Dec 31, 2016

Why The Bible

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Good morning Father! The gift that keeps on giving.Here's a Christmas card. Here's a new car. Here's a million dollars. Here's a new companion. What do all of these things have in common? They will all go away. Why stress over things that are temporary? You have plenty of time for that, or do you? While your exploding over the implosions of want,, your ticker is running down. Cherish the things that are eternal, you get to keep those to enjoy with me forever. Why the Bible, it keeps giving, never changes it is your guide to true, and lasting joy. Love God!

Why Love God? 

Dec 30, 2016

Carry Me Away

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Good morning Father! Places, events, good times bad times, all add up to a life time. What you see as you go along is a point of reference to a time when you will see a picture like nothing you have ever seen, or could imagine. What gets you to that point, and what carries you there are two different sources. What gets you there is your choice , what carries you there is who you know,  which destination you wind up at is your choice. Who do you know. My name is Jesus, and I would like to get to know you, and carry you to your final destination. Love God!

Dec 29, 2016

One Race One People

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Good morning Father! There seems to be times of total discrimination between those of color! There are also times when discrimination does not exist: that's when the two find a need for each other. Color exist for one simple reason. It is a trade mark of identity. Just like some are tall , some are short, so on. So why do values occur when the topic of race is considered? It's simple. Man has conjured an unequal scale of balance that always leans to self  enhancement. There's only one world, one race, and one people with many faces. Does your face stick out in the crowd?If so pull it in. Love God

Dec 28, 2016

When The Dam Breaks

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Good morning Father! Sometimes it seems as if you can't take anymore. That is a common denominator for all mankind. If you take a glass of water and fill it to the top and keep pouring, it will spill out uncontrollably. That's what happens when you overfill. All of your emotions  get all over everything and make a mess. It does no have to be that way. let me have the overspill, and I will direct it into a place where it no longer makes a mess, but cleans up messes. All you have to do is trust me with the overflow. Love God!

Dec 27, 2016

Gog Heads

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Good morning Father! Yes there is a God, and to add damage to insult there'a a list of gods ad infinitum. You can talk to God, or you can talk to gods. It's your choice. Which do you spend most of your conversations with. The difference between God , and gods is simple. One wants to take the other exist to give. Yes the battle is real between God and gods. It's your choice which side you choose to roll with. Don't be a God demagogue, stand your ground , and don't move. Love God!

Dec 26, 2016

Rocket Man

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Good morning Father! Where there is fire there is smoke. Once you have entered into the plain of change there is a new fellow following you. Actually he's really not new, he's been there all the time. You haven't noticed him because you have felt no need to pay any attention to him because he was so familiar. Yet something triggered you into the need for change. Could it be pain? I think so. While you're trying to get to know this fellow called change, the old fellow is following you around nagging at your very existence. You have to step on the gas to out run the culprit. Well I am the gas, I am the nitro that will give you the  boost that will propel you into a new and wonderful existence. Love God!!

Dec 25, 2016

A New Birth/ Merry Christmas

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Good morning Jesus! Did you know you and me have the same birthday? It's really quite simple. The day I was born you were born into a new life. The old life is gone and all you have to do is believe. There's nothing else you can do. It's the biggest gift you will ever receive, and it's free. No you don't have to be perfect, I've got that covered! Yes you get eternal life. I have a place for you that is way beyond your imagination where you get to spend eternity. It's climate controlled, and the tem is all ways perfect. See you there! Love Jesus 

Dec 24, 2016

Where's The bells Coming From

baby jesus: Nativity scene with Holy Family Illustration

Good morning Father! Can you hear the bells ringing? Where are they coming from? Is it a sleigh, is it the radio, is it a church Bell Tower? The sound your hearing is emanating from the loud birth of baby Jesus. It is a sonic sound of unconditional love, forgiveness , hope , grace , mercy , and peace to all that it bears understanding. The Child Christ the symbol of a mighty Gods love for his Children rings through the universe so loud that even the quasars take pause. Share the birth of Jesus, it was free for you , and is free to share. That will be the biggest blessing you will get for Christmas and all time. Love God, Merry Christmas!

