Jan 30, 2017

Junk Food

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Good morning Father! There's a difference between soup and salad. Of course you would think the obvious. One is liquid and ones solid. That's not what I am talking about. You may think this a little weird but they both talk to you. One says, comforting and nutritious, the other is saying healthy and weight management. The things you take in on a daily basis are talking to you. What are they saying, what are you taking in?  If your not getting a good message, stop eating the junk, it will kill you. Love God!

Jan 29, 2017


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Good morning Father! Guts? What does it mean to have guts? Does it mean you have enerds? Do you have strength? Do you have Fortitude? Could it possibly mean you have love, and have it in abundance? You see, definitions can be confusing. Even to the point of confusion;like thinking you have something you don't. Most of the time it's a lie. Some of the time it's you just don't know. So here is the definition of guts; it means you have the love of your maker in your heart , and it's expressed outwardly  by sharing it with others. Love God!

Jan 28, 2017

Bullett Points

Good morning Father!

  1.  Fight The Gremlins
  2. Kill The Ants
  3. Dust Off Your Shoe
  4.  Bite The Pillow                                             

  5.                                               Image result for pictures of happy squirrels
  6. Kick The Clowns
  7. Fight The Air
  8. Hide The Squirrels
  9. Sting The Bee
  10. Ride The goat 
  11. Play With Food        
Don't be afraid of the unknown! It may save your life. Love God!

Jan 27, 2017


Image result for pics of alligators

Good morning Father! Dreams don't fall from inside a vacuum on a mountain. Put it this way , a dream is a dream, a goal is a goal, work is work , play is play. Now desire is a totally different animal. Watch your desire come to life with a small dream greased with a lot of hard work. Here's the main thing, and lets keep it the main thing. Your desire while burning could burn you up if it's not based on the right platform . Dive in but choose the pool. First look for alligators, then proceed with truth in your belief, and faith in love. I am the love you'll need to make your dreams come true. Love God! 

Jan 26, 2017

Time To Launch

Image result for pics of a rocket taking off

Good morning Father! There's a place in another world you can't see that is the same place you live but different. How can that be you may ask? It's there, you can reach out and touch it if you could see clearly. The only thing you need is faith in my Son To launch you into a new existence.  This new existence is free for the taking. Grab hold of your faith, buckle up, and prepare for take off. Love God!

The Game

How about a little jazz Christian this morning!

Jan 25, 2017


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Good morning Father! There's a neat way of saying hello in the morning. Some have heard of it. some haven't. I t's really very simple. In fact it's so simple , and easy that it escapes people. Some do it some don't. Why the ones don't is simple, they feel like ick. Ick is a disease of the heart that is very contagious. It spreads like wildfire. It flames the fires of discontent. Put the fire out when you say hello with a good morning smile. Love God!

Jan 24, 2017

Wolf Feast

Image result for pics of a lost sheep

Good morning Father! There's a sheep running loose. If you don't catch him the wolves could devour him. We could corner him, or set a trap, or maybe even wound him , then nurse him back to health. The crazy thing is people have done all of those things to my children in the name of my Son. There's no need to deny it. So what do you do different. Feed the lost sheep with love, kindness, patience, and most of all with the life of Jesus. Stop your philandering of my Son, and turn to the love he;s provided for you to share peacefully, and the sheep will come home.  

Jan 23, 2017

A Torn Curtain

Close-Up Of Torn Curtain At Home : Stock Photo

Good morning Father!  There's a tear in the curtin. If you peek through you can see things you've never seen before. The things that are of higher value than the things on this side of the curtin. What could it be , and why look. The intrinsic value of what you see on this side is only a microcosm of what's waiting on the other side. Set your hope on the other side , and watch this side get brighter, and better. Love God!

Jan 22, 2017

Storm Shelter

Image result for pics of a thunderstorm

Good morning father! Life is like jump rope. You skip along until your tripped up, then you get up and skip again. The ropes are still turning , but the beginnings never stop. Your life is a long line of missed skips, followed by a line of severe thunderstorms, ending in a rainbow of love that will catapult you into a better place. So listen to the alerts, and go to your safe place. Meet you in the bunker. Love  God!

Jan 21, 2017

Christian Sync

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Good morning Father! Christian Sync. Look at it like this. Get a 3 d viewer and play golf. No matter how it looks you are not playing golf. Take the top cove off of a book, it's still a book. Try to catch the wind with your hand. All of these things have one thing in common;they are not completed. To complete your relationship with me must follow with action that is inherent in my love for you. In other words there's no 3D viewer, you have to do something. Not doing anything is worse than doing something through a viewer. You can't lip sink your walk. Don't be the Milli Vanilli of Christianity  Love God! 

