Feb 26, 2017

Good Grief

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Good morning Father! Good grief! What? Good grief. I don't get it. Yes their is good grief. The fallen world as you know it is full of many kinds of distracting episodes of grief. You can take one of death , and it can embolize and change a person like nothing else. Or you can look at loss of finances another biggy. Maybe it's grief is grief no matter what form it may take? Try this on for size. All grief is good grief. It's what you do with your grief that matters. If you want to see all of your grief become good grief then listen carefully. Grief can be a real character builder or a character destroyer. Putting your grief in the right place is the difference. It must be laid solidly into my hands in order to know it's destination. Remember this, all destinations must be traveled too, in order to reach them. Travel the road of grief knowing I am their to walk with you to your destination, you are not alone. See you at good grief,. Love God!

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