Apr 30, 2016

Great Things

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Good morning Father! Great are the things of God? What are those things? Questions of unbelievable magnitude can only be answered by an unbelievable source . I am that source. I created the questions , and the answers. To know the answers you must know be, to know the questions you must know me.  Wisdom comes from experience with me, intelligence comes from knowing the things of the world. Experience me, know wisdom,  
no wisdom is to not have love, have love and that's the answer to everything. Love God!

Apr 29, 2016

How can you love God more than your family

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Good morning Father! How can you love God more than your family.Why wouldn't you want to? You can't just love God more than your family, but one way. It's very simple, you don't just make a decision one day to Love Him more than your family. It doesn't get zapped into you, he certainly wont make you do it. You get to know him, build a relationship with him, begin to trust him, have faith in him, then you will understand this in a way you could never dream of. Remember God loves you more than anything, hopefully someday you will return the favor. Love God!

Apr 28, 2016

Attitude Of Indifference

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Good morning Father! Attitude of indifference? What seems to be okay for some can kill others. Peanuts, shrimp, even penicillin, while indifferent to some it will kill others. The lack of caring about others and being indifferent to their needs is a cancer that eats up the Love that's needed to make this world whole. Remove God from the schools, prayer from the schools, the Ten Commandments from the State houses, need I say more. Difference is needed to  create unity. Don't let the indifference to love your neighbor turn on you . Love God!

Apr 27, 2016

Caught In A Trap

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Good morning God! Feeling trapped? So many people feel trapped by their circumstances, how do they break that snare? The only trap that is real, is the one created in the mind. You must first break the mind chain. There is a loop of thought that runs through a persons brain, that can derail the reality of spiritual thinking, due to experience. You must first override the process by creating a new way of experiential thinking. The loop has to change ,and that means there must be a priority shift. You have to make a choice to live in the loop of abundance, and freedom. That comes from time spent with me. don't get loopy. Love God!

Apr 26, 2016

Can We Heal

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Good morning Father! Can we heal? No, but I can. Healing is the hardest of all for man to understand. You can hit a golf ball all day long, and still chase it around. Yet healing seems to be one that if it doesn't work every time, something is wrong. Do you get a hole in one every time? Is everyone that's gets sick gonna be physically healed? Doe's everyone rise from the dead. Can you have the gift of healing. Yes. The problem lies in the belief that your faith causes the healing. Your belief in me, and trust should be the focus. If someone doesn't get healed, it's because that is not part of my design, not for reasons of lack of faith, or  something they did wrong. It's because it's the best thing for the body as a whole. Love God!

Apr 25, 2016

The Best

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Good morning Father! The best? What is your best, the best part of your day, the best thing in your life, the best you have ever done, and who is your best friend. Best is unbelievable but real. What is your best idea? Thank on these things and you will know what your treasure really is. Is your treasure buried?Remember don't store your treasures on earth , they will rot and decay. You are my treasure. Love God!

Apr 24, 2016

Prayer Time Limits

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Good morning Father! A friend asked yesterday ,how long should he pray. Without hesitation, that's how long. The need for limits is of man not me. You will get the moment when you pray, and that moment will take  you to the next moment, and ware you need to be. Without ceasing is a good goal, with out doubt is better, and with faith is tantamount. Love God!

Apr 23, 2016

There's Tank Outside

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Good morning Father! There's a tank outside? The building is surrounded and the enemy is ready to attack. What do you do? Your outnumbered , and there's nowhere to go. Does life feel that way sometime? Of course it does. I have a solution, take away the walls and let him in. What? He can come in but if I'am there he can't touch you. I am the only piece of armor that is infallible that he can't pierce. Put on your armor, I am your breastplate, your helmet. Where the belt buckle of truth, pick up your sword, and we shall slaughter the enemy! Love God!

Apr 22, 2016

Abundance Soup

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Good morning Father! Slim to none! Slim, none, neither one sounds to optimistic,or do they? While slim can mean a little it can also mean a lot, and none can mean nothing or everything. How can that be you might ask? It's all perspective, In my world to have nothing is to have everything, and slim is a nice way to think of the course of the path of the world. The big  becomes little, and the slim becomes eternal. Your needs belong to me, everything is mine, and all I have is yours. I only have good. It's a slim to none chance you will need anything if you have me in your life. Try some abundance soup. Love God!