Jan 20, 2017

Lurking In The Shadows

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Good morning Father! From the time you get up until the time you go to sleep you are under attack. You can't always see or hear the enemy but he's always there waiting in the shadows. It's a good thing you can't see him or you would live in fear all of the time. But he's there. So now what do you do. You do not fear because I am with you. I have already defeated him, and I am just waiting to complete my plan. My plan is in order and all the players are lining up to bring you all home. Love God!

Jan 19, 2017

There's A Rat

Image result for cartoons of a rat

Good morning Father! There's a rat in the house. You can hear him sneaking around in the dark. He's very pervasive , and tricky. He's gets into things and ruins them leaving little deposits all around. A sign that he there. If you don't get rid of him he will eventually tear everything up, as well as making it an unhealthy place to live. Yes he will destroy your home. The only way to get rid of him is to turn on the lights, or trap him at his on game (greed). He wants to destroy everything. Turn the lights on. I am your mouse trap! Love God!

Jan 18, 2017

Do You Trust Me

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Good morning Father! Do you trust me? I ask that question because you worry, because you have fear. Do you trust me. My record stands pretty tall yet you still worry and have fear. More than anything I want you to have peace. Do you trust me. There's a ring of questions dinging in your head. You wander if you do , and how much. I know that. You see I am here for you , and your distrust, and I will bless you anyway. I love you, and I offer peace. Love God!

Jan 17, 2017

It Looks Like Rain

Good morning Father! It looks like rain. If it looks like rain, what does that mean? Does it mean it is going to rain? Does it mean maybe it's going to rain, or does it mean it's raining and it looks like rain. Things may appear one way , yet be another. Causes are are simple things that cling onto what they have attached themselves too through a bitter expression of knowing what they see, (what they appear to look like). Don't attach yourself to something because it looks like you should. Attach to what is real, what is true , what is lovely, what is pure, what is noble, and what is of good rapport. Love God!

Jan 16, 2017

As My Dog Goes Blind

- Copyright March 2014 - Jeff Raught

Jeff at Cooperage Piano

As my dog goes blind, I'm learning and he is leaning. Henry, our dear dog of 15 years is slowly losing his sight. The cataracts are narrowing his field of vision and helping to expand my own.  I took him for a walk today and went out in the field. He was fine as long as he was on the leash. As soon as I unhooked it, he would stop and be unwilling to move forward. He would look at me as if to say.....hook it back up, that way I'll know where you are. It's the unfamiliar landscape that is a problem. The kitchen table and chairs generally stay in the same place,but a pair of human shoes left on the floor....well they weren't there yesterday....and make him stumble.  Henry needs you to get closer for recognition. And if you stay outside of the 3 foot circle.... (or whatever it is in dog feet)...he takes longer to know who you are.  I am learning a great deal from this short dear friend of mine. That trust is more about moving closer. He can't always see you, but if you get close enough, there is that wag of relief in the shape of a dog's tail that says, "Thanks for coming toward me so I could see who you are". There is much for us to learn about each other in that. Henry is 15. He has been with us for more than a quarter of my life. I would be foolish to not pay attention to this change he is experiencing. I am now his eyes. I am a seeing eye man for my dog. And I hope to help him navigate these days as he has always done for me, in his own Maltesian way. As my dog goes blind, it's amazing what he is helping me to see.

Sugar Plumbs

Image result for pics of sugarplums

Good morning Father! Dreams of sugar plums? That's interesting. You see they really don't exist, except  in mans made up world. Man made ideas that are created from a desire to replace bad feelings with something that feels good. All you need to do is fall once off  of the sugar plumb wagon to get it. Most have fallen literally thousands of times to only find themselves repeating it again. Don't pick the sugar plums , they will make you itch. Love God!

Jan 15, 2017

Playing God

Image result for pics of playing god

Good morning Father! Let's begin the talks! What talks you might ask. The one where I'm God , and your not. Role playing can be very dangerous if it's not handled properly. You know that girl or guy that's irritating you? Fixing them is not your role, changing them is not your role, judging them is not your role. How do you think you can judge them when your splinter is as big as their's or bigger. Swap roles with me, you play you and I'll be me(Act one). Love God! 

Jan 14, 2017

Pull The Trigger

Image result for pics of firing a gun

Good morning Father! It's like this, if you don't count the sheep when your falling asleep you may miss one. Every single sheep has purpose. The purpose is theirs when they are born. If they don't do there thing , something will be missing. Your cause is most commonly found as the result of a trigger in your life.  If you don't pull the trigger, you want hit the target. Load up. aim and pull the trigger. Love God!

Jan 13, 2017

NoPeace Know Peace

Image result for pics of peace

Good morning Father!  How Come there's no peace? Peace is a by product of a relationship with my Son. You've found a place for plastic peace to incompass your life , and to give you something it does not have to give. So what happens is this contrived conjured up phony look a like has deceived you. Try to learn the true peace by knowing peace it self.. Peace is a person named Jesus, Know Jesus know peace. Don't know Jesus , no peace. Peace out! Love God!

