Feb 29, 2016


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Good morning Father! What can you tell us about Isis? Don't ever fear- fear. Fear is like a stranger who ask for help in the night, you can hear him, but you can't see him clearly. Isis is like that stranger from the dark, you can hear him , but never see him clearly. Remember I operate in the light, evil operates in the dark. Don't trust the stranger of the night, but fear not for I am with you. Love God!

Feb 28, 2016

Women Be Quite

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Good morning Father! Why does it say in the Bible that women should not speak in Church? In the opinion of man that is fact, in my opinion let's talk about it. Silence is more important than chatter. Women are my most beautiful creation, their silence alone should speak their beauty. However I do not require them not to speak, but to radiate their beauty not only through their words but through their hearts. I love to hear from my daughters, and cherish their voices. Listen to what they have to say love God!

Feb 27, 2016

Look At Me

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Good morning Father! Why do we feel  the need to claim credit when the credit is yours? When the farmer looks at the crop he planted he says, look at what I did, isn't it grand! When a child rides his bike for the first time without training wheels he is so proud of himself.  Everyone feels the need to feel good and be recognized. My good is good enough, breath in my goodness, exhale your victory, that will be the only good you need to know. Love God!

Feb 26, 2016


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Good morning Father! The theme of the day, overwhelmed. How can we stop it? Putting milk back into the cow could be overwhelming. Taking back wrong actions can be overwhelming. Needing to be in control and right can be overwhelming. Release the troupes, stop the fight , surrender to the army of fears. Fear not for I am with you always. Love God!

Feb 25, 2016

What To Do And When

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Good morning Father! So many people are asking what to do and when, can you help? Always, You should never look directly into the sun, it will blind you if you stare at it to long .Neither should you stare at work to long, it will blind you from what you're called to do, Go out today and work, do what is in front of you now, love who is in front of you now, there may not be another day. Love God!

Feb 24, 2016


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Good morning Father! Father, what causes turmoil? Put up your dukes! Really? Yes. Okay, now what?  Swing. What happened? Nothing, I just hit air. Swinging at turmoil is like a boxer swinging at air.When you swing at turmoil with turmoil it's exactly like swinging at air, nothing happens but more turmoil. Let me do the swinging, I have a deadly punch. Love God!

Feb 23, 2016

Dry Bones

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Good morning Father! Dry bones? Plenty of less does not equal more. The fault with more is it becomes less, and less breeds the desire for more. Don't jump into the less pool, it only stirs up the flesh. Dry bones are simply dry, they have no value, value does not come from less, less has no value and more creates less. Value comes from acceptance, acceptance breeds satisfaction, satisfaction breeds value. Love God!

Feb 22, 2016


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Good morning Father! A friend ask me to ask you what you think of chemo, can you help? For those who ride a bike a bike is necessary. For those who climb mountains mountaineering tools are necessary. A surgeon needs a scapulae , but all things aren't for all people, just like chemo. I am the healer and all who are sick will be healed but not always as you understand healing.Love God!

Feb 21, 2016

The Chase

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Good morning Father! Chasing? Fear of heights can be very frighting, although it should be the fall you fear.Chasing success is very fearful to most people. It's not succeeding you should fear, but what you do with it. Are you ready for success? Success is a man made illusion with no end. Quit chasing the endless. No me , no success, Know me know success. Love God!

Feb 20, 2016

Fooled Yours

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Good morning Father!  Can you fool yourself? Only if you can count to ten backwards in tongues. In other words no. You can lie to yourself, but in your heart you don't believe it. Follow the lie you follow destruction, follow the truth you reap abundance. Love God

Feb 19, 2016

Got Frustration

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Good morning Father! What causes frustration?Penelope was a kind women who  helped many, but when she needed help no one showed up.  The part of you that feels frustrated is like Penelope. The hopeless part says there is no help, and the frustrated side screams defeat. Come to me with your frustration and I will always provide help. Love God!

Feb 18, 2016

A Special Message

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Good morning Father! This morning I asked God for a special message.Far from the past is the future, and far from the presence is tomorrow. Join with me today for my rest, for that is where you will find peace,wisdom and power. Today you can enter my rest, Fill your heart with my rest today, and you will be amazed! Love God! P.S. Now!

Feb 17, 2016

Stop The World

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Good Morning Father! How do we stop living in the world, and begin living in the light? From the beginning of  time there was dark and light. The darkness was the blind zone where nothing existed. The light is where life began. You must go back to the source, the light. I am the light, seek the light not the world and you will find life. Love God!

Feb 16, 2016

Mind Train

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Good morning Father! It seems we all have a mind train we can't get off of where our thoughts
are the engineer. God what do we do?  Toot toot all aboard, just joking. I have never seen a tree cut down by thinking about it, a house built by thinking about it, or the world changed by thinking about it.A thought is useless without action, and has no power unless you give it power. Don't give in, hold them captive, don't let them hold you captive. Don't let them enter your world. Ride the God train and your thoughts will be safe. Love God!

Feb 15, 2016

Funny Problems

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Good morning Father! Could you share about problems in a funny way. Sure.Let's take a penguin for example, tiny, short legs and ,  hopping around,  swimming, it appears as if their living a life of weeee!  While in fact they're being pursued by voracious predators like polar bears, sharks,whales, and even wolves. You think you have problems? You can live the life of weee and still be free, if weeee do it together. Love God!

Feb 14, 2016

Chasing Happy

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Good morning Father! God, what is happy? Take a line from the song, all you get from love is a love song. All you get from happy is happy and it doesn't last very long. Are you chasing happy or eternal joy. Happy fades away like the day, joy last forever. Joy to the world. Love God!

Feb 13, 2016

Evil Easter Egg

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Good morning Father! Good morning Grady! So you  to know what I think about Easter Eggs, Okay, Take a fly swat and smash a fly.What do you get? A dead fly. Peel an easter egg, and what do you get? A cooked egg, food. There is nothing bad about an egg unless your heart makes it bad. Enjoy the egg, I made It . Love God! 

Feb 12, 2016

The Trip

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Good morning Father! I asked, where is this going? From time to time you sit still, not appearing to go anywhere.rue Not true. You yet excited when you take a vacation with the anticipation of all of the fun you will have, one week maybe two, or more.  Do you realize the journey you are on now could be the greatest trip you have ever been on? Call your travel agent now for your reservation, 1 800 God. Love God!

Feb 11, 2016


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Good morning Father! From time to time there exist a leader who displeases, the expectations of the people.Do you reach your expectations of yourself? If so criticize,if not be quite. Remember I am the king of kings, no man is above me. I am in charge, and have a plan.Except my reign and you will find peace. Love God!

Feb 7, 2016

No - What

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Good morning Father! No what God? Plenty of times you have received things you wanted, only to find out later they were not good for you. My answer is never no, it's always yes.It's yes, I wont give you what you wont because it will harm you.Never see my answers as no, it's always yes in love.I will always provide what is good for you.Trust me with the yes. The no's don't exist. Love God!

Feb 6, 2016

Short Temper

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Good morning Father!  Why do we have such short tempers? Indeed he said,Place yourself in a valley and you see a storm cloud coming. You instantly know if you don't get to higher ground you will drown. Seek me in all things and you want drown in your anger. Love God!