Dec 14, 2016

The Path

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Good morning Father! Here's one for you.A man was climbing a hill, and he began to get tired. However he kept climbing and climbing until he could finally see the top. As he got closer he then realized he was climbing the wrong hill. You see at the top of the hill he had intended to climb was a very special gift he had hidden away there when he was a child. This gift was for a little girl in his class he had fallen for . The reason he was going to retrieve the gift was he had found out she had lost her mother, and he was wanting to cheer her up. As he began to descend the hill he noticed a path that appeared to be leading to the hill he had intended to climb. Although he had made a bad choice , he found there was another way to go to reach his destination. You see, you may climb the wrong hill from time to time, but I always have another path for you to take. My path is a narrow, path but it will always get you to the right destination. Love God!

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