Nov 30, 2015

Sinner Isle One

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God said once upon a time there was this little child he was shopping with his mother and got lost, he wandered thru the store in fear, crying, feeling hopeless, but he never gave up on looking for her. Finally,  she showed up, and all was well.I'm in the same isle with you. Do not fear, for I am always with you, even when you think I'm not. Sinner - clean up isle 7! Love God!


Today's word, "Drain"
God saidAll things must go somewhere, solid, liquid,good and bad.Where it lands and what it does is up to you.If your heart is right it will do good things, if bad , bad things.Come to me to find the way your things should go. Don't reach for the draino,reach for me to clear the clog.

Nov 29, 2015

Big Bang Theory

God spoke to me saying "bang" Now I'm intrigued. Have you ever heard the sound of  a jet break the sound barrier. Yes, and I recall it rattling the windows of the house. He said I want the bang of my word to resonate so loud in your heart that it rattles your soul, it will if you ask. That's my big bang theory. Love God!

Nov 28, 2015

Unsure Where God Is?

Good morning Father! I asked why are we so unsure that you are really here to help us especially in the rough times? God said to me pain is a motivator as well as a de- motivator. It can make you move or bring you to a stop.It's part of the human condition. You make the decision of whether you want to stop or go. Look to me for the light, it never stops, sometimes yellow, but always followed by a green.When I say go I will go with you. Love God!

Nov 27, 2015


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God said have you ever seen a blimp floating in the air as if is was suspended on it's on strength. I replied yes but you can always hear the distant sound of the engine, keeping it afloat. He said that's the way your life appears, it looks as though you are propelling thru life on your on power.I'm the faint engine you hear as a wispher in the back of your mind.. Just like the blimp , if you turn off the engine you will crash.. Listen for the hum, you will be amazed. Love God!

Nov 26, 2015

What Does Thanksgiving Mean

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What Does Thanksgiving Mean

Good morning Father, what does thanksgiving mean? The prettiest thing to see is a baby being born. Falling from heaven is a scent of love with an aroma that can only be described as breath giving.Friendships, family, gifts of time, sharing when you have nothing or when you have everything. Seeing your enemies being blessed, being tolerant,compassionate, showing grace and mercy. But the biggest thanksgiving of all was my Son on the Cross.Happy Thanksgiving! Love God!

Nov 25, 2015


Here we go again! Stuntman? When you watch action packed movies, most of the time it's the stuntman doing most of the dangerous stuff. In life it's all up to you, you have no stunt double. However I am always there for the cliff hangers, and I have given you more takes than you could ever imagine. Follow my script you just may when an Oscar. Love God!

Nov 24, 2015



Okay God, I'll bite, what do you mean by foretold? He said to me, Once there was a place where there was nothing, and in that nothing I was there. Now there is a place called earth, and I am here.There are good times and bad times and I am there.There are times you recognize me and times you don't. I am still there. There are times when you think I am nowhere to be found , but I am still there.Be still, listen and look no matter the circumstances, and you will find me because I am always there and here. Love God!

Nov 23, 2015

D day

It’s eleven am and Susan has finally put the little tikes down for a nap.  Finally, she has a moment to sit down, have a glass of wine, and breath.To her surprise, Ben walks thru the door. He’s never home this time of day, Ben looks at her with a very serious look, and says, it’s a little early for wine isn’t it? She replies I needed a break and the wine helps me relax. Ben looks at her with a second glance and thinks to himself, she looks a little too relaxed.We need to talk, he says with a very somber serious voice.


God said to me, how come you spend so much of your time with concerns of the world. I said, I guess it's because I still feel an obligation to make things happen, He answered,Oh I see,your taking over my job. I try not to, but it seems I can't help myself.He said in a loving way, I know, just do your best and someday you will realize how little you have done, and the magnitude of how much I have facilitated your needs. He then jokingly said, keep on trucking, love God!

Nov 22, 2015

Crash Test Dummies

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Father, I understand what crash means, but what do you mean? He said to me, falling from the top of a mountain would surly mean death on impact.Falling from heaven has showed what could happen to satan as well as the earth. Falling out of communion and relationship with me will surely make my point. Don't crash and burn, come to me doe healing and cooling off of the soul. Love God!

Nov 21, 2015



Good morning Father! So, why the word template? He said, everything has a shape or form; some round, some square, straight, curved,ect. If you damage the the shape or the form the value is lessened. Your life has an intended shape. Come to me to keep it in it's intended form for maximum use. Love God! 

Nov 20, 2015

Play Dolls

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God said to me play dolls are lots of fun, not only for little girls but for boys as well. They can manipulate them to do anything and say anything they so desire. It's as if adults have taken that practice into their adult life.To their disappointment life does not work that way.You are not my play dolls, you are my children, whom have the choice to do as you choose.Choose me , and become as little children. Love God! 

Nov 19, 2015

No Hope Left

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I was speaking with a friend last night and she was telling me of a friend of her's that was ready to give up all hope.What should we tell someone in that place?Give them a hug, tell them how close by I am. That's a real good start, and I will take it from there. Love God!

Nov 18, 2015

Saw Handles

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Saw handles, you've got to be kidding? You've got me on this one God. He said, try sawing a piece of wood without using a saw handle, not only is it virtually impossible, it will be extremely painful. That's like trying to walk through life without me. Let me be your saw handle love God! 

Nov 17, 2015



Ok God, you've got me on this one.He said to me, if you were to put your feet in a tub of hot boiling water,you would surely jerk them out quickly, but not without consequences. It's the same with life, but you leave your soul in the boil for to long, without pulling it out.Don't fight the heat, come to me and enjoy the cool refreshing of the soul. Love God!

