Apr 30, 2017

Dead Chime

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Good morning Father! There's a difference between right and wrong. Wrong is like a chime ringing with no wind. Right is like a chime ringing in the wind. Both are chimes, but only one is correct. Would you rather listen to the chime or just sit there and stare at it? Let me ring your chime. Love God!

Apr 29, 2017

Duck Crossing

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Good morning Father! Two little ducks were crossing the road. A car came speeding down the road but surprisingly skidded to a stop. How many times have you had a close call but the skid happened. If you only knew how many times I broke the skid before the crash you would truly be amazed! Try to look both ways before crossing. Don't jump out in front of speeding cars , and only cross in the crosswalk. Love God!

Apr 28, 2017

The Well

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Good morning Father! How deep is the well? Look down the well. Can you see the bottom? It appears there is no bottom. You will never see the bottom of the well, the same way you will never see the bottom of my mercy, grace, and love for you. Keep looking and you will always find the well full, and if you look hard enough your well will flow over. Love God!

Apr 26, 2017


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Good morning Father! There seems to be a bit of confusion. I have found that nearly all of my children believe that if they make a mistake I will ignore them. That is so far from the truth that it hurts. My team of experts have proven their eternal love for you. Remember the cross? Try dipping into the depths of the  cross with certainty of truth. Truth doesn't change it provides a comfort and indelible provision for  a confidence of one reality. There is only one reality , live in it, breath it. and know you are loved always. Love God!

Apr 8, 2017

The Friendly Skys

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Good Morning Father!! Yes it's gonna be a good day somewhere. It only depends on where you're at. You can be in darkville , Feartonia, Shameston, or you could choose to visit Hope City, Faitherton, or even Trustgolia. It's your choice, your the tour director. Use your frequent flyer miles with wisdm. There will be no cancellations due to inclimate weather. Meet us at the gate, as you board for your trip on God air. Love God!

Apr 7, 2017

Do What

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Good morning Father! Do what? You did what? What your doing is changing your life? What you did turned your life around? Let's go back to a little over two thousand years to a little hill called Calvary.Is it possible the guy on the cross called Jesus had anything to do with your outlandish claims? Could it be you missed the boat. Well I have some good news for you. The boat did not sink, and there's a seat right beside me , and you get the middle seat. Stay in the middle so you don't fall overboard. Love Jesus!