Dec 11, 2016

Our Fathers Vinyard The Story Never Told

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A few years ago my wife was diagnosed with liver cancer and was giving 6 months to a year to live. Well God had other plans.  So one day I went out to my garden on our farm, which I fondly called the garden of weeden because it seemed all I grew was weeds. So I pleaded with God to give her to me a little longer and I would try to serve him. He did and she lived Nine in a half years with Liver cancer before she finally succumbed to the cancer. She went the alternative route, no chemo. So I went with her on one of her many trips to learn how to live the alternative holistic way.

Boy did God show out. On one of our trips I met a black lady named Ora Cooper who was dying of esophageal cancer. I feel in love with Ora, and at that time I was so drawn to her , and didn't know why. One day my wife and the rest of the crew went out on an outing. I stayed behind with Ora. She couldn't take the trip because she was to sick. She said to me, Grady I know your a songwriter could you write me a Christian song. I told her I new nothing about Christian music. She replied, I have this book called Our Fathers Vineyard would you look at it and give it a try. I agreed having no idea what to do.

So I took the book back to my room laid it on the bed, picked up the guitar and began to play this new song from the first note to the last as if I had been playing it all of my life. Five minutes later I played it for Ora, she cried profusely , and then asked me if I would play it at her funeral. I agreed.

A few months later I got a call from Ora's family and they told me Ora had asked them to call me and see if I would play the song at her funeral. So my wife and I went to Jackson Tn, and I played the song.

Two years later I picked the song up and played it, Then I realized what had happened. The reason I fell in Love with Ora was I saw the face of God shining in her. The song was a gift. I knew nothing at the time about what I was writing about. 

The point of this blog is to let your light shine, it can change lives' and God is alive!

Click on the link below to hear this God Given song.

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