Jun 30, 2016

God Where Are You

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Good morning Father! God where are you? That seems to be the cry of most people. Why can't they hear you? Often times it's not that they don't hear from me, it's that they don't hear what they want to hear. I always respond to everyone, listening is a deliberate action. You must tune out the world , and tune me in. Don't clog your ears , and heart with self, if you do, you will only hear noise and chatter. I have a quite place for you, come visit sometime. Love God!

Jun 29, 2016

Feelings Verses Truth

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Good morning Father! Feelings verses Truth? The mind is the playground of lies. You can take the truth, insert thoughts and turn it into a war. The war is not with the truth it's with your feelings. You should never trust  your feelings if their not guarded by truth. Humans are feelings creatures. Truth is spiritual life. Feelings lead to death, truth leads to eternal life. I am the truth. Love God!

Jun 28, 2016

Job Fair

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Good morning Father! Job Fair? Yes, it's true, we have opened the market for an unlimited amount of new jobs in your community. All you have to do is contact us for an interview, follow a few guidelines, and the job is yours. For more info just contact Jesus at 1 800 - 463 -  Pray (7729). This is a one of a kind career opportunity with complete job security. All positions are available for immediate employment! Love God!

Jun 27, 2016

Tears Never Die

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Good morning Father! What does it mean, tears never die? Often enough we see people on the news experiencing tragedy. Tears fall from their eyes then they compose themselves , and the tears go away. Do they? Frequently we say, their better now, now their smiling. The truth is tears never dry, I catch them , and hold them in my heart, to give them a place for their spent emotion. Scars may have some healing, but the healing I give leaves no scars, and bring forth everlasting joy. Don't follow the tears, but walk with the one who created you. Love God!

Jun 26, 2016

Mud In The Blood

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Good morning Father! There's a leak in the roof, and the water is ruing your brand new furniture. You need to stop the leak to protect the furniture. The blood of Jesus cleansed you from all inequity, you are cover by the blood. Why would you try to wipe the blood off, when your completely covered. Is there mud in the blood? No,  only in your mind! Plug the hole, instead of trying to stop the leak with a cork, try a little prayer. You will be amazed! Love God!

Jun 25, 2016

Where's the need

bloodsucking insect: Mosquito 2_3 - cartoon illustration as vector Illustration

Good morning Father! Where's the need? Stop looking for something to do, and start looking for the need. Looking for something to do is based on self, looking for the need is based on others. I will always fill the need. I will not fulfill the want. Want is a life sucking parasite that never gets full. Need is based on desire of the heart, not the desire of self. Self is best friends with want. Don't hangout with these guys, they will suck you dry. Love God!

Jun 24, 2016

Self Absorbed

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Good morning Father! How do we stop from being self absorbed? Cash in your savings, get rid of everything you own, run through the streets naked. Just kidding! My point is value. What do you value most? Humility comes from self denial, not self filling. To lose self will be the biggest gift you will ever receive. All of your discomfort comes from being self centered. Don't freeze out peace at the expense of self. You will never be able to cash it in, it has no value. Love God!

Jun 23, 2016

Put Your Thoughts In Jail

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Good morning Father! You tell us to hold our thoughts captive; how do we do that? Yes indeed, lock your thoughts up and throw away the key. I'm not telling you not to think, but I am telling you what to think. You see your thoughts are like slipping on a sea of glass, they slide around out of control until they hit something. Their just like a boxer looking for a place to land a punch. Restraint is the only method that works, you have to cuff your thoughts, and lock them up with the truth. If you don't know the truth, ask me, I will give it to you freely. Love God!

Jun 22, 2016

Don't Ask

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Good morning Father! Don't Ask? The weatherman forecast rain for the day, maybe you should take an umbrella? The doctor says you have high blood pressure, maybe you should take your medication? The bible says the world will come to an end someday, maybe you should get ready. The world says, trouble is around the corner, maybe you should ask me what to do. There's this thing called prayer, it works every time. Maybe you should ask me how it works. Just maybe. Love God!

Jun 21, 2016

Out of Juice

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Good morning Father!  Why is it sometimes we seem out of juice. When you squeeze the juice out of an orange, you just grab another one , and squeeze until you get all you want! Have you squeezed all of the juice out of your heart. If so, try squeezing in some quite time with me, rest and delight in the taste of my power.  Try some SON -KIST, it will quench your thirst. Love God!

Jun 20, 2016

Clobbered By Life

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Good morning Father! What does clobbered by life mean? If you were to take the word clobber an exchange it with fear you would get the same result.  A clobber cobbler, seems to be the desert of the day. Stick in your thumb , and pull out a plumb. You only get plums from a plum pie. You pull out a clobber when you stick your thumb in a fear pie. Tired of getting clobbered? Try sticking your thumb in a God Pie. It taste so good!!! Love God!

Jun 19, 2016

Getters Verses Givers

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Good morning Father! Getters verses Givers. Getters get - get - get. Givers give - give - give. So the difference is Happy verses being self - centered, chained verses being free. Are you chained to getting, or or you freed by giving. When you get to heaven you want be rewared by all you got, but all you gave. Think about! Love God!

Jun 18, 2016

Unity A Song

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Good morning Father! Unity seems to be lacking these days in the body of the Church, why is that? You don't have what you want, your not getting your way, jealousy, mean spirited arrogance, and the list goes on. Why not wait to hear from me? Why not pray on your knees? Why not live freely. The body must be harmonic or it will be out of tune. You must sing the same song or the message of your song will be babble. Tie your hearts together with love, patience, and tolerance,  topped with forgiveness. If you do this your song will be a hit. Love God!