Jan 8, 2017

Where Do Ideas Come From

Image result for pics of a man sinking in quicksand

Good morning Father! Where do ideas come from? There was a twinkle in his eyes as he realized breakfast was ready. He could smell the bacon cooking , and hear the eggs scrambling. Then he thought, I think I will eat this food for breakfast. Where did breakfast come from, eggs, bacon, spoon fork, good, bad, mercy, grace, hope, love? They all came from an idea. Now , where did the ideas for these things come from. They were all inspired by the need for something, but they were all created for the existence of man. So when you have an idea , think of where it's coming from. If it's not coming from the creator, you may want to get a new idea. Remember I am the creator, and all things that are good come from me. The rest is quicksand. Love God!

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