Jun 30, 2017

Time Thieves

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Good morning Father! There never seems to be enough of time. Why is that? Dogs never run out of time, cat's never run out of time, not even squirrels. Neither do whales, monkeys or sand gnats. You always have enough time to be yourself. It's the addons that create the shortage. How many addons are you willing to allow to steal your time. Time thieves are lurking all around you looking to suck the time out of your life. Are they worth it? Not to me. Love God!

Jun 27, 2017

The End

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Good morning Father! Yes it's true, the world is coming to an end. So there's no need to be concerned with when that will happen. It's gonna happen. So let's make a plan for what to do until that happens. It's gonna be a very robust meticulous challenging task. So, lets get started. Here we go. Love God, love others, and serve. The end! Love God!

Jun 25, 2017

God Don't Laugh

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Good morning Father! Why all of the stoic faces? Why are there so many droopy faces showing up at Church? Why would anyone want to go to a place where everyone looks like they got hit in the head with a sledge hammer. Who said God does not laugh? Let me tell you a joke. There was this man who never smiled. One day someone asked him, why don't you smile. He replied, I never thought about. He smiled! Love God!

Laugh a little! 

Jun 24, 2017


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Good morning Father! If you were to take a dollar tear it into pieces it would still be a dollar, however it would be worthless. That's the same way it is with Faith. Except, that a tiny piece of faith is like a billion plus dollars comparatively. You see, your need to be in control is a lack of faith that,I've got it. Don't fret outcomes, don't worry about incomes, just know someday I will come. Faith plus hope equal peace. Relax in my faith in you, and yu will truly see results. Love God!

Jun 23, 2017

What Will It Take

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Good morning Father! So your miserable, one disaster after another, nothing is going right. You keep trying , and trying to do better, it's works for a little while then it begins again , over and over. Your tired, and ready to give up. Now, maybe your getting close to that change you've been looking for. When you can finally give up control , and allow me to have it, that's when you'll begin to see the change your dreaming of. Let go of the rope, Ill catch you. Love God!

Jun 22, 2017

Love Hurts

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Good morning Father! It hurts so bad I can't stand it. This is the cry I hear so often. While I hear this, I still have a place for this hurt to go, if you were to only ask. The need to not feel pain is simply a human condition. It's a part of everyone, and a insidious part of life. The danger comes when you attempt to bury the hurt. When You hurt, I hurt with you. If you come to me, I will walk through the hurt with you. I have a need to be with you in the times of hurt. I want to be with you in the times of hurt, I cry with you in the times of hurt. I will be there with you to celebrate the day the hurt goes away, and It will . Love God!

Jun 21, 2017

A Bowl Of Worms

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Good morning Father! Icky is the first thought most people get when they see a bowl of worms. First you have to have a bowl, then you have to put the worms in it. Why would you do that, unless your going fishing. Life is like a bowl of worms if you so choose. What are you filling your bowl with. I love fishing. I have a different kind of bait for you. It's not so stinky. Let's go fishing? Love God!

Jun 20, 2017

I Don't Feel It

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Good morning Father! So, you don't feel it? What does that really say? It's like a child saying I want do what I'm told because I don't want to, or I don't feel like it. It's a squashing experience when you adopt this attitude. You will miss out on so many blessings. You see I am always there, whether you feel like I am, or not. What you do should never be based on feelings, it should be based on faith and truth. Try this approach, you will be amazed! Love God!

Jun 19, 2017

Your Thankfull - Now What

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Good afternoon Father! So your thankful. Interesting, now what you gonna do about it? You could build a monument, become a missionary, memorize the bible, or even donate to a good cause. That all sounds good, but that is not what I'm looking for. What I would really like to see you doing is, love your neighbor. Love God!

Jun 18, 2017

How To Find The Right Church

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Good morning Father! So, you're looking for the right Church. Or are you truly just looking for the right people to hang with? It's actually very simple. The truth is the Church, and the believers are the body. If your concerned if their teaching the truth or not, don't go there. If your concerned whether the people are following the truth or not, that's another topic for another day. Don't go to Church if your looking for perfection, it will blind you from the truth. Love God!

Jun 16, 2017

Love Your Enemies

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Good morning Father! You want the easy way out? Hate your enemies, and never forgive. I hope you don't believe that. It's a lie. When hase hate ever felt good. Hate breeds hate and all that comes with it. You can love your enemies, and have peace, or you can hate them and live in discord. It's not easy but it is doable. Satan provides all of the hate you will ever need. I will provide you with enough love to overcome the hate. First you must ask, then practice. Believe me, you will get plenty of practice. Love God!

Jun 15, 2017

Listen One Tenth

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Good morning Father! Now that you have come to a place in your life where you aren't sure what to do, we can finally talk. You see if you have all of the answers, there's not much for me to do except wait on you to realize you don't.  You might ask, how do we talk? My recommendation is for you to listen. If you were to practice listening one tenth as much as talking you would be amazed. Love God!

