Dec 12, 2016

Guilt Shame Glass

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Good morning Father! Meaning to do something and not doing it gives no value to the thought unless you can take it up. Or take it down. While up and down are only directions, action is sitting on the edge wanting to move. I don't get this God. Okay then, what do you get? Is it the up, the down or the action? So take away the up, the down , and the action, is that better. No that leaves me with nothing. Now you get it. You see, I Have given you all of these things for a purpose. If your stagnant you will never understand your purpose, nor will you get the value of direction and action. Take action, do something, but always follow the direction based on Love. Then you will have a perfectly guided compass that always sits on love, and with that you can't be misguided. Love God!

Moral of this blog. Do you only trust God with what makes sense to you. If so your only trusting yourself.

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