Jan 12, 2017

Faux Fruit

Image result for pics of faux fruit

Good morning Father! The fruit you eat while it may taste sweet could be laced with bitter poison that give the impression of good, while increasing the hunger, and training your taste buds for deadly results. The tree while it'is tall and handsome is only a faux of what the real tree is. Faux is fake , fake is deceiving, and deception comes from the darkest pit you could ever imagine. Taste of the fruit of life not only is it sweet it is life giving, not life taking. Faux fruit takes, real fruit gives. What is your fruit doing. Love God!

Jan 11, 2017

The drip

Image result for pics of a faucet dripping
Good morning Father! It goes drip, drip, drip,. The constant sound of  evil messages the world gets served everyday in ways the mind can't comprehend, is alarming to the the point of catastrophic  proportions. The proportions you digest can, and will kill you if you don't change your diet. The food is available, it's range fed in heaven,and will delight your taste buds! . Oh""" the taste is so good! Love God!  

Jan 10, 2017


Image result for pics of dreams

Good morning Father! Dreams are a way of catching yourself without a new view. I don't get it. What are you looking at now? Okay, that's real and you just saw it. Dreams are not a mystical apparition that will give you the answers to life. They are what you are looking at now, turned inward to be viewed in a state of sleep in order to clean up the overload of things you've seen. They are mixed up due to an overload of vision accumulated over a life time. Don't fear or try to figure them out. They just are. Love God!

Jan 9, 2017

Life Is A joke

Image result for pics of joking

Good morning Father! Life is a joke of sorts when you look at it with a closed mind. Listen to yourself, listen to the pulse of the world. Is it the type of joke you can laugh at? Absolutely not! It is the kind that makes you want to look for the reason? There is no single reason for life without a single purpose and a single creator. Love was the reason life was created, creation came out of love , and the reason for life is love, and love complete. I am the completion. Love God!

Jan 8, 2017

Where Do Ideas Come From

Image result for pics of a man sinking in quicksand

Good morning Father! Where do ideas come from? There was a twinkle in his eyes as he realized breakfast was ready. He could smell the bacon cooking , and hear the eggs scrambling. Then he thought, I think I will eat this food for breakfast. Where did breakfast come from, eggs, bacon, spoon fork, good, bad, mercy, grace, hope, love? They all came from an idea. Now , where did the ideas for these things come from. They were all inspired by the need for something, but they were all created for the existence of man. So when you have an idea , think of where it's coming from. If it's not coming from the creator, you may want to get a new idea. Remember I am the creator, and all things that are good come from me. The rest is quicksand. Love God!

Jan 7, 2017

No Place

Image result for pics of no place

Good morning Father! There's a place in Kansas where people go to Church on Sundays, and have a great worship service. Also there's a place where no one goes to Church , and never worships. Now which one is the most important? You may be thinking Kansas. Wrong! It's hands up the place where no one goes to Church. Why? It's simple, the lost is wondering around in a desert hopeless, and no future. No place is a bad place to be. Let's bring them home to Kansas! Everyone needs rest, peace, and hope. Love God!

Jan 6, 2017

Home Run

Image result for pics of a batter knocking a homerun

Good morning Father! There is a hint of nobility in the air. It's as if a batter just connected with a ball and it was heading for the fence.  A home run? But first it must go over the fence. The power that got the ball there was surely enough to make it fly out of the stadium. The thing is, the ball had to connect with the bat, the bat had to connect with the batter; the source of the power to reach it's destination. When the ball comes your way, remember to swing and, connect with the power. I am the batter, you are the ball, but you must swing in order to knock it out of the park. Love God!

Jan 5, 2017

Listen to Me

Good morning Father! Listen to my voice. Can you hear it? Does it make a difference in your life. Can you hear it? What is it saying? Is the message clear? Why? Does the voice of the world speak louder than my voice? Can you hear it? What are you listening for? Is it the clatter of the world, is it how to get rich, is it how to look cool. What are you listening for? Is it peace, is it hope, is it joy, is it love, is it abundance. That's what I'm talking about. Love God!

Jan 4, 2017

Switch Gears

Image result for pics of a car laying rubber

Good morning Father! Okay it's time to switch gears. For a long time you have been running in first gear. Now is the time to speed things up a little, and burn some rubber. Time spent wandering what to do has slowed you down to a craw. For the sake of expansion it's time to step up to the plate and swing. Swing ? Yes I mean swing. You can't hit the ball unless you swing. You may miss a couple of times, but you will eventually connect. You have more than once at bat, keep swinging. Even if you strike out , and you will,  don't stop swinging. You are a part of my expansion team and I will keep you in he game, but you must play in order to have an ups. Love God!