Dec 2, 2016

Math And God

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Good morning God! Which day of the week is your favorite? Now take that day divide it by 7. What's your answer? 7, very good! Now take that and divide that by 365. What's your answer?52, very good. Now take that and divide it by your age and  add 1 to that. You should come up with a number greater than one. Now that's how many days plus a little overage you have to be concerned with. Any overage is time you are wasting worrying about things that don't exist. My point is you have today, yesterday is gone tomorrow is only a wish, and your time spent is not going to provide any juice for today. I have gifted you with today. Use it to it's fullest. I don't live in yesterday. I am a today God. Be with me today, and you will be amazed! Love God!

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