Jan 31, 2016

Leaf Of Peace

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Good morning Father! A gesture of peace -- for every leaf you see and the billions upon billions you don't see, each one represents the peace I have for you. Each one is a hand reaching out to show my love, grace and mercy I have for you, Love God!

Jan 30, 2016

Litter BoxHumor

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Good morning God! Last Friday I asked if we could do more funny post, you said for awhile. Cats are often misunderstood, they seem to be very independent when in fact they are very dependent. People are the same way, they scratch and sniff as if their in a big litter box, but when it comes time to do the deed, they run off leaving a trail behind them. Stop scratching and sniffing, smell the roses. Love God!

Jan 29, 2016


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Good morning Father! From beginning to the end dust has been the beginning of beauty. Foundations begin with a very small particle of dust, " a grain of thought".My thoughts are beauty, when I think it becomes beauty. I thought you into existence, you are beautiful. Love God!

Jan 28, 2016


Image result for pics of a tree falling

Good morning Father! If someone is cutting a tree down you don't stand to close or it may fall on you, and kill you.It's the same with your soul, don't stand to close to the fire or your soul may get burned. In other words, stand near me and you will be safe. Love God!,

Jan 27, 2016

Plank Eye Disease

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Good morning Father! God you say we are perfect in your eyes, how can that be? There are times when things are good and times when things are bad, but through everything my creation has always been perfect. What yo see I don't see, what I see you don't see. If I call you by your name that's who you are. If I call you perfect that's who you are. I call  you perfect. You create the imperfection in your own eyes, allow me to remove the plank. Love God!

Jan 26, 2016


Image result for pics of a mean person

Good morning Father! How do we love people that are difficult to love? First take a deep breath,  How did that feel? Very refreshing.To not love someone is to not love the source.Think of it like this, each breath is the breath of life, and all of my children breathe the same breath. To know me is to  love me, to love me is to know love, then you can't help but love others. Love God!

Jan 25, 2016

Wolves God?

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Good morning Father! Wolves? Have you ever seen a pack of wolves running together? Many times.Did you notice how they sem to be running in the same direction but running randomly at the same time? You see, you can be heading in the same direction as everyone else, but going somewhere different at the same time.I'm your compass. don't follow the pack, follow me or you may get lost.Love God!

Jan 24, 2016

Morning After The Morning

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Good morning Father! Perfection comes in the morning. I asked, what does that mean? There will always be another morning until the end. Today is the morning after the morning. Enjoy the day, it's a gift. Oh, by the way, you're welcome. Love God!

Jan 23, 2016

God Chocolate

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Good morning Father!  Chocolate, interesting. For three years you have desired chocolate, now it's sugar. Without desire life would have no pleasure. What you desire lights your heart. What is the light of your desire? Don't cross your desire with lust. Is your desire chocolate are light? Light uo your day with me, and I will give you a bag of God kisses. Get it, kisses? Love God!

Jan 22, 2016

Dry Cleaners

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Good morning Father! Could you tell us something funny?Often a new Church or religion will pop up with  all of the right answers.They grow and recruit new members, then they attack other Churches. The funny thing is their not sanctioned but they do have a business licence. A little dry sense of humor for a dry cleaning business. Get it? Love God!

Jan 21, 2016


Image result for pics of the spirit of life

Good morning Father! What does obligation mean? It has always been my plan for all of my children to live in the valley of life, not death. Over and over the choice of most has been death, and that breaks my heart. If you chose death you are obligated to it. If you chose life you are obligated to it. I give you the spirit of life. Let that spirit choose for you, and you will live in freedom. Love God!

Jan 20, 2016

Bad Days

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Good morning God! Why do we have bad days!?The days aren't bad.Remember all good things come from me. Therefore, all days are good.What you have is a condition of self-service.Self-service is not a good idea. Come to me for full service, and you will be amazed. Love God!

Jan 19, 2016

Hands Off

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Good morning Father! Why are things so confusing?Taking matters into one's hands causes confusion.Try hands off, God on, see if that makes things clearer Grasshopper. Love God'

Jan 18, 2016

Screams Of Silence

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Good morning Father! The world is screaming for peace, what say you? The screams of silence have been drowned out by noise.No one listens anymore it's all chatter.Scream in silence, listen, be quiet, seek me and you will find peace.I'm not in the noise, but I wait in silence for you to meet me with silence. Love God!

Jan 17, 2016

Birds Follow God

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Good morning Father!Watch the birds as they fly to and fro. They never think of where their going, they just go. They never lack for anything, I provive all of their needs. Sing the song of the birds. Follow the path I have cleared for you, and you will feel the freedom of flight. Love God!

Jan 16, 2016

I Don't Get People

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Good morning Father! Understanding others seems to be a lost art, why is that? Being lost in a Forrest can be a scary thing, the imagination takes off and the mind can make up all sorts of scary monsters. Living in the world is like a Forrest of scary people.. Fear creates an entire army of scary monsters. Know the truth, and the monsters will disappear, and understanding will prevail.. I am the truth, the way, and the light to understanding. Love God!

