May 31, 2014


This morning I reflected and asked God, “Restless seems to be the theme of the day. Father, why is that?”  God said, “Ok, if you take an Army tank and drive it into a wall, it would devastate the wall. If you take a thousand vitamins at once you wouldn't feel better, but would get sick and possibly die.”  He explained, “Restlessness is caused by a desire born out of the need to have more and not be satisfied with what you have. It leads to an attempt at pile driving through life and taking in more than you can digest.”

“Don’t be a tank!  Take in only what you need for the day;
Be satisfied with that and your restlessness will turn into rest.”

May 30, 2014

False Gods

False Gods
I asked our Father, “What do you mean by false Gods?”  He replied, “From the towers of wall street, to the ditches of the underworld and everything in between there is a collage of priorities. There is only one way to determine for yourself, you must put yourself through the acid test and ask, ‘what is my first love in my life?’ Only you can achieve this answer and only for yourself and no one else. I can tell you one thing that might help; there should be no other Gods before me!”

“Search your heart; the answer lies within!”

May 29, 2014

I don't Like God

I Don’t Like God!
This morning I responded to something God prompted, “Ok God!  You gave me this title and I really did not want to answer, but you wouldn't let it go.  So, what is this about?”  He replied, “At times in this world there are children playing and children starving all at the same time on planet earth. There are sunny days and days of devastating weather. It’s very hard to grasp how I can be a loving God and allow all this turmoil to happen with a finite mind thinking in the visible.”  God explained, “Remember I live in the invisible. My Son’s sacrifice is a testimony to how much I love all my children. There are things you can’t understand now.  But, if you get to know my Son and his teachings, you will be able to transcend the understanding into a new peace.  Hope and trust that all things are working together for the best of all to complete the canvas I have painted for you.”

“Trust in the love of the invisible, not in what you see and you will be amazed!”  

May 28, 2014

Unanswered Prayers

Unanswered Prayers

I said to God this morning, “I know many people who pray and pray for specific things and their prayers never get answered.  Some pray for finance, health, relationships, and a myriad of other things. I just don’t understand, can you help?”  He replied. “Of course. There is no need to count on life and it’s unfulfilled needs to gauge, if prayers are answered or not.”  I asked, “What do you mean?”  He explained, “Well, lets take finance for example.  First of all, I am not a bank or slot machine. This is a trust issue. I do not provide everything you want, because most wants are based on worldly desires.  However, I do and will always provide you with everything you need. The misunderstanding on unanswered prayers is that I am not a lottery. I am your father and believe me, Father does know what is best!

“Give me your trust in all things and I will provide for all things you need and better than you could ever planned for yourself!”

May 23, 2014



Really God, lipstick? He said does that alarm you? I said no ,I guess I just can’t see where this is going. He answered me an said, so you're saying you can’t see where I am going with this? Pretty much I replied. He then said that was the response I was looking for. You see there are always those who feel the need to know what I have planned for them, as if they somehow have to sign off on it and give their approval. You see, that is simply lack of trust in me and the proverbial playing God syndrome. 

You see, I am God, I have the best plan for you. trust that and you will be amazed!

May 21, 2014

Faith Doubt

Faith Doubt

I asked our Father, “You say we only need the faith of a mustard seed.  You also say we must not doubt, or we are double minded.  I don’t get it?”  He replied, “Retrieving ones thoughts from himself is impossible, but relieving your pain is up to me.”  I said, “I don’t get it.” He explained, “There is no way to understand when you truly doubt, or if it is the flesh talking (without my help). Don’t let the mind fool the heart. I know your heart better than you do.”

“Feel the freedom that comes from trusting me with your doubts. Then,I can heal your heart!”

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May 20, 2014

Where Do Babies Come From

Where Do Babies Come From?

I said to God, “This is too funny. Is it you I’m hearing from?”  He replied, “Yes. There seems to be mass confusion on where things come from, as well as, where they go.  So, let me clear things up. Everything comes from me and returns there eventually. There is no need to question the who or the why. I am the Who and the Why!  

“Give me your chances. I will make changes, and the changes will make new chances.

I think you know where babies come from, don’t blow your chances!”

May 19, 2014

Why Do Ants Have Beds

Why Do Ants Have Beds?

“Here we go again.” I said to God. “Father I’m finding the questions you're giving me lately very interesting. I can’t wait to see where this one goes.” He said, “Good! You’re beginning to trust me more.”  He then asked, “Have you ever noticed how busy ants are and how they scurry around seeking to bring food for their queen?”  I replied, “Yes I have.”  He said, “They live to provide for their queen and that’s all that matters to them.  Nothing more, nothing less, and at the end of the day, what to they have?”  I answered, “Nothing, I guess. I assume they have to start anew everyday.”  He said, “That’s right, they work for nothing.”  God then asked, “Who is your queen?”

“Are you bringing home the bacon, only to find out that it’s spoiled?  Come to me!  Be a part of my economy.  Trust me with the bacon, and you will never lack for anything!”

May 18, 2014

Confessions Of he Soul

Confessions Of The Soul

I asked God, “Should you confess something to someone, if it harms them?”  He asked me, “If you were to take an egg and drop it off a ten story building, what do you think would happen?”  I replied, “Obviously it would break into many pieces.” He explained, “It’s the same with people.  Confessing to someone who is not strong enough to handle the impact, will shatter them just like the egg.  Knowing the person you're confessing too is key. Of what value is a shattered egg?”

“Don't be impatient by peeling the egg before it’s done,
it will be much better when it’s ready to eat.”