Dec 23, 2016

Cut Your List

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Good morning Father! The list of people on your counter has exceeded it's limit. In other words, chop the list. I don't get it? You have to realize your limits. If you don't know your limits you will overload. Did you think I meant get rid of some of the people you know? Not at all. Add some more, and then some. I'm really confused now. Well it's like this,  know your limits, cut the cost of appropriations of people for adverse reasons. In other words, don't accumulate to build a dynasty. Accumulate to build a family in heaven. Love your neighbor, not the crowd. Love God!

Dec 22, 2016

Cocktails With Christmas

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Good morning Father! Cocktails with Christmas? So you want a drink, it's Christmas eve, and the kids are in bed. Now ask yourself why. Is it because of the stress, the finances, relationships, etc? Well you can take that drink, but guess what, it just took you. It took you from your kids, wife, and the true joy of perseverance that you only find going through the trials. Christmas is not stressing, finances are not stressful, neither are relationships. You create the stress yourself by not persevering with trust that I've  got you. Don't believe the lie, go for the truth, and have a Merry Christmas! Love God!

Dec 21, 2016

Silent Night

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Silent Night - copyright Jeff Raught

There is something intriguing about this song. Legend has it that the organ broke down and they needed something for the service. So a simple piece was written for guitar as a congregational song. Whatever the origins, it’s always been clear to me (even as a child) that it’s not a solo. It feels like a song that everybody is willing to drop their guard for a few moments and sing. Even those who have a lingering, doubting, belief, that this whole Jesus story is true.
Most times the key is way too high and many of us wind up straining for the “Heavenly…Peee ace”. I know that whenever I am asked to play it, I prefer giving a little start and then let the voices take over. It does not need a piano. The story of the song is told in the most powerful way by a group of gathered voices. And in my opinion, untrained ones sing it the best.
Why? Well, all is calm, all is bright. For a few fleeting moments, that is exactly what is happening. There is no overbearing theology or a thrusting damnation of Hell. No, there is simply “calm and bright”. It is something that so many of us long for, if only for a breath.
I have seen many men and women stand on a Christmas Eve with tears streaming down their faces aching for a Silent Night, a Holy Night. And most of them seem to understand what a Holy Night really means, even when they can’t really grasp it But then again, that’s most of us isn’t it?
So this year, when the time comes and the song is in front of you, sing it. Let it come forth for all that you are worth. And know that…your voice…. is much indeed. For a Silent Night….. A Holy Night…is a most intriguing glimpse of how God breathes.

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Whispers Of The Baby

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Good morning Father!  Dreams of a white Christmas have become the inner most entanglement of wishes for the young children. When the snow blows it brings in a special kind of magic in the young at heart. The young at heart are the ones who see the true value of the things that matter most. While whispers of the the baby in the manger capture a small part of the heart, the herald of his birth rings the bells of Christmas in a way that we can't denie. The pleasure of the baby Jesus is your pleasure, the hope of the baby Jesus is your hope, the peace of the baby Jesus is your peace, and the tidings of good will play the tune of the heart. Have a Merry Christmas! Love God!

Dec 20, 2016

Christmasismus/ Santa's New Sleigh

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Good morning Father! Christmasismus, is that what it has become? Are you going through the motions, are you riding santas sleigh without a seatbelt. Be careful , you may fall out. But when you do I will be there to catch you. Augment the next week with quite time , and a dose of thankfulness, and you just might find yourself in the clear for takeoff on the sleigh ride of 
your life. Love God! 

Definition of ismus - hogwash.

Wash your hog it will taste better. Love God!

Dec 19, 2016

The week before Christmas

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Good morning Father! The week before Christmas, and all through the house the family was preparing for another day out. The charge cards we're loaded the mall was  in gear, waiting for families to spend with good cheer. The new years coming the bills must be paid, or the banks will be calling to take you away. Or is it the week before Christmas, and everyones thinking this whole commercial mess really is stinking.. The pleasure of this season is their for you to have , and enjoy with your family . and celebrate the birth of my Son. Enjoy the true blessing of Christmas ,and Glorify his name, and have fun with the rest. Love God!


