Jan 21, 2015

Hard Stuff

I said, “God, at times life comes with some tough decisions that don't feel good. How do we handle this?” He said, “Life is like a beach ball; you throw it back and forth; sometimes you catch it and sometimes you drop it, and sometimes it doesn't come your way.”  
He explained, “The answer is, you can’t turn away when the ball is being thrown in your direction. You catch it and throw it back. When it's not your turn, you wait until it comes your way again.”

“You must always face the ball to catch it every time, or you will drop it and it will get all sandy!”

Jan 8, 2015

Lip Sync

Lip Sync

God said to me, “If you take a dime and flip it up in the air, when it lands it will either be heads or tails. There is no distinction between what is on the edge of a dime." He said, "From the east to the west, there is a lot of space. When you talk, there is a separation of words. Are your actions matching up with your words, or are you lip syncing?Synchronization of your words and actions is a must in order to match your heart with your spirit."

"Call me for a Lip Sync report!”