Apr 21, 2016


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Good morning father! Tears? From a far distance place that is so close you can touch it comes a tear drop. A tear drops from heart in the form of a loose bit of feelings.As the tear falls it takes with it a piece of emotion that is then released into the world. The ride of that emotion always falls into my hand. I caress that emotion and give it a place to live. It lives in the love of my heart for you. Love God!

Apr 20, 2016

Does God Wait

Good Morning Father! I hear people say ," wait on God" do you ever wait?  On what? Anything?  No. Your view of not getting what you want when you want it, for you is called waiting. Waiting does not exist in my realm. What you call waiting I call done. Here's the deal, I have everything done that you will ever need. If you could only trust that, you will never wait again. Wait a minute. Just kidding. Love God!

Apr 19, 2016

Strong Hold

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Good morning Father! Strong Hold? Many times it has been said, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink. I say if you deprive him of the water long enough he will eventually drink , if he doesn't die first. Is there something keeping you from drinking, even to the point of death. Drink from the water so you will never thirst for that thing that is killing you, and you will never thirst again. Love God!

Apr 18, 2016

Hangin Out With Jesus

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Good morning Father! Was up? Just hanging out with Jesus. What does that look like? We listen a lot, and would like to do more but we spend most of our time listening. I would love to see my children listen more, there;s so much for them to learn. Love God!

Apr 17, 2016

God's favorite thing.

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Good morning Father! Everyone seems to have a favorite thing,what's yours! My favorite thing is, is. I created is, and is, is my joy. One of my least favorite things is, when man tries to change is. Is is easy, change is hard,a and I am always ready to help you with your is-ism's. Isn't that cool? Love God!

Apr 16, 2016

Money Controls Me

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Good morning Father God! Why do we let money control our thinking? I don't have enough, someone owes me, I must protect my money, these are a few thoughts that drive peoples thinking more than you can Imagine. They create resentments, fear, anger, bitterness , as well as twisted thinking. Your thoughts not the money itself is the problem. Where are you rooted, is it money or Love.Check your bank account you may have plenty of money but getting low on love. Love God!

Take the y from your, that will untwist your thinking!

Apr 15, 2016

Don't Do It

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Good morning Father! When you ask us to do something, and we don't do it, why is that? Often there are things in life that are very powerful to overcome. Overcoming is a process, remember bologna is a living animal before it is processed. Processing can be tough. But if you don't process, there is no finished product. Trust me with the process, and I can promise you that it want be bologna. Lack of trust only produces fear. Love God!

Apr 14, 2016

Matzoh Balls

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Good morning Father! Matzoh Balls? Ten times are the number of commandments, not once is there a commandment for matzoh balls. Meat balls, base balls, softballs, biscuit balls. A ball is a ball. Love is love, you can't pretend love, no more than a matzah ball can pass as a meat ball. Don't me a matzoh ball trying to pass as a meat ball. Love is love, to know love is to know me. Love God! 

Apr 13, 2016

Don't Crack The Door

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Good morning Father! Don't crack the door? It's 10 degrees outside and your all snuggled up in the 70 degrees climate control of your house. So if you open your door the climate begins to change, the longer you keep the door opened the more the climate changes. Is it a mystery, that if you open your mind to the wrong thoughts the climate will change. What temperature are you comfortable in? Let me be your thermostat,snuggle up with me. Love God!

Apr 12, 2016

Over Tired ?

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Good morning Father! Over tired seems to be the theme of the day, why is that? I don't have enough, if I could only get one more, people will love me if I have more. I'can't fail,  and on and on. Slipping on a banana peel doesn't happen very often. Burning out from being a human doing happens all of the time. I created a rest for you, if you ignore it, watch out for banana peels, it will get slippery. Love God!

Apr 11, 2016

What Place

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Good morning Father! What Place? What place are you in? Is it a good place, a bad place, a scared place, a lonely place. or even a dark place? Do you want to swap places, or are you happy where your at. I have a quite special place for you that you can move into forever, right not. Come join me in my special place. It's called prayer, and peace, love, grace, and mercy. Love God!