Jan 15, 2016

Drowning In Desire

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Good morning Father! Why is it that so many people want to be closer to you and serve you, but they feel as if their drowning in desire? Following a desire is dangerous. What is the desire to you? Is it a toy, maybe a need, could it be ego or lack of, is it caused by shame or insecurity? Check your motive out. You don't receive because you ask for the wrong reasons. I am the only reason, and when I become first you will no longer need to ask because your desire will have already been met Love God!

Jan 14, 2016

Who Am I

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Good morning God! I hear many people ask, who am I, can you help? To those with minds like traps of steel, they are of themselves. for those with hearts of humility, they are my children in action. To be my child is to become a perfect creation.Who are you? You are my child and that's enough. Love God!

Jan 13, 2016

Broken Bones

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Good morning Father! Broken Bones? Dreams of pictures of things to come are often confused with things that aren't  real.When you break an arm or leg it hurts, that is real, and there is the pain. Don't follow dreams that are only full of pleasure, there is no reward in pleasure but itself. Broken bones are full of rewards. Come to me and see how broken bones become dreams. Love God!

Jan 12, 2016

Will I Go To Heaven

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Good morning Father! A friend said he questioned if he would go to heaven due to all the bad stuff he had done, can you help?Sure,My love for my children is bigger than anything you could imagine. Have you had to forgive your children for things they've done in their past? Have you forgotten what my son did for you.?Do you believe in him? If so, see you in heaven. Love God!

Jan 11, 2016

Turning Point

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Good morning Father! What does it mean to have a turning point? Take a tissue out of a tissue box and another one will pop up until the box is empty.Once the box is empty you can replace it with a new box.Is your box filled with old and new? Are you holding on to old tissues?Come to me and I will give you a new box and refill. Love God!

Jan 10, 2016

Division And Ketchup

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Good morning Father!Why don't people get along better?The way of the world is like a bottle of ketchup, it is very slow coming out of the container.Freedom comes from surrender not like the ketchup, unwilling to let go of the container. That is the same as the man not willing to let go of the flesh. Division comes from holding onto the flesh.Open the top, pour freely, then you will find peace with others. Love God!  

Jan 9, 2016


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Good morning Father! Why are so many people struggling to hold it together? Since the dawn of time there has been a continued struggle for creation to come together to complete the final plan. Due to sin entering the world that struggle has become a part of man's legacy. My legacy for you is for you to know my Son, except him, know him, and experience your struggles become opportunities, then you will find peace. Love God!

Jan 8, 2016

I refuse to be obedient

Image result for pics of lot's wife turned into salt

I just got off of the phone with a friend, she asked why did lott offer his daughters to the evil men, can you help? Yes, blooms on a flower fall off when the flower is dying. I don't get this at all. People don't die until their time. Ok, I'm truly confused. Lott offered up his daughters when the time was right. This story is a lesson in obedience just like Abraham's obedience to sacrifice his son, just like I sacrificed my Son. Their obedience saved them all thru faith as your's will also. Too much salt will kill you. Obedience comes thru faith, faith commands obedience, and salvation and eternal life is the prize. Love God!

Fear Everything

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Good morning Father! Why are so many people living in fear? I have not come to give you peace, but abundance.When you have lack in your life it's because you choose to live in fear.To live in abundance simply come to me and I will provide a helpmate to teach you how to live in abundance. Then you can watch your fear melt away like a snowball on  a summers day. Love god!

Jan 7, 2016


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Good morning Father! Bling? He said, by the way, I love Christian Rap.Shinny, glitter, bright lights are all things that enhance the appearance on the outside. You can be shining on the surface but dull beneath.You're not a Christmas tree to hang ornaments on to look good.Your beauty is on the inside.Bling down and pray up and your beauty will shine for the world. Love God!

Jan 6, 2016


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Good morning Father! Do you hear the birds singing outside your window? Yes, I do.Do you believe I created him? Yes.Doubt is like the bird outside your window, if you don't hear him you doubt he's there. Doubt comes from not listening. Listen to my quite soothing voice, and your song will change from one of the doubt to one of belief.Even though you don't see me. I am always there. Love God!

Jan 5, 2016


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Good morning Father!Never take for granted a good meal. For all of the time you spend cultivating the things you desire are an expense that go along with the desire.Take for instance all the billions of dollars spent on war.Look at the cost that goes with it. Strawberries are a fine example.They are lush, red, juicy, and nurturing.You're probably asking what's the point.The point is the fruit is free, and it's just that fruit. What is the cost to be a strawberry? It's free just like being my child. Love God!

Jan 4, 2016

How Do We Get More Faith

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Good morning Father! How do we get more faith? It is better to wet the pallet with sand than to wet it with sour water.I don't understand, can you help? Believing in truth is better than trusting in something tainted.Faith is knowing truth, I am the truth. I am not sour water, nor am I sand. Know the truth, see the truth, trust the truth, and experience your faith grow. Love God!