Jul 31, 2016

Did You Hear Me Or Yourself

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Good morning Father! Did you hear me when I said, don't be mean to that person? Did you hear me when I said, don't do that, it wont be good for you? Did you hear me when I said,help that person, even when you were tired. Did you hear me when I said, I love you/ Did you believe me when I said those things? Did you obey? Or did you ignore me/ You say you can't hear my voice, is it that you can't hear me or do you turn the volume up on what you want? Love God!

Jul 30, 2016

Are The Roots Growing

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 Good morning Father! Sit Still. There's no need to attempt to figure it all out, I already have. There's no need to supply the world with wisdom, I already have. There's no need to engulf your life with worry, if you do the banks will overflow with fear. Fear is a invitation  to death. Temptation is the root of evil. Get rid of the roots, and watch fear die out. Love God!

Jul 29, 2016

Confidence Get Some

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Good morning Father! How do we get confidence? Look in the bottom of the well. That makes no sense. Okay the easy way is to drop a stone in the river. Really God? You do something, then when you have finished it, you will believe in it, you either get the right, or wrong result. Then your confidence will build. Confidence does not only build in success, but failure as well. You must have success , and failure. Don't value one over the other. You must have both to succeed. Love God!

Jul 28, 2016

Let's Play Games

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Good morning Father! Let's play games; I don't get it? So for a minute thank of yourself as a chess piece. You move to one square, and then something blocks you from moving to another, and so forth , and so on. Then along comes the big boy , and he kicks you off of the board completely. It's a game, not real life, or is it? Remember this, I own the board , I control the pieces, and I decide who wins. Want to be a winner, play with me. Love God!

Jul 27, 2016

What's it all worth

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Good morning Father! What's it all worth? If I was to tell you, you had to give up the things you cherished the most," Could you do it"? That's exactly what I'm asking. That seems cruel doesn't it? Here's the deal, until you give those things up to me, you will never fully receive the full value of what they have  to offer. Everything I give you is to offer true pleasure in it's fullest. The gift is to give, not to hoard. Offerings are  for freedom and fullness, not for sacrifice. Share your gift, then watch it grow. Love God!

Jul 26, 2016

Can't Connect

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Good morning Father! Why is i,t that at times we just can't seem to connect to you? The fallen are frozen, but the upright are mobile. In other words the fallen are stuck in their world, but my children are free in my world. You can't help but to at times, to feel disconnected because you live in a physical body. The body gets tired , and you feel disconnected. You are not disconnected. Know me , know the truth, , and your heart will always know, That I am with you always! Love God!

Jul 25, 2016

Satan's Screaming

Cat, Animal, Injured, Hurt, Fighting

Good morning Father! Satan's screaming! Why is it when I try to hear from you, so many thoughts pop up in my head. There's a disgusting part of the flesh that is saturated with globs of infused pain. That infusion is coming straight from the enemy. He will always attempt to infuse more, and more pain. Take the needle out, pull the plug on the infusion, and insert the mainline. I am the main line, focus, focus focus, that is tantamount to hearing from me. You have a choice, stand tall. Love God!

Jul 24, 2016

Riding The bullet


Good morning Father! Where is safety? I can tell you first, where it is not. It is not in the world, so if you are of the world , you are in an unsafe place. Placidity does not exist in the physical realm, only in the spiritual places. Nor does safety ride on a bullet. A safe place exist for everyone equally. To experience this place of placidity, come into my word, and don't let go of the truth. Hold the truth, and hold safety, live a lie, and you will find harm is your companion. Love God!

Jul 23, 2016

Drunk And Stupid

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Good morning Father! Drunk, and stupid? Well sometimes behavior can have the appearance of being drunk, and stupid. Behavior is a practiced form of learned actions. In order to change an action you must first practice the new action to become proficient. You say you want to change, then you must begin to practice some new behaviors. Come to me in prayer, I will be holding a class everyday on changing the game. Love God!

Jul 22, 2016

Rest Got Some?

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Good morning father! Rest, got some? Don't play with the facts, they will crush you.If you think you can live life going full throttle all of the time, without resting, you have just goofed up. There's no time for breath, there's no time for peace, you can't inhale, only breath out. You must rest, or you will implode in one fashion or another. Don't be like the pagans in in a world of wont. If you don't rest, you will wont too, and if you don't, the consequences could be fatal. Come into my rest. Love God!

Jul 21, 2016


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Good morning Father! Slick? Some things are so slick, you can't grasp them. Why do you try to hold onto things with oil slicked hands? Do you not realize the things you hold so close that it hurts, will eventually slip away. The things you hold are temporary. the things I hold are eternal. Grasp the things I hold for you. let go of the things you cling too that are weighing you down. Love God! 

