Dec 4, 2016

What's Wrong With Me

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Good morning Father! What's wrong with me. It seems that everyone is asking, what's wrong with me , from time to time. It's simple everyone one is crazy! Just kidding!!!!!! No , there's no crazy here. It's just a part of the human condition, and you may ask what is that condition? Well it's actually quite simple. There's a self created flaw called insecurity. This condition is caused by the verbiage that rings out through the media, your friends, and a unquenched fire of  desire that's burning inside , driven by all the hyperbole from self talk ,and the need for more. The simple answer is lack of gratefulness, or the state of being unsatisfied. There'a a simple fix , if you want to try it. Believe in your faith in me. How do I get there you might ask. Come to me in silence , and listen then follow these three simple steps. 1.Don't look back, 2. Don't look forward.3.Trust my faithfulness. That should do it, if your sincere. Love God!

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