Mar 8, 2014

Too Much

Too Much

I said to God, “‘Too much’ has become the battle cry of the world.”   God agreed, “Too much money, too much food, too much entertainment. just too much of everything.”  He went on, “Overindulgence has robbed my children of their time with me. They no longer have the time for me because they are too busy working on having too much. My heart breaks as there lives fall apart because they're chasing too much.”  
“I am enough!  Chase after me and you will find exactly what you need
and your life won’t be robbed by ‘Too Much’.”

Mar 7, 2014

Where Do I Belong

Where Do I Belong?

I said, “‘Where Do I Belong?’ seems to be a common question among people today; Father, can you help?”   He said, “Sure! Take football for instance; do you see anyone on the field that doesn't belong?”  I replied, “That’s a loaded question, but not really.”  He said,  “Consider all of the work it takes to get there and then multiply it by 7.”  I said, “Wow that’s a lot, but I don’t get the point.”  He said, “Easy peasy; finding your place is like eating a banana. You have to peel the skin off before you eat it. If you don’t it’s going to be very hard to digest.”  He explained, “ It’s the same as finding your place in life. It takes a lots of work, but you still have to peel the skin off before you can taste the real fruit of your gift.”

“Come to me to peel the skin and you will be amazed!”

Mar 6, 2014


Where Do We find Fulfillment

I asked God, “Where do we find fulfillment?”   He said, “Look in the refrigerator.”  “Really?”,  I asked.  “Yes”, he said .  I countered, “Ok I did, now what?”  He asked, “Did you find anything you wanted?”  I answered, “Not at this time.  I’m not hungry.”   He said, ”Even if you were hungry and ate everything in sight, it would only fill you for a while. Then you would go away and return when you get hungry again. True and lasting fulfillment only comes when you  come to me seeking with all your heart.”  He explained further, “Don’t be bothered by what you see, but by what you don’t see. Turn to me in all things, seek me, trust me, and you will never have to go to the fridge again.“
“Fill up with me and you will be amazed!”

Mar 4, 2014

Overwhelming Pain

Overwhelming Pain

I asked God, “How do we find comfort when the pain is overwhelming?”  He answered, “Don’t find fault with the dirt.”  In confusion I said, “That makes no sense to me.”   He asked, “What if you were to take a thousand camels and try to ride them all in one day? Could that be possible?”  I laughed and said, “I have never ridden a camel, but I doubt it.” He retorted, “That’s your answer.”  I complained, “..still don’t get it”  He explained, “Doubt is your answer. If you don’t trust me with everything, you will always feel overwhelmed.  As for the dirt, you might as well trust in it to bring you peace, if you can’t trust me with everything.”  

“Play in the sandbox with me and you will find peace!”

Mar 3, 2014

Third Time Down

Third Time Down

I said, “God, it seems that when we feel hopeless you always provide, but at the very last minute. Why is that?”  He replied, “There is no last minute.”  I countered, “Yes, but it seems like it when you are going under for the last time.” He answered, “If you play in the street long enough, you will most likely get run over. I never show up at the last minute. I am always there with a solution. The needs you have will always be met. My answer is always yes. Patience is a virtue and you only learn through trials and perseverance.”

“Like Peter, I will always pull you out before you drown. That’s my promise to you!”

Mar 2, 2014

Coffee With God: How Do We Get Faith

Coffee With God: How Do We Get Faith: How Do We Get Faith? I asked God, “How do we become more faithful?”  He said, “Don't fret the little things. If you too...

How Do We Get Faith

How Do We Get Faith?

I asked God, “How do we become more faithful?”  He said, “Don't fret the little things. If you took a salt shaker and sprinkle it over your food, it would change the way it taste.”  He explained, “Faith works the same way. The more you experience it working in your life, the more you will have. Having is not a faith builder, but not having is. You don’t think your way into building muscles, you must work at it. Faith comes from exercising trust. Trust comes from knowing me. Knowing me will reveal truth.  Truth builds faith.”
“Know me, know trust, find love, build faith.”

Mar 1, 2014



I said, “Lord, you said that you have come so we could have an abundant life. What does that mean?”  He replied, “If you were to take a thousand pictures and put them in a room, it would be overwhelming to decide which one to look at and to value most. The world is the same way.”  He explained, “Choosing which thing is best for you is very difficult. The world says MORE is abundance. I say LESS is abundance. Once you understand that I am your abundance, you will truly live an abundant life, lacking for nothing.”

“I am abundance. Come to me to be filled!”