Nov 30, 2016

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Ain't I Special

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Good morning Father! With a little effort you can reach out to others in a manner that can change lives. With a little effort you can not reach out to others , and be of no value. The cause , and condition of a lackluster approach to helping others is due to a disease of the soul called self. As long as self is driving your vehicle you are in danger of an implosion of pride and ego. Don't fall for the trip. The trip will land you in a dark place of lonely insidious grief full of pride. I have come to take your pride and to give you something much greater. It's call humility. Strive for humility not self utility ,and you will be amazed. Love God!

Nov 29, 2016

Let's Party

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Good morning Father! A great day is waiting on you.There's a bite in the air the wind is blowing and the day is calling. Why not get up and dance and celebrate the good news. It's time for a party. If you didn't know already you get to live for ever with the creator of the universe. It's really very cool. Think about it. You can look forward to your job and position on earth , or you can look forward to living in a controlled environment in heaven where everything is perfect, with the one who hung the moon. Celebrate ,don't exasperate. Love God.

Nov 28, 2016

No Directon

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Good morning Father! I Don't feel good so I won't do anything today. I don't feel good so I will stay in bed. That doesn't feel like the right thing to do. You should never use your feelings to dictate what direction you should go in. There's this thing called truth. That truth should be your your compass, navigator, director, decision maker, and general map through life. and your anchor to your life. I Am the truth, and the truth will set you free. Know me, know the truth, no me no truth, and no direction. Love God!

Nov 27, 2016

Two Faces

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Good morning Father! Days of wine and roses are sparse. Nights of filtered sleep are plentiful. Dreams occur when the two are no longer working. So what do you do with the previous statements. You take them at face value and move on. Face value's value depends on what face your looking at. The value of a face is only proportionate to the lift of the heart. Is your heart being lifted up? If not cast off the old face, wear a new face, look at my face , and smile. Then you will see the true value of face. One face is enough two, faces corrupt.Love God!

Nov 26, 2016

Smoke And Mirrors

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Good morning Father! A little bit of mustard grease and a little elbow grease and a lot of work and a tiny  tiny amount of faith can take you places you can't even imagine. Prayers must have legs. A Legless prayer is like trying to hold the wind with oil slicked hands or catch a rabbit with a fly swat. You have to realize you have a Father in heaven that wants you to have your hearts desire. But you need to know slothfulness is a bitter taste in my mouth. Get out of the conjuring business and get a do something franchise. Remember success is not made with smoke and mirrors, it takes work. Love God!

Nov 25, 2016

Black Friday

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Good morning Father. There seems to be a rush to buy stuff, and lots of it , and buy it cheap. Run Run Run, fill up your coffers. The overflow most times results in a decrease of the flow. There are to types of overflow, one is from heaven, and the other is of the world. You can only fill the cup up to capacity. So you have to decide the parts. Do you want a cup full of stuff, or would you prefer a cup full of God. It's okay to have stuff as long as it doesn't try to fill the place God has for you. Enjoy black friday, but don't let it blacken your soul. Love God!

Nov 24, 2016

Thanksgivings Child

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Good morning Father! The little child sitting in the corner all alone dirty, battered and torn is so forlorn. Where is his mom and dad? No one knows, the social worker walks over and brings him something to drink and a little toy to play with. He asks, where is my mommy. She replied I don't know but we will find out soon. Moments later the police calls and informs the social worker the little kids mommy had passed from a drug overdose. Where is God?He's there and waiting for you. How did he let this happen? (CHOICES!?) God is in heaven and his tears have turned into a storm. Little does the Child or anyone else know that God has him in his arms and is holding him close. The tears will dry and a new day is dawning and the child will be happy again. For now we must wait and trust God. Today is a day to be thankful, because of what you have and what is coming;wait with patience . I have you in my arms, and have a mighty plan for you. Love God!!!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving Love God!

Nov 23, 2016

Celebrate Thanksgiving

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Good morning Father! At days end there seems to be a sigh of relief from most people that they have survived yet another day. We find it's a little exhausting to see that the  world has turned into a survival camp instead of a life camp. The condition of the attitude has become one of extreme exhaustion and relief based on making it another day. I did not create you to survive , I created you to live with me in abundance, and through eternity. Don't live to survive , but live to celebrate your wonder, and my glory. Love God!

Nov 22, 2016

Tower Of Noise

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Good morning Father! From a tall tower out in the middle of  nowhere comes a strange noise ringing from the top. Could it be people talking, or is it just noise? As you begin your journey to a new life, are you hearing noises, or people talking. Could it be what you're hearing is both simultaneously? There is a sound you need to hear , and that is my voice. You can only recognize it through listening, and learning who I am, You will never hear clearly if you don't listen. Hear my cry for your heart. Love God!

Nov 21, 2016

Echoes Of Yourself

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Good morning Father! As a dreamer I wonder if there is a way to hear from you better. There is always a way. Often times you must be willing to sacrifice your own beliefs for something you don't understand. If you were to take a survey of how many people are willing to do that you might be surprised. Not very many, you may want to ask yourself that question. I have a solution for you if you're willing to try it? Give up all of your notions of what you think I am, or what I might be thinking when you want to hear from me. If you're not willing to do that you will only hear an echo of yourself. Don't listen to echoes. Love God!

