Feb 28, 2017


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Good morning Father! In just a little while it will be spring, then summer will follow shortly. You can pretty much predict the seasons. So why do you not recognize the seasons of your life? Do you not know that there are always seasons ahead. Don't fear the seasons, embrace them. Such a time as this is a season. Is it easy, tough, mild or strong? Seasons are a must for food to grow , and for you to propagate. Don't dishonor the seasons , but be patient and wait for the sprouts to grow. The food is coming, the change is coming the glory will be revealed for you to reap. Love Gd!!!

Feb 27, 2017

Museum Of Burnt Food

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Good morning Father! There is a time for everything. What time do you have? Could it be you need to rewind i,t and set it on God time. There's no doubt the kitchen is full, and the cook is ready, but the timer isn't set on the right setting. Are You cooking at the right time. Could it be your recipe is right, but your timer isn't working right. Is all your stuff coming out half baked? Put this down, time is the essence of a well cooked meal, If it's not cooked , and taken out of the oven precisely when it's done it will either be undercooked or burned. Want to know the right time for your ingredients? Put the food in the oven, and I will let you know when to take it out. Love God!

Feb 26, 2017

Good Grief

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Good morning Father! Good grief! What? Good grief. I don't get it. Yes their is good grief. The fallen world as you know it is full of many kinds of distracting episodes of grief. You can take one of death , and it can embolize and change a person like nothing else. Or you can look at loss of finances another biggy. Maybe it's grief is grief no matter what form it may take? Try this on for size. All grief is good grief. It's what you do with your grief that matters. If you want to see all of your grief become good grief then listen carefully. Grief can be a real character builder or a character destroyer. Putting your grief in the right place is the difference. It must be laid solidly into my hands in order to know it's destination. Remember this, all destinations must be traveled too, in order to reach them. Travel the road of grief knowing I am their to walk with you to your destination, you are not alone. See you at good grief,. Love God!

Feb 25, 2017

Slip And Slide

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Good morning Father! Slip and slide, roll and tumble. That's the dance. The dance of life. Go look at yourself in the mirror and say slip and slide. Really do it before you read anymore. Did you just tell yourself to slip and slide. You see you don't need a mirror to give your self messages. Now try this go to the mirror and say, God Loves me, Stand there for two minutes.Did you do it. I bet you didn't. If you did most likely it wasn't the entire two minutes. That's okay. Is it that hard to bask in the fact that God Loves you? Not only to I want you to bask, I want you to dive in head first, and drown in my love for you. Love God!

Feb 24, 2017


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Good morning Father! Guess who's coming to dinner? No, really ,  guess. Have you invited someone? If not, why? There's lots of food, why not share it? Not the worldly food, nor from aliens or something mystical. But a food so awesome  to the point you will never go hungry again. The taste is so sweet , and filling. It's a food that will propel you, grow you, continually giving until your pantry overflows. Like nothing else you have ever experienced. You can pick it up at Godmart. I will be your checkout clerk Your final bill will amaze you. It's free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love God!

Feb 23, 2017

The Happy Team

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Good morning Father! Yes there are days you don't feel so good. Yes there are days you can't focus. Even nights you just toss , and turn. Why can't every day be perfect. Every day is perfect, it's what is poured into it that interrupts the beauty. All of a sudden you just want to roll over and die, Yep everyone feels that way from time to time. Remember feelings are your choice. I gave them to you to do as you please. So why not begin thinking about feeling good when your down, up when your low, and happy when your sad. It's your choice. Although it may seem impossible, it is, on your own. Join the happy team and we can do this thing together. Love God!

Feb 22, 2017

Humble Pie

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Good morning Father! To state that you have a humble attitude is a misnomer. To recognize your own humility is to recognize self. Humility is not a place you visit, it a state of existence that is only recognized by the spirit, and is veiled from the ego. To recognize your humility is only to identify your fragile ego still crying to be heard. Take this test; bite off a big piece of cake then spit it out. That's the same as riding the humility trail through the eyes of your ego. The taste is there , then it's gone. Just love. Love God!

