Dec 15, 2016

Christmas Lure

Image result for pics of a barn and a manger

Good morning Father! Well the turkey is in the oven , the tea is boiling on the stove. The tree is up, the kids are excited , and the presents are wrapped, and Santa has his sleigh loaded and ready for take off. There;s a little baby laying in a manger in a barn wrapped up in a bunch of rags, with a smell from the animals that would knock you out. It seems like the Mom and Dad are all alone , and are overtaken with the event. You have to wander whats going on in their head. You have two scenarios, One really sounds like fun, and the other sounds grueling. As you think about this, think about this, one appears to be, by the worlds standards, a nightmare, the other appears to be a party. Which one would you put more value on, which one are you most focused on this time of the year. What if there was no baby in the manger, Would there be a Christmas? Think about it. Love God!

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