Oct 26, 2016

Fire And Rain

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Good morning Father!  Fire and rain? Could it be a test, or is it a fact of life? There seems to be a ongoing concern that if your living a Christian life that everything should be all roses and no thorns. It couldn't be further from the truth. To live a Christian life is a task which takes commitment , courage, fortitude, and most importantly faith. You have to give up what you see for what you don't see. I see, you watch, I Hear, you listen, you call, I answer. I cry the cry of love, you are my tears,I catch them all and hold them in the palm of my hand. Safety is in me. Join me in my safe place. Love God!

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  1. Grady, thanks for sending me the link to your blog. I too enjoyed meeting you and Gary yesterday. I enjoyed the fellowship of the Spirit of Christ we share. It's interesting that in today's blog you mentioned God catching our tears and holding them in the palm of His hand....because I read Psalm 56 today and verse 8 says, "You put my tears in Your bottle. Are they not in Your records?" God certainly does hear our cries and pleas. He listens to us more intently than we listen to Him. As God cries in Psalm 81:13, "If only My people would listen to Me!" What a difference it would make in our lives and our nation. Thanks for sharing your heart!