Nov 20, 2016

Storage Unit

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Good morning Father! The grave is six feet deep, covered with dirt and has no value other than a storage place for the deceased. My life is your life and it transcends the grave. However if you would like to invest in only a storage unit, that is your choice. While the cost of storage units are rising the cost of life remains the same through eternity, and has already been paid for in full at the cross. Join the life society. Don't plot for the plot society. Love God! 

Nov 19, 2016

Contract Law

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Good morning Father! There is normally a clause in a contract for mutual agreement. Both parties agree to perform certain duties. If one party does not perform it's duties then the other party has the right to cancel said contract and receive indemnification. There is no contract with me and you always have the option to receive indemnification for your own behavior, no matter what it is. I am a God of love , grace , forgiveness, and hope. Not a God of man made legal contracts. Love God

Nov 18, 2016

Looking Forward

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Good morning Father! Looking forward? Looking forward seems to be the state of awareness most people live in. Then there's looking backwards. Look straight ahead is what you're taught. How about looking nowhere. That really seems odd doesn't it? Here's the deal, I'am here now! Not with you yesterday or in the future. Be with me now, in the presence. Rest with me now. Talk to me now. listen to me now. Live In the present. That's were peace lives in abundance. Love God!

Nov 17, 2016

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Swallowed Up

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Good morning Father! Swallowed up? The sea opens up, the bottom falls out and you feel sucked in. Many times in many ways people feel that way everyday. You can choose to fall in or swim out, by your self or with help. I am your life guard , I will rescue no matter how deep the water is or how deep the hole. Remember  I am always the procurer of  good, safety, as well as dry land. Don't be afraid of the hole, but feel free in the rescue. Love God!

Nov 16, 2016

Why Blessings

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Good morning Father! Why Blessings? It is pretty simple, if you were to take a frog and ask him not to hop, he probably wouldn't stop. That is unless you speak frogg. Blessings are my language. I have no need to not bless, only a need to bless. What is a blessing?It's a form of love dressed in many suits. Some have the appearence of fun, excitement free stuff and joy. While more common than not they seem painful. Blessings can be dressed up in pain waiting to be unwrapped in a gift of love. All blessings originate from some type of hurt, waiting to be released in pure love. Love God!

Nov 15, 2016

I'm Not God

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Good morning Father! I'm not God, is that an excuse for not being Christlike? Well it seems it is used an awful lot to cover up wrong behavior. However there are times when it is a point to be understood. You cannot be God, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit no matter how hard you try. And , there it is. Trying to be God will always show up in the form of shame. Instead of trying to play a role, work on your relationship with me , and the rest will take care of itself. Love God!

Nov 14, 2016

Shine On Time

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Good morning Father! Shine On Time? What's it mean to have money in the bank? Does it give you comfort? Is there room for error when your balancing your account. There shouldn't be, everything should be set up to fit. So less try this. Be affirmative in all of your actions to the point of when the light shines there are no dark holes. Dark holes create dark places. Stay out of the dark places and don't fall into the dark holes Shine on Time. Love God!

Nov 13, 2016

Why Do We need God

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Good morning Father! Why do we need God? Good question. Suppose you have a mouth full of marbles and decide you want to swallow only one of them., and harder than that you want to swallow the only green one. Now that seems impossible doesn't it. Ok then try this one own for size. Try swallowing the world. By now your probably wondering where this is going. My point is , is not going anywhere, and until you realize your need for me neither will you. Why do you need me? Because and I need your Love. Without those two things happening there is nothing. Love God!

Nov 12, 2016

Smile Upside Down

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Good morning Father! Smile upside down? Whoops, did I say that write? Ye I did. The most important thing in life to know is the proper position of your smile. An inverted smile is not a representation of good things. Or is it? There are times when an inverted smile can be a sign of better things to come. Don't be afraid of an inverted smile.Enjoy the upright position. Iam with you on both sides. Love God!

Nov 11, 2016

Give Take Give

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Good morning Father! Give take give? Allowing the empty place of hope in your heart can quickly take on the form of doubt to the point of extinction. Who gives and gives and gives when another takes and takes and takes. I do, it's called grace, and mercy. I am the one who does not take away the giving because you take. That is the world and it's ways. I am not an Indian giver. Remember the cross, and why my Son died. Love God!

Nov 10, 2016

Simply Red

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Good morning Father! Simply red? Okay, is just okay, blue is blue, and red is simply red. To get to know me is simply this; talk to me, read my word and listen. Of course you can take courses, read books, go to church and seminars. While all of these are good, and ways of getting to know me,ask yourself this . Where do I spend most of my time, and if your answer is not with me , then you need to evaluate where your relationship with me stands. Remember red is simply red. Love God! 

Nov 9, 2016

America A New Season

Image result for pics of a baby laughing

Good morning Father! What do you think of the election? There are times and then there are times, and then there is time. Although the three same the sound they are very different. A new president does not determine time, no more than it determines seasons. The trees don't shed there leaves are the grass stops growing no more than a baby laughs because of a new President. Put your trust in me , and you will be amazed!! Love God!!!!!!!!!

Nov 8, 2016

Election Day

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Good morning Father! Election day? Election of what? There seems to be something missing. Take me to your leader. It's good to vote for what you believe in. Just don't believe in everything you vote for. There are many twist and turns in the world. Turn to me for your comfort and you will be amazed. Drop the worry. Jesus loves you this I know. Love God!