Feb 21, 2017

Loneliness Cure

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Good morning Father! So many people are lonely these days, why is that and is there a cure. Loneliness is a black horse ridden by a headless ghost. I don't get it? It's like this, the ghost of loneliness is a sovereign  rider. Now I am confused. What's the hardest thing to do in the morning? Wake up. Let's start there. Pretend your the headless rider,. Now ask yourself where your going. The answer should be , I don't know, I've lost my head. Now put a head on the rider. You should have an answer now. In other words keep your head and focus on your direction , and your goal, not your self. This is the cure. Love God! Oh yea if you do get lonely call me, I would love to hang out!

Chasing Happy

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Good morning Father! Like little children, they are rich. Like the rich, they are poor. It seems there's a bit of contrast in this statement. Why is that? Think about it. The superimposed idea that rich means lots of money has driven the true identity of rich out of view for most people. Don't think you will find riches in material wealth. That is a misnomer. The cause of poverty is the love of the material things. If you don't have " it all", you are not happy. Happy is a disease that you chase until you are no longer able to exist . It eventually kills you, and leaves you with nothing. Do you want riches.? Approach life like a child. Love God!

Feb 20, 2017

News Alert!!

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Good morning Father! Yesterdays news alert!!!!  Yesterday is gone for ever. Today is a new day. So what do you plan to do to do better. Are you going to live in yesterday, or are you gonna enjoy the fresh fruit of today. My plan for you is now. Live in the now, be in the now, follow the path that leads to now. For I am with you now. You see I want to hold you now, I want to love you now, and I want to bless you now. Now, That's all I have to say about that. Love God!

Feb 19, 2017

Love Without Legs

Image result for pics of a phony smile

Good morning Father! There seems to be a misunderstanding. I never asked anyone to smile at everyone they meet. But I must say I like that  a lot when it;s real. You see there's a lot of smiling going on, but the problem I have is there's no active love behind it. There's a lot s of unholy talk going on under the pretense of Love. You see it's better to never say anything if it's not backed up with some love with legs. You see I would rather you praise me with action any day than raise your hands , and do nothing. Grow some love legs. Love God!

Feb 18, 2017


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Good morning Father! Is your tank full or empty or about to run out? Your fuel gauge is very important. Here;s a test: Are you impatient, Living in fear, Angry, bitter, hopeless, judgemental, overworked, burnt out, or maybe even homicidal. Then there;s a good chance you may need to be refueled. If your hearing the rumbles of your engine shutting down you had best pull over and refuel. Your engine want run on fumes. Come to me and fill er up! Love God!

Feb 17, 2017

Soul Sync

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Good morning Father! Lip Syncing is an art of unparalleled proportions. It's like magic, you move your lips and words come out. There's no doubt it's a gift. The question is, from whom. Lip syncing through life seems to be a common practice these days. If you were to take your feet and put them on someone else, would they foot sync. Probably not. No more than you can take your heart and heart sync it. Nor can you take your soul , and soul sync it. My word is not to be synced, it is there to live out. Love God!

Feb 16, 2017

My Muscles Broke

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Good morning Father! Wrong thoughts? Well, try thinking the right thing. It's not that easy? Then give me fifty push ups. Can't? Try doing one, then work your way up, That's the same way it works with thinking the right thing. You have thought muscles, and depending on which ones you work depends on which thoughts rise to the top. There's no need to pray for good thoughts if your not gonna do the work. Get down on your thought muscle , and dig in. Exercise want kill you but not exercising sure can. Love God!

Feb 15, 2017

Is Playtime Over

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Good morning Father! Let's take a trip. As you  look on the left you will see little children playing. They seem to be having lots of fun. Now if you look on the right you will see an older group of people whom seem to be struggling and having a miserable existence. What happened to them? There the same little children you saw on the left but now they are adults. Life happened, or did it. There still the same people only older. Worry has consumed them, and devoured their play time. I want you to play, I want you to have fun. I do not want you to worry. Give me your worries, and play. Love God!