Dec 18, 2016

New Glasses

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Good morning Father. Without concern for others you have a condition that displays your future, and is realization of a life due to fail. Pleasing yourself is criminal. There's enough of everything to go around in this world. Why are you jealous? It's because you haven't read the ending of the book. You will join the rest in one or two ways. In the pit, or the sanctity of eternal life with me. There's no other option. Don't fool yourself into believing just because your a nice person you will finish the race. Try on a new pair of glasses, and remain in the view I have provided for you. Love God!

Dec 17, 2016

I'm Not Thankful

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Good morning Father! So, your young , and foolish, or are you old and confused, or are you, just? Just is a place most people land, and then wind up nesting while on their earthly stay. The turmoil that grows inside is usually caused by a degree of an overdevelopment of just, and an underdevelopment of cause. You put together the two and you have, "just cause". When the two commingle they create a vacuum of displeasure that is driven by dissatisfaction. Never being satisfied is a virus of fatal proportions. The cure is being thankful. Try it, you might be surprised. Love God!

Dec 16, 2016

Go Tell (It) on The Mountain

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Good morning Father! Go tell it on the mountain. Tell what?It's pretty simple. Tell it! What is it? It is what you want to tell. What if I don't know what it is? Then you need to find out. Where do I find out? Maybe the mountain. How will I know when I get to this mountain. Someone should be there telling it. How will I know who that someone is? It should be you. I don't get it? It's simple just say Jesus Christ is Lord. Love God!

Aura What Color Is Yours

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Good morning Father!  A friend asked if it is a spiritual gift to see colors emanate from humans or living things, can you help? Sure. For a moment pause and think about what you just asked. Do you see aura"s, if so ask yourself what purpose they serve. Is there any use for others that can improve there lives. Can it be confluent to your walk or theirs? If you are seeing these auras do they add any value to the cross? By seeing them does your relationship with me grow? What do others think when you tell them you see these auras. Does it help your credibility or harm it. You have the answer to this question inside you. Seek the truth, not the emotion. Love God!

Dec 15, 2016

Christmas Lure

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Good morning Father! Well the turkey is in the oven , the tea is boiling on the stove. The tree is up, the kids are excited , and the presents are wrapped, and Santa has his sleigh loaded and ready for take off. There;s a little baby laying in a manger in a barn wrapped up in a bunch of rags, with a smell from the animals that would knock you out. It seems like the Mom and Dad are all alone , and are overtaken with the event. You have to wander whats going on in their head. You have two scenarios, One really sounds like fun, and the other sounds grueling. As you think about this, think about this, one appears to be, by the worlds standards, a nightmare, the other appears to be a party. Which one would you put more value on, which one are you most focused on this time of the year. What if there was no baby in the manger, Would there be a Christmas? Think about it. Love God!

Dec 14, 2016

As My Dog Goes Blind/ Jeff Raught

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Jeff Raught
As my dog goes blind, I'm learning and he is leaning. Henry, our dear dog of 15 years is slowly losing his sight. The cataracts are narrowing his field of vision and helping to expand my own.  I took him for a walk today and went out in the field. He was fine as long as he was on the leash. As soon as I unhooked it, he would stop and be unwilling to move forward. He would look at me as if to say.....hook it back up, that way I'll know where you are. It's the unfamiliar landscape that is a problem. The kitchen table and chairs generally stay in the same place,but a pair of human shoes left on the floor....well they weren't there yesterday....and make him stumble.  Henry needs you to get closer for recognition. And if you stay outside of the 3 foot circle.... (or whatever it is in dog feet)...he takes longer to know who you are.  I am learning a great deal from this short dear friend of mine. That trust is more about moving closer. He can't always see you, but if you get close enough, there is that wag of relief in the shape of a dog's tail that says, "Thanks for coming toward me so I could see who you are". There is much for us to learn about each other in that. Henry is 15. He has been with us for more than a quarter of my life. I would be foolish to not pay attention to this change he is experiencing. I am now his eyes. I am a seeing eye man for my dog. And I hope to help him navigate these days as he has always done for me, in his own Maltesian way. As my dog goes blind, it's amazing what he is helping me to see.

