Aug 29, 2016

Can We See Jesus

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Good morning Father!A friend asked, why no one recognized Jesus on the road to Emmaus, even though they had seen him before? This was a time when people we're confused. Even though they had been with Jesus, they did not understand completely why he allowed himself to be crucified. The tablets written we're not exhaustive to the point of explaining the answers to all questions. That was for a reason, and the reason being was for you to ask questions of me. The reason they did not recognize him is, their faith was not complete, and their thinking was still of the world . Would you recognize him if you saw him? Look at how you live, where do you see him in your life, is he hard to see, if so, work on your relationship with him. Love God!

Aug 28, 2016

Day Dreaming

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Good morning Father! Day dreaming? What's the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning? Now that you've answered that , you have a good hint of what will be driving you for the rest of the day. Could it be your priorities have been taken over by day dreaming. If so I have a method to help. Try squashing your finger with a hammer. Not really, it 's not that extreme. Try thinking of me first, with conviction, not in a day dream, and you will be amazed! Love God!

Aug 27, 2016

Does God Like Football

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Good morning God! Do you like football? Now that's a tricky question. At times I enjoy a game. You see it's a little different for me, I have an investment in all of the teams. For me to say I don't like football, would be like saying I don't like my children to have fun. I like fun, and I want you to have more of it. You have to know I have a press box at every game. I'm the best odds maker you will ever meet. Love God!

Aug 26, 2016

Clean Air

Good morning Father! Clean Air? Have you ever tried to breath in smog, pollen filled air, or pollution from a factory? It's truly disgusting, and can make you very sick. That;s the same way it is when you breath in the pollution of the signals the world puts out. Try some thing fresh. Breath in my word , and exhale something fresh for everyone around you to breath in. Love God!

Aug 25, 2016

Dog Days Of Summer

Good morning Father! Dog Days Of Summer? Boy it's hot! Go inside , and cool off! You don't have too, but if you decide to stay in the heat, you will get burnt. Are you being scorched by life. If so come out of the heat, spend some time in a climate controlled environment with me. It's cooler here. My thermostat is set on comfort , always. Love God!

Aug 24, 2016

I Prayed Yesterday

Good morning Father! I prayed yesterday. Did you eat today, did you drink water today, did you get out of bed today? When you get tired, do you rest, when your rested do you do stuff? Is there some reason you don't feel the need to pray. Do you believe in prayer, or is it something you do. I have a suggestion, pray. Don't pray might not be a good idea. Love God!

Aug 23, 2016

Lip Sync

Good morning Father! Lip sync? Take a thermometer and take the mercury out, now check your temperature.  Put a lots of words in your mouth, talk about Christianity, but take no action. Are you lip syncing your walk with Christ?  If you were arrested for being a Christian, would there be any evidence to find you guilty. Are you only talking about God? If so , add some action , and watch your faith come to life. Love God!

Aug 22, 2016

10 Tons Of Fertilizer

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Good morning Father! 10 tons of fertilizer?Take 10 tons of fertilizer and put it in a 2 ton truck. First of all , it want fit. Secondly it will break the truck down. Are you overloading your chassis? Are you breaking down because of to much payload? If so, begin unloading until the load fits. How wil you know when the load fits. It's very simple, you will have peace, and you will begin to function properly. Love God!

Aug 21, 2016

What Is Time

Good morning Father! What is time? There seems to be a discrepancy in the the definition of time. Why don't you take a piece of paper, throw it into the air, and wait on it to land. Is that time.  No that's a piece of paper falling. Steady is the man lives, shaky is the man who trys to control time. Love God!

Aug 20, 2016

Terms Of Life

Good morning Father! Terms of life?There's an entire list of terms believed to be terms for life, that the world encourages you to believe. I say throw them away, all of them. Now let's clear the slate in start, brand new. Here are my terms;

Instructions; repeat daily

1. Love me first
2. love your neighbor as you would yourself
3. Put others first
4. Love yourself

Serve your term with joy

Love God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aug 19, 2016

Is God Man Or Women

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Good morning Father! What gender are you? That's funny, why do you ask?I guess because I hear that question come up often. Does it matter?  You ask what gender, what color, what race, because you feel the need to own my origen. There's no doubt the world tries to possess me. I am not to be owned or identified with the world. You are made in my image, and my image is God. My image is God, my identity is God, my appearance is agape Love ; that's my gender. Love God!  

Aug 18, 2016

You Are Not Alone

 You Are Not Alone

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Good morning Father! What do we do when we're under attack? Try slipping into something more comfortable. Like prayer. If you can muster up the focus to change directions come to me with your burden, I will lighten the load. The attacks are real, and they can disable you from your true purpose. Don't listen to the lies, most of all don't believe them. Your attack is my victory. Rest in my love for you , and I will provide the defense. Love God!

Aug 17, 2016

I've Got A secret

to do list: A Things To Do List

Good morning Father! I,ve got a secret? You've got me on this one. Where does it say you have to know everything to be happy? Where does it say you have to know what you're called to do to build a future. Where does it say you have to know what people are thinking? Where does it say you have to know what people think about you? Where does it say you have to know others motives before you can love them?

Here's the secret to do list!!!!!!!!!!!!

Number 1 Trust me
If you follow this list everything else will fall in place.

Love God!

Aug 16, 2016

What's fair

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Good morning Father! What's fair? Fair is a small link in the universe where everything gets through. I don't get it? It's like climbing a ladder without the steps. It's like air without breathing. Fair is not a thing , nor is it a place. It's a word created to give the illusion of justice. Forget what's fair, and focus on what's right, what's true, what's lovely, what's pure, finally what is excellant. Love God!

