Dec 1, 2016

Giving Up Or Giving Up

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Good morning Father! Yes , there is a lots of chatter in the world, no you shouldn't listen to it. What is guiding your daily thoughts? Is it the chatter of the world? My guess is yes. So what do you do, do you need to make a change, where does your focus lie? There is a common denominator that is holding us all to the fire. That commonality  is just what you expected. It is self , and self in abundance. The only solution to a selfless life is a giving life anchored in a relationship with my Son(Jesus Christ). Of course you can try to stop it on your on abilities. Has it worked so far.?How far is so far, and have you been there and back? Give giving a chance. Give up, don't give up. You will be amazed! Love God!

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