Dec 10, 2016

The Soup Is Cold

Image result for pics of a heavyweight fight

Good morning Father! There's a lot of soup that's gone cold. Once the heat is gone it has lost it's punch. To knock your opponent out you must have some punch. If not he will surly put you down. You have to understand your opponent is training all of the time. When you rest he keeps going. Can you knock your opponent out? No! But there is a way to defeat him. It does not include a punch or any kind of violence. He hit the matt from the beginning, and was knocked out at the bell by the cross. He's down for the count. When he swings he is hitting air. If he gets up and attacks all you have to do is stay in your corner, and I will give you the championship belt. Remember you are the winner, he is the loser, and I call the fight. Love God!

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