Nov 24, 2016

Thanksgivings Child

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Good morning Father! The little child sitting in the corner all alone dirty, battered and torn is so forlorn. Where is his mom and dad? No one knows, the social worker walks over and brings him something to drink and a little toy to play with. He asks, where is my mommy. She replied I don't know but we will find out soon. Moments later the police calls and informs the social worker the little kids mommy had passed from a drug overdose. Where is God?He's there and waiting for you. How did he let this happen? (CHOICES!?) God is in heaven and his tears have turned into a storm. Little does the Child or anyone else know that God has him in his arms and is holding him close. The tears will dry and a new day is dawning and the child will be happy again. For now we must wait and trust God. Today is a day to be thankful, because of what you have and what is coming;wait with patience . I have you in my arms, and have a mighty plan for you. Love God!!!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving Love God!

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