Jun 14, 2017

Chips And Dip

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Good morning Father! Chips and dip? They go together like burgers and fries, pizza and coke, ice cream and chocolate syrup. What doesn't go together is fear and God, truth and lies, peanut butter and garlic, faith and doubt, hope and failure. So by now you should be getting my drift. If not, let me help. Think, then don't think, now listen. Be quite engulf yourself in silence and listen for my voice. Quite , silence goes together like two peas in a pod. Love God!

Jun 13, 2017

Fun And God

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Good morning Father! It seems everyone has to be serious when they think about me. Let's look at that. I really would love for my children to be so grounded in their relationship with me that they could relax. You see while taking their relationship with me should be a serious matter , there also needs to be balance. To far on either side is what leads to fatal seriousness. What is fatal seriousness? It's when you have to be so right to the point that anyone who does not agree with you is wrong. Your belief is with me , so is everyone else's. Don't teach right from wrong, that's my job. Show love, and love compounded. Love God!

Jun 12, 2017

What Are You Thinking

Good morning Father! What are you thinking? Is it good , is it bad , is it mean, is it vindictive. Your thoughts aren't who you are. Your thoughts , however do determine your actions. Your actions are where you find your circumstance. What are your circumstances? Are they good or bad? You can change your circumstances in the future by changing your thoughts today. Your thoughts don't hold you captive unless you allow them to. Don't be a thought woller, be a God follower. Love God!

Jun 11, 2017

Me Judgmental

the judge 4

Good morning Father! Where do judgmental thoughts come from? Who would have thought he would act that way, I can't believe she would do that. Sound familiar, it should, you've said it many times. So what is it about the human nature that makes it so accusatory. It's like the drip of the rain, it just slowly comes and falls until it has dried up to nothing. The drip of judgmentalness is a result of a God complex driven by insecurity. That's right, it's nothing more, or less. Find me, know yourself and your insecurity will dwindle then your fear of self will disappear and your judgmental  foray will cease.

Jun 9, 2017

Is God On Vacation

Good morning Father! Are you only with us when things are going good? If not then why do bad thins happen to us. Oh my blind children, why do you doubt so much. Has your faith got so small to the point of believing I am only your lottery provider. In case you have forgotten I was there when you lost your love one, I was there when you cried, I was there when you screamed at me , and cursed me. I am with you now, and always. Why are bad things happening to you? Your flesh was created from the dust of the world, your flesh is destined to receive the things of the world until you come home. Your spirit is in tact, turn inward to your spirit, not outward to the world, and you will find solace. Rejoice for the return. Love God!

Jun 8, 2017

Everyday Is Perfect

Bad Day

Good morning Father! You say your having a bad day. No your not! Your having a perfect day. Why would you think your day is bad. Maybe because you feel bad, things aren't going your way, your out of bacon, the list goes on. So if the day is bad, I guess I messed up. I'm God , I Don't mess up. When you learn to trust that you will find a new peace and understanding like you have never experienced before. Check your attitude at the door, it's not the day. Love God!

Jun 7, 2017

Chasing Happy

Good morning Father! Peace is not an alluding thing that you run after, or find laying on a street corner, or hidden in the bushes, or in success material things , or accomplishment. Where you go when your sad, or disgruntled, angry, hurt, disappointed is   a cloud of disruption from  peace. Peace is always there no matter the circumstance, and will never leave you. I am peace seek me not your circumstance, and you will capture the gift of a long, prosperous, and fulfilled life. Stop chasing happy,if you catch it it will flea, and then the chase will begin all over. Love God!

Jun 6, 2017

Isis What's The Deal

Three Co-Equal Branches of Government? - YouTube

Good morning Father! What's the deal with Isis? Have you forgotten? Evil is real, and the political irreverence of the the Government is slapping the faces of it's people. This is not a political game, but a spiritual battle of good against evil. While the Governments of the world are paying political roulette, the enemy is winning battles, however they will lose the war! Speak out and speak  loud against this evil empire. Let your politico know,and hear your voice. They are not authorized to play with your lives. Stand up and be strong. Love God 

Jun 5, 2017

Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People

Good morning God! Why do bad things happen to good people? Yes. What do you mean yes? Yes, bad things happen to all people. If you were to take out all of the bad things in the world, then it would no longer be this world. From the beginning bad things we're not to be part of the great design. But when man decided they wanted to become free willers that all changed. There will be bad things until the very end of this world. You do have a way out and through. I am the comforter, and I will always make this time better for you if you ask. The pain is real but the heart belongs to me. I will heal your heart to the point of you eventually understanding and seeing that the bad can be good. Faith always wins over bad! Love God!

Jun 4, 2017

Free Vacation

Good morning Father! What if everything stopped today? If the world stopped where would you go? If your pondering this, we need to talk. How would you like to join me for a eternal vacation from the world like you can't imagine. Everything is all inclusive, and has been prepaid just for you. Sounds great doesn't it? Well it's true, meet me at the cross and I will tell you more. Love God!

Jun 1, 2017

How Do We Seek

Good morning Father! I have a question, how do we seek? Remember when you were a child and you played Hide N Seek? Someone would hide , and you wouldn't stop seeking until you found them. Seeking is just that simple. If you seek you will find, that's a promise. I am not under a bush , or behind a tree, or under a door step. I'm in your heart. Look inside, and you will truly find me. Love God!