Apr 29, 2014

Can We Stop Sinning

Can We Stop Sinning

I asked God, “How do we stop sinning?”  He said, “Stop breathing!”  I replied, “I think I get it.” He explained, “Don’t focus so much on whether you're going to sin, but focus on what you do after you have sinned.  All My children sin everyday, and I still love them just as much as ever. Play with your heart, not your head.  

“Live in grace, mercy and love, not the law and fear.  Do that and you will be amazed!”

Apr 28, 2014

Pleasing God

Pleasing God

I asked God, “How can we please you?”  He said, “Try sitting on a nail.”  I exclaimed, “Yikes, that would hurt!”  He said, “You pleased me from the day I created you.”  Then I asked, “ So, what’s the big deal about sinning?”  He explained, “Sinning is not about pleasing Me, it’s about harming yourself. You see, I love you so much that when I see you sin it pains My heart. It displeases Me to see you hurt, but it does not make Me displeased with you.”

“Believe that My Love for you is endless and that there is no limits on My Love!”

Apr 24, 2014



I asked God, “Why is music so important to you?”  He exclaimed, “When there is calm you feel; when there is noise you hear it.”  I said, “I don’t follow”  He answered, “If you were to take a thousand Angels and put them in a room it would be amazing. But, nothing compares to the sound of my children singing to me from their hearts!”

“When you feel the calm, sing to me; when you hear the noise, sing to me; when you feel the pain, sing to me; when you're happy, sing to


Apr 23, 2014

How Long Must We Wait

How Long Must We  Wait

This morning was one of those mornings where I did not have a question. I said to God, “So, here’s what I got.... How long should we wait?”  His reply was, “As long as it takes.”  I asked, “As long as it takes for what?”  He said, “Plenty of times you get caught in things that cause you unnecessary trouble. More times than not, you rushed into a decision based on your needs.”  He expounded, “Here’s the kicker, when your desires transcend your needs then, and only then, your needs will truly be met. In other words when your wants are for other’s need, your own real needs will always be met.”

“Fill your world with hope for needs to met for others!”

Apr 22, 2014

Wish List

Wish List

I asked the Lord,  “It seems everyone has a wish list. Why is that?” He replied,  “Don’t count them down.”  I asked, “What do you mean?”  He answered, “Even with all of the fuss in the world about the idea of  ‘wanting things’ being considered good or bad, it’s really OK to have a wish list.”  He explained, “You see, we all have wish list. Yes, even me! I wish you would all love one another and get to know my Son. Wishes are noble as long as they aren’t rulers of your life.”

“Come to me with your wishes and desires.  I want to know you and your heart!”

Apr 21, 2014

Why Are There Atheist

Why are there Atheists?

I asked God, “Why don’t some people have a belief in any higher power?”  God returned a questions for me, “If there was a chain in the middle of the desert and it was attached only to the sand, would it be of any value?”  I replied, “Not that I can see.”  He  asked,  “If you were to place an egg on the hot pavement, would it be good for anything?  I replied, “No.”   He explained, “Then, neither is there value in nothing. Believing in nothing is empty. To believe in nothing is like riding a bike with no wheels.”  He explained, “Believing in nothing means you only believe in yourself. Having no value is emptiness.”

“Place your belief in me, and you will realize your value!”
Why are there Atheists?


Apr 20, 2014

What;s God's Cell Number

What Is God’s Cell Number

“So God... how could a person reach you?”  God replied, “If you take out a map of the world  and go to latitude 7777 longitude 777777, you will find me.”   I laughed, “Funny God... I’m serious.”  He said, “Don’t look for me; I’m already here! There is no secret formula to reach me; there is no monthly plan. All you have to do is ask.”

“I’m open 24 hrs a day throughout time. Be alone with me; I will listen and I always reply

Apr 19, 2014



I asked God, “I know people who have gifts and can’t seem to find a way to use them; why is that?” God said, “If you were to take all of the salt in the ocean and pile it all into one spot what value would it have?” I asked, “What’s your point?“   He explained a different way, “Remember I’m the booking agent for your talents. The gift given you is for you to give away. It is not for you to set a price on how you freely give it. Don’t think your gift is not being used.”

“Remember I am in charge of the venue, trust that and you will be amazed!”

Apr 17, 2014

God What About Jesus

God What Do You Say About Jesus

I asked God what he had to say about Jesus.  He replied, “From falling leaves ,to majestic mountains, to crying babies filled with life only to live. Places, time, cost, air, flushed out thoughts, purity.”  God exclaimed, “Your question is touching.  Far from understanding love in it’s purest form, is mans view on who my Son really is. The most intelligent, enlightened, creative person on earth pales in likeness to the Word.  He is the Word. My son is hope, purity, and love in it’s highest form. To get to know Him is to find life at the highest level.”

“To achieve a relationship with Him is what man has been created for.  Fall into His arms and let Him love you!