Apr 10, 2016

Golden Eggs

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Good morning Father! Why can't a goose lay a golden egg? Till was a pretty goose, but she couldn't lay a golden egg. Have you ever tried laying a golden egg. Even if you could it would really hurt. It's the same as being perfect, even if you could be perfect, it would be very painful. You would have nothing in common with anyone. The one thing you have in common is imperfection with everyone. Stop trying to lay a golden egg, it's just to painful. Love God!

Apr 9, 2016

The Gift of nothing

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Good morning Father! How can nothing be a gift? You say something, the other person responds. You do something the other person responds. You give the other person responds. There in is the problem. We have chained ourselves to to each others behavior. Nothing is , and can be a great gift, not only to the receiver but to the giver as well. Do something by doing nothing. Love God!

Apr 8, 2016

Smart Changes

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Good morning Father! Last night I posted on Facebook that today's blog could be life changing, I am  ready.  Are you ready?Are you smart enough? Do you have the passion for change? Change is in and of itself is not achievable by how smart you are, if your ready, or if you have the passion. Change comes from My Spirit. Love, peace, grace mercy, and abundance comes thru me.  If you desire these things, simply talk to me, get to know me, have faith in me ,and I will provide all of these things in abundance. Love God!

Apr 7, 2016

Thinking Thursday

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Good morning Father! How do we shut the bad thoughts down? Is it possible for water to fly, can a tree drive a car, can a duck bark/ Absolutely not. No more than you can stop all of your wrong thinking.Why, because you have wrong thoughts, but they do not belong to you, they are of the flesh. What you can do is not act on them,and replace them with the truth. It's a battle, but you must fight it with the truth. Love God!

Apr 6, 2016

Why Do We have Trials

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Good morning Father! Why do we have trials? Yoko Ono was married to John Lennon. While John had lots of musical talent, Yoko Had none.You live in the world but you are not of the world. The world delivers worldly things, I deliver heavenly things. Come to me to soften the worldly things , and I will give you rest. Come to me with all things. Anything you save for yourself will be worldly, and you will have trials from them. Love God!

Apr 5, 2016

The World has stopped

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Good morning Father! The world has stopped, what does this mean. Beginning and ending are the same, just different points of reference. You can't start in the end no more than you can end in the beginning.  The stop occurs in the middle if your not moving. Although you have stopped , the world hasn't. Move in order. I am the order you can not move in order without me. Should you have a sign hung around your neck that says, out of order? Call in your order today, I will fill it. Love God!

Apr 4, 2016

Nothing To Say

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Good morning Father!This morning I have nothing to ask, I just want to say good morning, and thank you for all you have done for me and are going to do. Your welcome!Having a relationship with me is easy. If all you have to say is good morning, that works for me.I have a surprise for you tomorrow, Love God!

Apr 3, 2016

Talking To The Dead

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Good morning Father! You hear  of people who talk to the dead, what is that all about? Where do you come up with all of these weird questions? LOL! It seems sometimes, time stands still, while at other times it's speeding by.For some it's like a drive by shooting, they do a drive by life. When life is over it's over for those who are still alive.There are no phones after death, no communications with the dead by the live, no drive by visits. I'll say it again , let the dead take care of the dead. Come to me for eternal life. Love God!

Apr 2, 2016

I Want Do It

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Good morning Father! Why do I do it when I don't want to do it? Bears are my animals, but are to be admired and feared in the wild. Yet you feel a warmth for them. Two things happen, you feel and fear.  Your feelings say lets cuddle , your fear say run! What do you trust, is it fear or feelings? Don't run from your feelings, but acknowledged their there. Do it don't do it, decisions must be made. I am the worth and value, decisions must be made based on truth. I am the truth, and the truth will set you free. Be a freedom fighter. Love God!

Apr 1, 2016

What Do You Really Want

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Good morning Father! What do we really want! Off to the park to play, away we go on vacation, a new car, clothes and the beat goes on. As far from self are things, dreams , and flying machines.Going to any length to get away from self. Playing hide - n seek from self is not what people are really looking for. Everyone needs to get to there core, that's what they really want.They got misguided by the traps of the world. The closer you get to me , the closer you will get to understanding what you really want. Love God!