Nov 20, 2017

Near Sited

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Good morning Father! Are you having a problem seeing things up close, are you to close to the issue? Step back take a look from a distance. Sometimes that will help. If that doesn't work look at me, It will always work. I have the answers you need. Just look this way. Love God!

Nov 16, 2017

All Creatures

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Good morning Father! All creatures small and large?I care about all of my creation equally. What does that mean you may ask? It's very simple, good, bad, mean, children adults, and all animals. Do you think animals work on the premise of good or bad? No they just are what they are. When a dog bites someone do you think he feels shame? No, he's just a dog. I love you because your my creation , not because of what you do. Trust that, and you will be amazed!

Nov 15, 2017

Let's Dance

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Good morning Father.Where's the dance in your step? Have you lost the music in your soul? Have you freed up any space lately from the race to dance? Your soul is starving to dance. Don't sit the dance out, join the groove. Love God!

Nov 14, 2017

Who Are You

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Good morning Father! There's a time and  a place for everything. Now is the time to get to know yourself. Do you know you? Or do you only know the person behind the the face the world has told you to be. Remember you were formed in my image not the world's image. Get to know me, and I will teach you who you really are.

Nov 9, 2017


Image result for pics of people being jolly

Good morning FATHER! Yep it's that time of the year again. What time? You know, that time. No I don't know. Well it's the season to be jolly. I thought that was Christmas? Then too. So you're telling me to be jolly all of the time. Yes I am. So get over yourself, and be jolly. Love God!

Nov 8, 2017

Old Leaves

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Good morning Father!! It appears we are changing. Look out the window, it's fall. Things are changing. Sometimes you have to shed old foliage to grow new. What are you shedding? Remember when leaves die, they never grow back. What are you growing anew? Rake all of the old stuff into a pile and burn it. Love God!!!

Nov 5, 2017

Dips and Dives

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Good morning Father! Dips and dives. Here we are on top of the world, whoops now we're on the bottom. What happened? Did I make God mad? Nope you're only living the life of a man. If you don't get it yet, you don't get God. You see it's not what you do that makes him love you. Or even what you don't  do.You see God Loves you because he is God, and you're his child. If you're suffering from your actions, or even from someone else's action , or circumstances. Remember that it's the proverbial reap what you sow adage . God will always love you. no matter what. Amen?

Nov 2, 2017

Walk Forward

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Good Morning Father! Let's take a walk. Not Backward, but forward. Going forward seems to be very difficult. The only way your going to get to your destination is to move forward. Your past is behind you. If you choose to live there you will only find heartache. Catch Up with yourself, and enjoy the walk. Love God!

Oct 25, 2017

Failure A good Thing

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Good morning Father!

It looks like winter is on it's way. Another season, another year, and once again a series of doors, successes as well as failures. What are failures? Failures are only failures if you don't learn from them. Failures are the launching pads for success. If you don't have failure you will never have success, and only lead a life of mediocrity . Embrace your failures. Love God!!!

Sep 29, 2017

Trust Me

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Good morning Father. You asked do I trust you. Yes, most of the time. Why not all of the time? Don't know. I get it your hanging on to control. I guess so. Try this, don't think about it anymore, just get to know me. Let's hang out. You might be surprised! Love God!!!

Sep 26, 2017

What To Do

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Good morning Father! There's a difference between doing something, and not knowing what to do. If you do something you may succeed. If you do nothing you will certainly fail. Here's a gift, do something and I will handle the outcome. Or do nothing and you will get nothing. It's up to you. Love God!

Sep 24, 2017

Above The World

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Good morning Father!. As I break the bonds of humanity, I see the clarity of the one who gave me life. The wholeness of humanity will never be complete until the fullness of the creator is allowed to breath life into it's true existence. The completeness of his love is all that's needed to fly above the world and it's anchor. Love God!

Sep 23, 2017


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Good morning Father! Do you feel like you're being pulled at both ends to the point of breaking? Feel Like a rubber band? Got a simple answer? Most people don't. Here's a solution, don't complicate everything. Stop analyzing your breath: just breath. Do this and you will feel, and see the elasticity go away. Love God! 

Sep 22, 2017

I don't know God

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Good morning Father! I don't know. What is it you don't know? I don't know what I should do next? Well guess what? I do. All you have to do is something. Don't worry if it's right or wrong. Don't make it up. That's what got you in trouble the last time. All you have to do is get to know me, trust me, and follow your heart. Maybe you don't trust your heart. Then trust me, and you will be amazed!

Sep 21, 2017

Does God Thank You're Stupid

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Good morning Father! Where does glass come from? Are you crazy? Why do you ask me such stupid questions? Okay, my point is, you don't need to figure out what question you need to ask, he gets you. Don't fool yourself into thinking your questions to God have to be tailored to fit your needs. He knows what you need , and when you need it. So talk away, he's listening. Trust him , and you will truly be amazed!!!

Aug 28, 2017


Good morning Father! If you don't stop doubting you will make yourself miserable. Do you believe in me, have you tried life without me? What was the result. Start trusting me in everything, ignore the chatter, and you will be amazed! Love God!!!!

Aug 24, 2017

Take A little piece of my heart

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Good morning Father! There's a new peace grabbing you today. All you have to do is hold on. Hold on to what you might ask? How do you hold on? Take a piece of my heart, and don't let go. What do you believe the most about me? Take that and hold it tightly in your heart. That's all! Try it, you will be amazed!!!

Aug 20, 2017

Dogs Cats Children

Image result for pics of a cleARANCE SALE

Good morning Father! What gets your attention? Ask yourself what are you drawn too. Could it be your lost in a quagmire of wants. Do a quick check, an inventory if you would of what really excites you. Then you will have a barometer of what's important to you. Maybe a clearance sale is necessary. Love God!!