most likely it's nowhere close. So here it is. You have found yourself reaching up. Hoping something , someone is really there to bring you out of the low spot in your life. Hold your hand out, reach up, and I will pull you into a place like you never thought possible. Love God!

Jul 23, 2017


Image result for pics of a flame

Good morning Father! Stress is a light that burns without a wick. The light of anxiety is a burning fractured excess of a mind that has loss it's source.  You must have fire to burn, but there must be a fuel for it to stay lit. Without out that fuel it will flame up then burn out into a flash of nothing. I'm am your fueling station. Fuel up, fire up and burn on. Love God!

Jul 19, 2017


Image result for pics of a person trying to fit into skinny jeans

Good morning Father! Liposuction? Yep, sometimes you just got to suck the fat out! Get rid of all that extra weight that's weighing you down. Is your life sagging from the burden of of to much fat? Get a program of weight reduction. Begin with expelling all of the unneeded drama, stop the gossip, worrying is killing you, stop. There's a very simple plan I have for  you. Trust me with everything, you will be amazed, and once again you will fit into your skinny jeans, and the burdens of the world will be lifted. Love God

Jul 18, 2017


Image result for pics of greedy pigs

Good morning Father!! What's your greedatude like today? Is it all about you? How did you get there? Ask yourself that question, then really think about it. It did not come from me. You don't have enough because I'm not enough for you. You where intended to serve and give of the blessings I have given you. You don't have what I have intended for you because you don't believe I will fill your cup up , and overflow it continuously. I'm am the God of abundance. Who, or what are you looking to for your provisions? I have a big package waiting on you to open. Undo the ribbon by giving, AND YOU WILL BE AMAZED! Love God!

Jul 17, 2017

Do You Run Out Of Prayers

Image result for pics of gas pumps

Good morning Father! Running on empty? Out of gas? Thirsty? Need a fill up? That's real simple. Turn the TV of. Go to a quite place. Be quite. Listen. Don't ask for anything. Now the pump will begin working as you fuel up. There's no need in trying to be the gas. Your not! Take in the fuel, don't take the nozzle out, watch it flow over. You must leave the nozzle in. Love God!

Jul 16, 2017

God Takes A Day Off

Image result for pics of the world closed

Good morning Father! So I have decided to take the day off, the world will be closed today. Think about it. What if?

Jul 15, 2017

Roller Coaster

Image result for pics of a roller coaster

Good morning Father! Dips. Up down,as the roller coaster goes. Life is like a big roller coaster, fasten your seat belt, and hold on. There is never a time you don't need to fasten your seatbelt and hold on. I am your seatbelt, hold on to the truth and your ride will be a lot smoother. Love God!

Jul 13, 2017

Sneaky Thoughts

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Good morning Father! I was just thinking. There's your problem. Thinking? This is a sure fire way to get in trouble. But you have to think; right? Of course. Here, the thing, what are you thinking? Where are these thoughts coming from, are they good or bad. If there bad , there not coming from me. Cut them off, sever them from your thought life, don't listen . Replace them with good thoughts add the truth, share some love. Don't invite them in, if they sneak in, throw them out. Love God!

Jul 11, 2017

Fake ID

Image result for PICS OF FAKE IDS

Good morning Father! I would like to invite you to a very special event. All You have to do is bring yourself. While that may sound simple it's not. You see I invite people all of the time time , and they show up incognito. In other words they bring with them a false identity to attempt to get in. Believe me you will be extremely vetted way before you get to the gate. I didn't invite your embellishments. All I want is the true you, good , bad , and ugly. The invitation is open, please reply ASAP. Love God!!!!!!!!!!

Jul 9, 2017

Happy Turnip

Image result for pics of a turnip

Good morning Father! So you want to hear something that's gonna change your life? Well here it is, change! You can know me, know my word, but if you don't make the choice to change nothing will happen. There are principles, and you have a free will to live by them, or just read about them. No turnip ever grew until the seed was planted. Looking for a free ride, not gonna happen. Come to me and your ride will surely be a lot less costly. Love God!

Jul 7, 2017

A Drunk Dog

Image result for pics of a drunk dog

Good morning Father! It appears people have varied interest, and that's a good thing. Are you interested in drunk dogs. Check your interest out. Evaluate what they are. What do you pay the most attention too. Could it be there may be the need of a refocus in your life. Zoom out, then zoom in. Love God! 

Jul 5, 2017

Who Am I


Good morning Father! There's a difference. Suppose there wasn't, and everyone was the same. The cause of difference is as simple as breathing. You are who you are, not somebody else. Don't try to fit in, it's a waste of time. Be the person I intended you to be. Here's what you do. Ask questions, pray, believe, trust , love , and serve. Then you will catch up with who you are, and you will be amazed. Just remember to ask, and trust the right voice. I'm waiting to hear from you. Love God!

Jul 4, 2017

God And Country

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Good morning Father. From sea to shinning sea. That's the place you lay your head down to rest and know that you are living in the greatest Country on the earth that has been blessed, ordained, sanctified , and built on the foundation that God has created for you. Why are so many attempting to remove me from the picture? It's very simple. They believe they know better. Is it evil? Yes, at it's worst. Don't throw trash into a pile and expect it to come out smelling good. It will always stink!Get the stink out of America. Pray for this favored and blessed Country. Love God!!!

Jul 3, 2017

America The Beautiful

Image result for pics of american flag

Good morning Father! I have a question,what do you think of the present state of America. It seems there is an undercurrent of bigotry, greed, prejudice , and jealousy to mention a few. While the undercurrent is present, the true colors of the heart of America is alive and well. This country was built on and ordained destination created to insure love and service from one to another of all races. Yes the enemy is attempting to destroy what was built on the love I have for all of my people. He can't win, he has already lost, I ordained it. Trust in my love for you, stand firm in your beliefs in the values I have instilled for prosperity for all, and rest in peace. Love God!

Jul 2, 2017

I Didn't Mean To Do It

Image result for pics of a battling mind

Good morning Father!So you didn't mean to do it? Apparently you did, or you would not have done it. I'm sure you don't want to, but you give into the fleshly temptations that you have allowed to take root in your mind. Your mind needs a bath. So lets clean it up, if you want to. Here's how you do it. You begin by cleaning it up with thoughts that are pure lovely, and of good rapport. Now, that's if you truly want to , or are you just teasing yourself? It's not easy , but you can do it if you fight hard enough, you just have to do it. Love God!