Jan 16, 2017

As My Dog Goes Blind

- Copyright March 2014 - Jeff Raught

Jeff at Cooperage Piano

As my dog goes blind, I'm learning and he is leaning. Henry, our dear dog of 15 years is slowly losing his sight. The cataracts are narrowing his field of vision and helping to expand my own.  I took him for a walk today and went out in the field. He was fine as long as he was on the leash. As soon as I unhooked it, he would stop and be unwilling to move forward. He would look at me as if to say.....hook it back up, that way I'll know where you are. It's the unfamiliar landscape that is a problem. The kitchen table and chairs generally stay in the same place,but a pair of human shoes left on the floor....well they weren't there yesterday....and make him stumble.  Henry needs you to get closer for recognition. And if you stay outside of the 3 foot circle.... (or whatever it is in dog feet)...he takes longer to know who you are.  I am learning a great deal from this short dear friend of mine. That trust is more about moving closer. He can't always see you, but if you get close enough, there is that wag of relief in the shape of a dog's tail that says, "Thanks for coming toward me so I could see who you are". There is much for us to learn about each other in that. Henry is 15. He has been with us for more than a quarter of my life. I would be foolish to not pay attention to this change he is experiencing. I am now his eyes. I am a seeing eye man for my dog. And I hope to help him navigate these days as he has always done for me, in his own Maltesian way. As my dog goes blind, it's amazing what he is helping me to see.

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