Dec 7, 2016

Gravy On Biscuts?

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Good morning Father! Gravy is good on biscuits. Now why would you put gravy on something that is already delicious. It is pretty simple, to enhance he flavour even more. Now lets put salt on ice cream. Ick, that would be nasty. If you don't flavour the things in your life with the right ingredients you can ruin them. Pouring on flavours  just to change the taste without caution can end up in a sickening result. As you learn how to season the things in your life with the write stuff you will begin to learn he importance of the right ingredients and the effect they will have. I have a spice rack full of the perfect spices to give your life the flavour of perfection, to the point you will say, oh, that taste so good! Love God! 

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