The Path

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Good morning Father! Here's one for you.A man was climbing a hill, and he began to get tired. However he kept climbing and climbing until he could finally see the top. As he got closer he then realized he was climbing the wrong hill. You see at the top of the hill he had intended to climb was a very special gift he had hidden away there when he was a child. This gift was for a little girl in his class he had fallen for . The reason he was going to retrieve the gift was he had found out she had lost her mother, and he was wanting to cheer her up. As he began to descend the hill he noticed a path that appeared to be leading to the hill he had intended to climb. Although he had made a bad choice , he found there was another way to go to reach his destination. You see, you may climb the wrong hill from time to time, but I always have another path for you to take. My path is a narrow, path but it will always get you to the right destination. Love God!

Dec 13, 2016

Straight Between The Lines

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Good morning Father! Straight Between The Lines? There's a curve in the road, and your approaching it driving at 65 miles an hour. You have three options, you can hit your breaks, and hope you make the turn, slow down or crash into a tree. Which one do you choose? I think there's one other thing that could happen, you could run out of gas. The whole point of this exercise is to stay between the lines.It's a narrow road, but you must stay between the lines. It doesn't matter which option you choose as long as you stay between the lines. But what if your on the wrong road? Then what are your options. In both scenarios it is always best to rely on the driver. I hope you know you are the passenger, I Am the driver. Love God! 

Dec 12, 2016

Guilt Shame Glass

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Good morning Father! Meaning to do something and not doing it gives no value to the thought unless you can take it up. Or take it down. While up and down are only directions, action is sitting on the edge wanting to move. I don't get this God. Okay then, what do you get? Is it the up, the down or the action? So take away the up, the down , and the action, is that better. No that leaves me with nothing. Now you get it. You see, I Have given you all of these things for a purpose. If your stagnant you will never understand your purpose, nor will you get the value of direction and action. Take action, do something, but always follow the direction based on Love. Then you will have a perfectly guided compass that always sits on love, and with that you can't be misguided. Love God!

Moral of this blog. Do you only trust God with what makes sense to you. If so your only trusting yourself.

Dec 11, 2016

Our Fathers Vinyard The Story Never Told

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A few years ago my wife was diagnosed with liver cancer and was giving 6 months to a year to live. Well God had other plans.  So one day I went out to my garden on our farm, which I fondly called the garden of weeden because it seemed all I grew was weeds. So I pleaded with God to give her to me a little longer and I would try to serve him. He did and she lived Nine in a half years with Liver cancer before she finally succumbed to the cancer. She went the alternative route, no chemo. So I went with her on one of her many trips to learn how to live the alternative holistic way.

Boy did God show out. On one of our trips I met a black lady named Ora Cooper who was dying of esophageal cancer. I feel in love with Ora, and at that time I was so drawn to her , and didn't know why. One day my wife and the rest of the crew went out on an outing. I stayed behind with Ora. She couldn't take the trip because she was to sick. She said to me, Grady I know your a songwriter could you write me a Christian song. I told her I new nothing about Christian music. She replied, I have this book called Our Fathers Vineyard would you look at it and give it a try. I agreed having no idea what to do.

So I took the book back to my room laid it on the bed, picked up the guitar and began to play this new song from the first note to the last as if I had been playing it all of my life. Five minutes later I played it for Ora, she cried profusely , and then asked me if I would play it at her funeral. I agreed.

A few months later I got a call from Ora's family and they told me Ora had asked them to call me and see if I would play the song at her funeral. So my wife and I went to Jackson Tn, and I played the song.

Two years later I picked the song up and played it, Then I realized what had happened. The reason I fell in Love with Ora was I saw the face of God shining in her. The song was a gift. I knew nothing at the time about what I was writing about. 

The point of this blog is to let your light shine, it can change lives' and God is alive!

Click on the link below to hear this God Given song.