Nov 16, 2015

Borrowed Time

Father, what does this mean? God said to me,borrowed time is like going fishing without a hook, bait , or pole. Chances are you want catch anything. I said, I don't know what you mean. He said to me follow your heart , there is no borrowed time in your heart.All things heart have been decided, even before you where created.Don't play with time, it's not borrowed, or changed, it's just there. Don't fear it , embrace it , and you will be amazed. Love God!

Nov 14, 2015

What Do We Do About The Muslims

Good morning Father! Over 150 people killed in Paris by Muslim terrorist, what do we do?Feel free to do what's necessary. What doe that mean? It means follow your heart. But that could be terrible, because there"s so much hate in the world for them now.If hate is in your heart, you will get what hate breeds. I hate what they did and it's not going to stop until they're stopped. So what do we do? Whatever it takes, however it can not be done with an attitude of revenge, but an attitude of resolve.Gird yourselves up, stand strong, pray, and wait to hear an answer from me, not revenge. Be strong, not a doormat.Love God!

Nov 13, 2015

Once Again

Good morning Father! Between often and not there is a space of unfettered messes. In order to fetter these unconnected messes there must be something to tie it all together, Could it be a rope,duct tape, superglue .?"I say not". God said , I am the tether TO HOLD IT ALL TOGETHER. Hold on to me with all you've got" I will tie the in between together. Love God!

Nov 12, 2015

Cause And Effect

Cause And Effect

I'm not sure what this means, can you help?God said,from the dawn of mankind there has always been a result for every action.Does your action have any value; what is the action?Does it help anyone else, if not the cause is empty,and the value is empty , except for being self serving." that it is not from me, it's only empty words with an intrinsic value of nothingness. Don't be deceived by your selfish ego,, actionless propaganda, and self driven ego.Trust me with the value, you will be amazed.It's not about you, it's about serving your brother.Trust me and you will be amazed!

Nov 11, 2015

Measure Of A Man

Good morning Father! What does iy mean to be a man? How close is the Sun? I'm not sure, but I  know it's millions of miles away.  Yes it is, but,  you can't stare into it directly very long without it blinding you. A real man should be like the sun in many ways. He should provide positive energy to everyone around him, yet if wrong stares at him it will have to stop because he is so grounded in who he is. Knowing who he is is tantamount, in being who he is. He is my child, knowing that will give him his identity as a man, and then and only then he can become a man. Love God! 

Nov 10, 2015

Finders Keeepers

Good morning Father! I  have know idea what this means. What if I was to tell you, to take every dime you have and give it away? I would probably say no. Why? Because I would then not have enough money to pay my bills and live. So , you don't completely trust me? Well , if I knew it was you I might give it all away, but probably not, so I guess the answer would be no. Don't worry, no one completely trust me. Be honest with how much you trust, and more faith will be given as you trust more. Love God!

Nov 9, 2015

Kick Off

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Good morning Father! " Kick Off". There are times when only a swift kick in the but will get people going. There are times when your pumped and ready to run with the ball. Get the gusto and do it. I don't understand, how do you get the gusto? Place a set of golf clubs in the trunk of your car, go to the golf course don't take them out, then tea off without clubs. That's ridiculous, nothing will happen. My point exactly. You must always do something in order for something to happen. On those days when you have no gusto, do something. As much as I would like to help, if you don't do something, nothing will always happen.Want gusto? Do something, I will provide the fire. Love God!

Nov 7, 2015

Slippery Slopes

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Good morning Father,What does this mean? When a lion returns to her den and the cubs aren't there she immediately panics, and goes searching for them, She is looking to return them to safety, and protect them at any cost. These are her babies. You are my babies,when you leave my safety and venture into the unknown , I want to protect you with the same desire.Slippery slopes will not only hurt you but can kill you eternally. Return to the den, I have a safe place for you. Love God! 

Nov 6, 2015

I can't give it to God

Good morning God! One of the hardest things I've found to do is give everything to you, how do I do that? Fortune tellers are often viewed as has having power to predict the future,physics are believed to have the powers to talk to the dead and change your life, then there's weegee boards, and crystals, and so forth.Everyone is looking for a fix, something to create better circumstances.My solution for everyone is to learn to trust by trusting.Trust me with the little things, and keep going,As you do that you will learn to trust me with the bigger things, then with everything. Once you have reached that point you will love to give me all things ,because you will know how much I love you. Love God! 

Nov 5, 2015

Stop Playing Games


Good morning Father! Stop playing games? Yes, but no! What? When is the last time you played hide- n - seek, kick the can, played in the rain, or just played? I can't remember. Play a little, have some fun, find that little kid in you, he may save your life. What do you mean? There's a very special innocence about a child that allows them to trust that adults loose as a result of life, that robs them of the ability to trust me. Seek that innocence, hold on to it, then trust be with the trust of a child , you will be amazed! Love God!

Nov 4, 2015

Home Alone


Home Alone

Good morning Father! I was talking with my good friend Joe last night, and we were talking about how people don't get together like they use to, and do stuff; why is that? Timber the trees are falling, run for your life. That is the attitude of the world, it's as if  you don't do all of the things the world has to offer right now, the world will fall down on you, and cripple you. The play should go like this, breath, live, slow down, and enjoy the family I have given you. Don't worry about the trees crashing, I am the Paul Bunion of the forest, I control where the trees land. love God!