Feb 14, 2017


Image result for pics of whitewater rafting

Good morning Father! There,s this tear that falls from the eye that never finds a place to land. It's as if it's caught up in the torrent of a gushing river and it is catapulted along meandering as it travels to it's final destination. Something is driving it to stay afloat. It's not the trees on the bank, it's not the wind that you can't see or catch, what is it. It's the power of the river. The golden threshold of an unseemingly invisible force.  What's driving you to stay afloat in the path of the river. I Am the force , I am the threshold, I am your helmsman. Give me the paddle. Love God!

Feb 13, 2017

Lets Play Army

Image result for pics of two kids playing aRMY

Good morning Father! Lets play army. You be the enemy, and I;ll be the good guy. What's the difference? There both fighting for what they believe in. But one has to be the bad guy;right? Or dose he? You see good and bad can be different between two people that have different principals, beliefs,or even stances. How do you determine the good guy from the bad guy? That's easy check my principles, and if yours don't match up with mine you might be the bad guy, and the other guy wins. Want to be the good guy? Stand on my principals and hold your stance. Love God!

Feb 12, 2017

Heart Change

Image result for pics of bumping into a wall

Good morning Father! What time do you go to bed? What time do you get up? What time do you wake up. Are you still asleep? Are your eyes open but you can't see. Do find yourself bumping into walls? Wake up open your eyes and see what I see. Blindness is a distraction of the heart . Hearts are made to see the truth. Need a change of heart? I have one waiting for you. Hit me back Love God!

Feb 11, 2017

God Could You Hold Your The second Caller

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Good morning Father! Could you hold for a minute, I'll get to you as soon as I can. There may be an abrupt ending waiting on you, Many times my children have put me on hold, only to find out they missed an important message. You have to understand my message is always for you for now. Not earlier or later. My messages for you are time sensitive and always for your best. If you put me on hold the messages you are receiving are never for your good. By the time you answer my call you have already found yourself in a mess. Don't put me on hold, what I have for you may to late when you answer. love God!

Feb 10, 2017

Santa Christian

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Good morning Father! What time is the game? What game? There's a game? Who's playing? What channel? More often or not these are the questions asked after Church on Sunday. And that's okay! You feel as if I'm attacking you for thinking of a football game. No, I'm not. You see I want you to enjoy life. I do not want to burden you in your spiritual journey. Don't become a Santa Christ, be a Happy Christian. Your gift is loved , but not a part of your completion to find peace in a fallen world. I've got an idea. Rest , love , enjoy, show mercy and grace. Feel the love, drink the freedom, and celebrate the brokenness , for you have received a release, Love God!

Feb 9, 2017

Tri Chord Music Group Promo F

You Can't Devalue

Image result for pics of special people

Good morning Father! Look at you, aren't you special. Yes you are! I have this deal, I created you in my image, and you get to be special. You can attempt to change that if you want to but it want work . You can tell yourself your no good, that's a lie. You can say to yourself  worthless . That's a lie. You can believe you have nothing to live for, yet another lie.  I have not made you for nothing, I created you for everything, everything is yours, you just have to reach out and grab it. The call from the mountain is alive, and it's saying you are alive. Love God!

Feb 8, 2017

I Need a New One

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Good morning Father! She's just as beautiful as always, no doubt the magnetism is overwhelming. That picture can really draw you in, I want that new car so bad, to the point that's all I can think about. I have got to get a  70 inch TV, the old 60' inch just doesn't do it for me anymore. This wife ain't working, I need a new one. Being satisfied and content does not happen with stuff, and things. Want to learn a new trick? Looking for sastifaction that last? Come to me. Love God

Feb 7, 2017

Got Guilt

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Good morning Father! Lets go swimming. Take a dive, feel the cool water surround your body as it deepens your pores to engage them in a song of revitalization. Now dive into a pit of sand. Yikes , that would hurt. That's what happens when you go swimming in a pool of guilt. It hurts. Where does guilt come from? It comes from a lack in the ability to believe that your hope is  bonded in the love I have given you. There's no need to try to figure it out. You can't. Just breathe in the mercy, grace and never ending love I have for you , and the guilt will disappear like the sands of time. Love God!