May 31, 2016

What Do We Do With Our Hopes And Dreams

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Good morning Father! What do we do with our hopes and dreams? Put them in your pocket for a rainy day. Desire them, fantasize about them, but don't trust them. Yes, you should have dreams, and dream about them, but remember they are dreams. Dreams come true from hard work, passion, and wisdom. Dreams without wisdom is like quicksand, they will swallow your life up and you will be left with nothing. I will fulfill all of your dreams  if they are based on wisdom love and passion, with a dose of hard work. Dream of me. Love God!

May 30, 2016

Did God Create War

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Good morning Father! Did you create war? There are times of peace, and times of war, then there is in between. The between part is where wars come from. You can take an answer  to your question dissect it and find there are many points of view as to where war comes from, but there is only one answer. That answer is no, all wars are created by evil desires from within the hearts of men. I created peace for all, and for all to enjoy together. Desire can be fatalistic if it is not watered by agape love. Love God!

May 29, 2016


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Good morning Father! Lips? Have you ever watched how lips move, and all of the different shapes they make as they form words? It is as if they are an entity of their own. Lips can be driven by many thing's, power, greed, lust lies, shame, guilt , hate , love and the list goes on through infinitude. Who, and what operates your lips? Most people need some lip balm. I will be the balm that soothes your lips. Love God!

May 28, 2016

The Right Decision

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Good morning Father! Making the right decision is not always easy to do, why is that? Ghost don't haunt, dogs don't fly, and have you ever seen a horse crochet? Wrong is easy, right can be tough , but is always best in the end. Consider this, if you play ball without a bat, it will be impossible to hit a home run. Don't swing into empty air, grab the bat. I am the bat you need to hit a grand-slam. Love God!

May 27, 2016

I'm Proud

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Good morning Father! You say pride comes before the fall, how do we know when we are prideful? Lessons are to be learned not given, taxes are paid to governing bodies. Who is your governor? I have no taxes, but you tax yourself. The weight of pride creates an unpalatable tax that will weigh you down. There is no place in your heart for pride, you have to create that space. When you have done that, you have damaged my creation. Pride speaks very loudly, in greed, self - absorption, distortion, worry and many forms of negative thinking that are too numerous to name. There is one name that sums up pride-" evil". Get to know me, and then you will recognize pride. Love God!

May 26, 2016

Women leaders in church

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Hi God, I know this is not my normal time to blog. Are you still up? Can you tell me how you feel about women being leaders in church. I know , no matter what you say some people are going to have a problem with it. I'm brave, so let it rip. If you were to take one ounce of blood and give it to a fly it would kill it. If you were to take one scripture and give it to a hundred different people it could start a war, So, here's my answer, follow the leader, I;m the leader. Now you figure the rest out, and I'll get back to you. Love God!

Come Together

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Good morning Father! Come together? Come together are fall apart, it's your choice. Unlike the east and the west , North and the south we all must stand together are we will never know the fullness of the unity of the body.Power and strength comes from a  unified body. Factions destroy, selfish desires divide, and weakness will take over, then the enemy will kill, still, and destroy. Love your brothers and sisters, and I will prevail. Love God!

May 25, 2016

Fall From Arms

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Good morning Father! Fall from arms? Like a cold dark night through a misty early morning fog, peace can slip away into the arms of another if not guarded. Feelings of value and belonging belong to the seeker. Once the seeker has found these things  he must hold them dearly. The fall from arms occurs when you fall away from the love I give you freely, and unconditionally. DON'T FALL FROM ARMS, FALL INTO TO MY LOVING ARMS, AND I WILL CATCH YOU. Love God!

May 24, 2016


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Good morning Father! Broke? There are all kinds of broke, physically, mentally, financially, and love broke. How can you have confidence when your broke? When your car is broke you have confidence in the mechanic. If your AC is broken you call your air guy. You trust them because you know they can fix the problem. I created you, I made you from dust, and made the dust. Fear, doubt, shame guilt , and lack of trust are things that will break you down. Come to me when your broken down. I will get you back on the road. Love God!

May 23, 2016

No God In Your Life

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Good morning Father! No God in your life?? Putting the pieces together without a puzzle is like holding the stars without the universe. A child cries, but there are no tears for God to catch. Dreams without a dream, friends without people, trees without dirt. love without a heart, and soul. Need I go on? Pain without relief, loss without reason. There's no need without God. But there is fulfillment with God. It's your choice. Love God!

May 22, 2016


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Good morning Father! Distractions? From where I sit I see many distractions occurring that don't make sense. What if I was to tell you Church can be a distraction, groups , mission trips, outreaches? Don't go ballistic on me just yet. Attractions are to be considered in themselves just what they are, attractions. Distractions are to be considered in themselves, just what they are. Any distraction that distracts you from building a closer  relationship with me is a distraction. All I'm saying is think about it. Love God!

May 21, 2016

How Can We Love More

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Good morning Father! How can we love more? Cat's and dogs don't generally get along, neither does love, and selfishness. Greed, is another killer. Don't be afraid to seek love, but when you seek you must lose yourself. You will never fully get the abundance of love as long as your full of greed , selfishness, and pride. Lose yourself and find love. I an waiting on you to shower you with massive amounts of love, don't let self get in the way. Love God!

May 20, 2016


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Good morning Father! Switch? Yes, switch. Switch what? If you were to take a million dollars and throw it away how would that feel? Silly. If you were to take the riches of the world and throw it away how would that feel. Crazy. I offer you the riches of the world, you can have it now, just switch treasures, and come to me , don't throw it away, Love God!

May 19, 2016

What Is Death

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Good morning Father! What is death? It's like toast, the brown can be rubbed off, but the bread is still there, death cannot be scraped away nor escaped. Death is not a place nor is it a destination, it's an end to the journey, a landing spot. Falsehood is a view of something with the wrong information. Don't let bad press mislead you to the wrong spot. You can choose your landing spot. Love God!

Fire In The Tongue

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Good morning Father! Fire In The Tongue? Places are full of all kinds of things,people, success, laughter, fraught, danger, peace, even love. There's one thing that can change all of them, the tongue. What you say can change the course of things for the good, or bad. Watch your words , guard your words, governor your words. Want to have a good life , choose your words with love. Love God!

May 18, 2016

The Finer Things In Life

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Good morning Father! Father, what are the finer things in life? Money, cars, four wheeler s, boats, etc. Believe that if you want to, but you will never see the finer things in life. Listen, to nothing, and you will hear something come out of nothing like you have never experienced. The noise of the world drowns out the quite of the finer things in life. Strive for the quite, avoid the noise , and you will find the finer things in life. Love God!

May 17, 2016

When The Levy Breaks

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Good morning Father! When the levy breaks, what does that mean? Sleeping is a way of taxing your energy with rest. To tax something means to put a levy on it. If you don't rest the levy will break. Which would you rather levy, your soul are your rest. Your soul will never break, but your body will. Come into my rest. You can't do soul on guts. Love God!

May 16, 2016

Tragedy Loss

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Good morning Father! One of the most difficult things to understand is when tragedy and loss hits home, can you help? Listen to the quite around tragedy. Can you hear it? No. I can see the quite and it's there as if it is roosting in your heart, you just have to listen. The noise of tragedy is so loud it drowns out everything around it. Tragedy is to be excepted not understood. For the cause and effect is nothing more than the bark of a dog warning of the threat to come. There is peace in tragedy but first there must be pain. Come to me in tragedy like the light chasing darkness and you will find peace and understanding of the heavenly kind. Love God!