Aug 15, 2016

The Yets

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Good morning Father! I work 80 hours a week, I haven't had a heart attack, yet. I don't have time for my wife, she seems happy, yet. My kids don't seem to be effected, yet. I don't have time for God, everything is good, yet. The "Yets" will get you, don't wait to long. Yet is a very strong positive affirmation that you're heading for a crash. Yet you pay no attention. Love God!

Aug 14, 2016

Day Off Or Off Day

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Good morning Father! Let's take a day off from work , praying, worshiping? God said," So do I get a day off" ? Interesting thought, "day off". Put down the stress , fear, as well as the resentment. Can you do that for one day? Oh yea, how about worry? There seems to be a conflict of interest, or maybe a slothful attitude.  Ican't take a day off from being God, no more than you can take a day off from being who you are. Who are you? Be you, I'll be me, and we'll hangout. Love God!

Aug 11, 2016

Drama Exit

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Good morning Father! So Father what do you think of drama? It's kinda of like fishing without a pole, no bait, no fish, no water. The only thing you catch is drama. The value of dram surpasses the the value of drama. It's only meant for those whom like crisis. Created crisis is created displeasure. Burn the flag of drama, and move on. It will only weigh you down and rob you of joy. It's one of the top ten tools the enemy uses to , rob , kill still and destroy. Love God!

Aug 10, 2016


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Good morning Father! Blame? I bet you would like to know where blame comes from? Yes I would. People often talk about things they know nothing about in order to look good in the eyes of others. Without fail they always fall into the trap of companionism. In other words join the herd. The herd is rushing to be first, and know all of the right answers. This in return creates the illusion of someone being right, and someone being wrong. Therefore this creates blame for someone to wear as a badge of failure. Nothing good comes from this. Blame does not exist in my world. Get out of the herd,don't play the blame game. Love God!

Aug 9, 2016

Think About it!

This morning, as I was working on an outline for a study I will be facilitating at a men's group at my Church , I had an epiphany. The book for the study is called,  "Victory Over The Darkness". It's thesis is based on finding your identity in Christ.  This one little statement really gave me a "WOW" moment." Does what you do determine who you are, or does who you are determine what you do" ? Thinkabout it, then think about it! Love God!

I Can't Take Anymore

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Good morning Father! I hear this from people way to often; : I can't take it anymore" can you help? There's this insidious prowling emotion that clings on to man like a leach sucking blood. If you don't burn it off, it will drain you dry. It's called hopelessness. The parasite takes, and takes, until it has taken everything. It robs the heart, soul, and mind of all that is good, then wants more. It will not be satisfied until it has finally taken your life. There is only one cure,  that is hope, hope comes through faith, and faith burns away the clinging parasite. I am hope, have faith in me, and the little monster of hopelessness will disappear. Love God!

Aug 8, 2016


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Good morning Father! Choked? There are times when you get so full of all of the things facing you in this world , that you can't swallow anymore. At that point you are choked by anxiety  and it clogs the spirit of God out. To find a clear passage way you must clear the channel out. In order to do this you must sit still. Stillness is the cure to to the clog. Sit still listen to me, engage with me, be with me.The world tells you to do more. I say do less when you can't do more, then more good things will happen. Be and live in the spirit, not in the doing. Love God!

Aug 7, 2016

Solid Quicksand

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Good morning Father! Solid Quicksand? Take a piece of paper, tear it in half, dip one piece in water, then the other in concrete. What you have here is the same piece of paper, one soggy piece, one solid piece. But the two pieces although they were once one, have now been divided, by two separate things. They can never go back to being one piece. What are the things that are dividing you? Are you two separate pieces, yet trying to combine the soggy with the solid. I am solid, throw away the soggy, and become one with me , and I will make you whole again. Love God!

Aug 6, 2016

What's A Blessing

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Good morning Father! What is a blessing? A new car, a bad relationship, no money, lots of money,good health, bad health, success, no success? What if I was to tell you all of the above? It's true, anything that helps you to become the person I created you to be is a blessing. It not the stuff or the situation. Nor is it the way you feel.  Once you have grown into yourself in me, then you will understand the meaning of a blessing. Love God!

Aug 5, 2016

I Wont Do It

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Good morning Father! I wont do it? I wont do it is a commonly used phrase that has stopped more people form doing what is best for them than any other three words in the human vocabulary. Stubbornness is the salve that lubricates failure. I can't I wont, that's not who Iam and the song goes on, are life killers. Why not ease into decisions instead of preventing the right decisions. You can't, I can, You wont, I will, who you are is who I am. Come to me for identity, and purpose. Love God!

Aug 4, 2016

Like Me

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Good morning Father! Like me? Like me seems to be the call of the world.I do what I do to be liked, I think what I think to be liked. I act like I act to be liked. Are you running around in a like tank. Have you boxed yourself into a corner of behavior driven by the desire to be liked. If so not only are you trapped , but you are also being devoured by the spirits of the dark Don't seek to be liked , but strive to love, and the walls of the like tank will come crashing down. Love God!

Aug 3, 2016

Greed Got Some

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Good morning Father!  How did we get to be such a greedy people? It's like taking a clock and winding it backwards, you never advance. Greed is the quickest way to get to  nowhere going fast. You can't think your way out of greed. Remember you have been in greed training most of your life. The world has taught you well. You ask, how do I change? There's one sure way that works every time, begin giving of yourself, and your resources. As you do this more, you will automatically devalue greed, and receive the gift of giving, then greed will slowly sink into the abyss where it belongs. Love God!

Aug 2, 2016

Excellence In Faith

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Good morning Father! How do we add excellence in Faith? You please the world you have the offering of the world. You please yourself you have the rewards of self gratification. You please me you have my blessings. My blessings are excellant. The more you're obedient the more you please me. Please me , know excellence, know excellence, know your hearts true desire, know your hearts true desire, know me , then excellence is added to your faith. Love God!