May 17, 2014



“Timber?”  I asked God.  “Here we go again. I don’t know where this is going at all.”  
He replied, “Falling in a majestic way can happen, if you get too high up the tree. The higher up the tree you get, the harder you fall. Climb to the top, the world says. I say, hangout at the bottom and you won’t hurt yourself when you fall, and you will fall. Let me take you to the height I’ve chosen for you. Everyone has a designated limb on which to hang out.“

“Remember this, I choose the limb. I’m the designator.
Climb with me and I will take you to the top!”

May 16, 2014



God said to me,  “After receiving a large sum of money this man found himself in a homeless shelter.”  I asked “What happened?”  God replied, “He received the money and decided he no longer needed me.”  I asked, “What happened to all of the money?”  He answered, “He blew it on his selfish desires and found himself penniless once again. You see, money is OK when used properly.  But, if you think money is the end to all, you are sadly mistaken. Money can be a powerful tool for good or a awful weapon for evil.”

“Depend on me for your needs to be met in full, not your money.”

May 15, 2014



God said this morning, “Have you ever wondered why a stalk of corn always reaches up to the sky?” I answered, “Not really, but I guess it’s because you created it that way.”  
He explained, “ All things are created with a purpose and design. A stalk of corn can’t grow sideways anymore than a fish can swim in a sandbox. All of my children were created with a design and a purpose. In order to be happy and fulfilled you must live out your purpose. If you don’t know your purpose, get to know me.”

“Spend time with me and I will reveal your purpose. Call for the calling and I will answer!“

May 14, 2014

Need A Car

Need a Car?

God said to me this morning, “Lets pretend you have an urgent need to replace a valuable asset, like a car and you have no money. How do you feel?”  I replied, “Hopeless.”
He said, “That’s exactly how most people would feel. If you were to take a survey, you would find Christians and Non-Christians all feel pretty much the same way. My point is there should be a difference; when you learn to trust me, the lack no longer becomes the issue even though visibly it should. You see I operate in the invisible.  The spiritual realm, not in the worldly places.”

“Come join me in the invisible and all your needs will be met.”

May 13, 2014

Soap Box

Soap Box

“Soap Box?”, I asked.   God replied, “Dirty laundry needs soap in order to get the dirt out. Causation of infallibility needs a paradigm change to realize there is no such thing as infallibility.  What if you were to sprinkle mud all over white carpet, how would you get the mud out?”  I answered, “It would take a lots of scrubbing. “  God said, “So don’t sprinkle the mud and you won’t have to work too hard.”

“Stop before you start and the cleaning process will be easier.
Come to me with your dirty laundry and we will clean it up.”

May 11, 2014



Another word from God this morning: Tears.  I said, “Very interesting God. What does this mean?”  He answered, “Falling angels, faraway places, and most importantly, children. Do you know I have many places I put tears?”  I answered, “No, and what do you mean my many places?”  He replied, “As far as the eye can see, as far as the imagination can run and as close as the tear can fall, there I am. Tears fall like rain drops; they have a destination. In time they will land in their spot and serve their purpose. There are happy and sad tears.”

“I am the bucket that catches all your tears.
I blend them all together to create one big tear of love and a soft place for you to land!”

May 10, 2014



Ok, this should be good; God gave me a word this morning.  I asked Him, “Why slingshot?”
God said, “There are times you feel as if you are not going anywhere and you are stuck in the doldrums of life. This is a common feeling among all of my children. Why would you want to go any other place rather than where you are now?”   I replied, “That’s an odd question, but I guess it’s one of two things for me;  Either boredom, or I’m unhappy where I am and want something better.”  He suggested, “If you take the time to evaluate where you are and seek the truth you will realize you are there for a reason. No matter where you are, trust I am in control and have a place for you beyond your belief.”
“Be thankful for where you are and be excited for where you’re going.
I am your slingshot into the future!”

May 9, 2014



“God, why is it we snap back at people when they offend us?”, I asked.
He said, “Grady, it’s because you feel threatened and you feel the need to protect yourself.”  
I exclaimed, “Wow! This is the first time you responded using my name, cool!”  
He replied, “ I responded with your name because I know you struggle with this and my answer is to help you and people like you. The need to snap back comes from an underlying need to succeed and the feelings that this attack could interfere with your success and past things that you have done that you are not proud of. All of my children deal with this to some extent. The remedy is not to give your power to anyone else.”
“Not only trust me with your future, but believe I have forgiven you
for your past mistakes. I have you covered!”

May 4, 2014

I'm Thirsty

I’m Thirsty

I asked, “Father, what do we do to prevent going back to our old way of thinking?”
He said, “Play the lottery.”
“What?” I asked.
He answered, “Shoot the target. Go to a movie. Fill your life with all the things you like to do. I know you're getting thirsty - right? What do you value most? Is it satisfying your worldly needs. or your heavenly desires? Go to the well to drink.”

“I am the well, fill yourself with the water I offer and the old things will go away.”

May 3, 2014

How Do We Trust You

How Do We Trust You?

I asked God, “How do we trust You in all things?”  He suggested, “Try smoking a cigarette without lighting it.”  I replied, “That’s impossible.”  “Yes it is.”, He said; “The same goes for Me. You can’t learn to trust Me without experiencing My love. Once you have seen My true love you will begin to trust Me more and more. Remember My love is the only perfect thing you will ever know.”

“Don’t work toward perfection, work toward My Love!”

May 2, 2014

How Do We Trust You

How Do We Trust You?
I asked God, “How do we trust You in all things?”  He suggested, “Try smoking a cigarette without lighting it.”  I replied, “That’s impossible.”  “Yes it is.”, He said; “The same goes for Me. You can’t learn to trust Me without experiencing My love. Once you have seen My true love you will begin to trust Me more and more. Remember My love is the only perfect thing you will ever know.”
“Don’t work toward perfection, work toward My Love!”

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