Feb 21, 2017

Loneliness Cure

 Image result for pics of a headless horseman

Good morning Father! So many people are lonely these days, why is that and is there a cure. Loneliness is a black horse ridden by a headless ghost. I don't get it? It's like this, the ghost of loneliness is a sovereign  rider. Now I am confused. What's the hardest thing to do in the morning? Wake up. Let's start there. Pretend your the headless rider,. Now ask yourself where your going. The answer should be , I don't know, I've lost my head. Now put a head on the rider. You should have an answer now. In other words keep your head and focus on your direction , and your goal, not your self. This is the cure. Love God! Oh yea if you do get lonely call me, I would love to hang out!

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