Apr 16, 2014

Please The Masses

Please The Masses

I asked God, “Why does it seem the Church is trying to please the masses?”  God said, “Where there are toys, there will be playing.”  I said, “I don’t get it.”  He replied, “If you count backwards, you will eventually wind up at zero.”  I said, “Ok, now I am confused.”  God tried again, “Pleasing the masses is like attempting to drink the ocean with a straw. The church's job is to teach the word, not please. Most churches begin with the word and then start counting backwards by attempting to please their congregation. Beginning with the word, but not ending with the word is a failed attempt at bringing my word to life. Don’t play with the trends, follow the word that leads down the right path.”

“I have only love and and passion for you; hold on to that and not the mess of the masses!”

Apr 15, 2014



Father, “The word limp came to mind. What does it mean?”   He replied, “With all of the hustle and bustle in the world, most people are going at a speed that they are not built for, nor can they sustain the pace. As they are rushing through life ‘chasing happy’, they miss the real stuff.”  He explained, “This creates a life limp. For all the efforts they put forth to grab life, it becomes a type of oily, slick slope where they go up a little and then slip down a little. They never get where they’re going because they have no traction and they limp through life like a wounded animal.”
“I am your traction, come to me and I will heal your limp!”

Apr 14, 2014

Just Making It

Just Making It

God, “There is not a day that goes by that I don’t hear someone say, ‘I’m just making it through the day’. What I don’t understand is that most of them are professed Christians. Shouldn’t we do more than just ‘making it’?”  He said, “Too many times the cries of struggles are so loud that they drown out the trumpets of peace. The world is a tough place and there will always be those times for everyone where you feel overwhelmed.”
“However, if you need rest, peace and hope for your circumstance come to me and I will provide a way out. That’s a promise!”

Apr 13, 2014



Father, “You gave me a word today...‘senility’.  What does it mean?”  He replied, “Pretend you are on a boat and it begins to sink. What is the first thing you do?”   I answered, “I would grab a life preserver.”  He said, “Exactly! Life at times can be like a sinking ship, but the sad thing is most people jump overboard and swim until they nearly drown.”  He explained, “It’s as if they are senile and forgot where the life preserver is.”
“I am your life preserver, don’t forget to put me on before you board the ship!”


Apr 12, 2014

Adam And Eve Looked Like What

Adam and Eve looked like what?

I asked God, “We see all of these pictures of man’s rendition of Adam and Eve. What did they really look like?”  God said, “In the view of the world, they looked like you.”  He went on, “But, what they looked like before sin came into the world and what they looked like afterward are two completely different images. You see, man thinks they looked like me ‘in my image’. At first they did, but they lost that image when they choose the world over me.”  God continued, “My image you will see and know when you are called home. No one can be recognized in my image until they see me face to face. For now you have a worldly image. There will come a time when you will be transformed into my image.”
“You are perfect and beautiful the way I see you now, however there will come a time when your beauty will exceed perfection!”

Apr 11, 2014

Breaking Sins Back

Breaking Sins Back

Lord, “I had a thought this morning....‘Breaking Sins Back’. What does this mean?”  God said, “Taking is not leaving.”  I replied, “I don’t get it.”  He retorted, “Without Love you have nothing.” Confused I said, “Ok God, I still don’t see the connection.”  He said, “You can take every available course to break the chains of sin and do all of the exercises they enlist, but if you don’t have ‘Love’ they will never work.”  He explained, “You see ‘Love’ is the catalyst that breaks all sin. Once you realize that, you are on your way to a more productive and freer life. There will always be sin on earth, but you do not have to be chained to it.”

“Come to me. Know the truth and enjoy your release from the binds that hold you!”

Apr 9, 2014

Personality Rub

Personality Rubs

I asked God, “Why is it so many people don’t like each other?”  He said, “Temperature, feelings and ‘stuff’ all have a value. The value you place on things are caused by what you determined you had to have to get by in life.”  He explained, “Conflicts of interest and personalities come when you feel your needs are threatened. When you put a rub on barbecue it changes the flavor, however it’s still barbecue. No matter how deep the rub with another person, it will never change the other person.”
“The key to better relationships and peace are four things: Grace, Mercy, Love, and Acceptance. Try that and life will taste so much better.”

Peaks Of Interest

Peaks Of Interest

God, “You gave me the words ‘Peaks of Interest’ today. What does this mean?”   God replied, “Oh.. the harshness of the world, the trials of so many, the pain of the innocent, the challenges of the elec.  The cause, the place, the time, the wonders... all come together to make a huge ball of desperate considerations leaving the whole in a quandary. Thoughts, delusions and fantasy are all a team of unwanted characters in an imperfect world. Rap all of them up in a ball and spit them out into the jungle of life and watch them flee like the day.””

“Think of things that are pure, lovely, noble and of good rapport and watch the interest for the rest disappear.”