Jul 20, 2016

Look Up

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Good morning father! Look Up? What does it take to get you to look at me? Do you have to live a life of constant pain , and need? To you have to be chained to something that is killing you? Look up, stop your downward stare into the abyss. Look up, that's where you will find hope, peace, joy , and abundance. Look up. Love God!

Jul 19, 2016


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Good morning Father! Dumbfounded? Where do you think glass comes from? Is there a home for golf balls? What is the square root of nothing. Where do park rangers go to get away? There are things in life you wish you knew, but may never know. There are things you don't need to know, there are things that when you know it, it will truly amaze you. But the most dumbfounding thing you will ever know is when your face to face with me, and you see how much I have always loved you. That's dumbfounding! Love God!

Jul 18, 2016

Trust Got Some

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Good morning Father! What is trust? Trust is the issue of wisdom. I don't get it. You can't have trust without wisdom, and you can't have wisdom without trust. The more you receive wisdom the more trust you will receive. There's no doubt the train of trust is at the end of it's track. But the abundance of wisdom will go on forever. Don't be harnessed by untrust, let wisdom break the chains. Love God!

Jul 17, 2016

What IsDesire

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Good morning Father! What is desire? Frequently you find yourself wanting a bowl of creamy ice cream. Especially on a hot summer's day. That's one kind of desire, to satisfy your taste. You may on occasion be loathing after a new car. Or, maybe there's someone you get the lust for. Everyone has desires.Don't be fooled by your evil desires, because they will result in death. The only good desire you have, I give you. Follow the gift of desire I supply,  then everything you desire will become the reality of love, and godly desires. You will like the results! Love God!

Jul 16, 2016


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Good morning Father! Determined? If you fall off of a cliff, whether you have determination are not you will get to the bottom. Life is not quite the same, where you land takes determination. The spot you land on can be very hard , or very soft, it;s your choice. I have a soft place for you to land. You come , I'll lead, follow! Love God!

Jul 15, 2016

What's Your Deal

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Good morning Father! What's your deal? Do you have a deal? Have you made a deal" If so, with whom? Life is like a house of cards, it can come tumbling down at any moment,if it isn't dealt properly. Each card must be aligned to fit perfectl, or they will crash. You can't, no matter how hard you try deal your own hand. Shuffle all you want, but remember, I am the dealer. Trust me , for a winning hand.Love God!

Jul 14, 2016

So Say This

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Good morning Father! So say this? The time is here, and that time is called now, to watch the talk of the world. The murmurs, and voices are saying we hurt. We have discarded the good for the bad, the peace for the war, the love for hate, the humility for pride. The time has come to listen to the crys. The time has come to answer the call, that quite voice in your head needs to be released into the world , and scream no more! Love God!

Jul 13, 2016

Talk Into The Fan

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Good morning Father!.Breath, don.t breath, notice the difference? From toe to head there are many body parts in between. There's no need to attempt to add parts, that's impossible. It's like talking into a fan.. It may seem to add words, but it;s an illusion. You can't add to you can only add on. You see, like the fan I blew blessings onto your warm face . like the blades you can't add to, you can only add on. I am the fan, love God. Father I'm not sure I understand. Don't be afraid of what you don't understand, but understand why you are afraid. There's nothing for you to add, it's already there. Love God!

Rush Slow down Rush

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Good morning Father! Rush, slow down, rush? You,ve got a lot to do, so you hurry up. Then you slow down because you have overloaded. Then you speed up because slowing down has backed you into a corner. The vicious cycle begins, and you are trapped in a quagmire of terminal self destruction.   It's useless to continue this fatal cycle. Do you want balance? Try God's speed, the speed limit is confidence in action, and rest in a world driven by more. Love God!

Jul 12, 2016

Lifting Weights

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Good morning Father! When you first start lifting weights, you have to start small, and work your way up. Then you begin to add more weights, and you get stronger. But at the beginning your muscles get sore. There are days when you are tired, and just don't feel like working out, and there are days where you max it out. Life is just one big gym. If you don't work out your life muscles you will atrophy into a victim of the world.  My gym is open 24/7 come in it;s free, meet with your trainer , and get to work today. Love God!

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Jul 11, 2016

What Is Immorality

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Good morning Father! What is immorality? You choose your clothes each day that you get up. You choose what you eat. You choose what you think. Life is made up of lots of choices. Now, you get your choices. Now, you reap what your choices add. But do they add, or subtract? Will you add to, or take from the blessings I give you. I offer you a pure heart, will you take it? The fullness of everything I offer is good for you. Remember the world has it;s on offering. The choice is your's. Love God!