Feb 28, 2014

Turn The Other Cheek

Turn The Other Cheek

I asked God, “You say when someone does us wrong, we should turn the other cheek. What does that mean?”  He answered, “Pleasing the crowd follows a train of thought that will always result in a train wreck.”  I replied, “I get that but how does that apply in this case?”  He explained, “The world says seek revenge. I say revenge is mine. If you were to trust me in all situations where you are harmed, you would see results that you would want and that would benefit all.  The world’s revenge is based on greed and self centeredness.”
“My revenge is based on love for ALL involved with a Holy result.”  

Feb 27, 2014

I'm Thirsty

I’m Thirsty

I asked, “Father, what do we do to prevent going back to our old way of thinking?”
He said, “Play the lottery.”
“What?” I asked.
He answered, “Shoot the target. Go to a movie. Fill your life with all the things you like to do. I know you're getting thirsty - right? What do you value most? Is it satisfying your worldly needs. or your heavenly desires? Go to the well to drink.”
“I am the well, fill yourself with the water I offer and the old things will go away.”

Feb 25, 2014

Church And Money

Church And Money

I said, “Father, these days it seems there is a lot of money exchanged in Churches.  Why is that?” He replied, “Pretend you are on a road with no end and you can’t get off.”  I said “Ok, I did.”  He asked, “How did that feel?”  I replied, “I felt trapped and weary.”  He explained, ”A big part of my Church is on that same road and sadly they will never get off. I never intended the Church to be chained to money in order to share the gospel. Many have it backwards. I am your resource to spread the good news.”

“Look to me first and everything you need will be provided!”


Feb 23, 2014

Here Comes The Judge

Here Comes The Judge

I asked our Father, “It seems to be a common theme among people to judge each other; why do we do that?”  He replied, “When the time comes for humanity to ride the surf, they will get it. Think of wisdom as a wave, it’s nothing as it forms; then, it comes crashing down with a ferocious bite, and it’s gone.”  He continued, “On the other hand, being judgemental is more like calling on the universe to no longer exist. No one has anymore authority to stop the universe, than they do to be the judge except me!  You ask, “Why do we do it?”  it’s simple: pride and ego (Edging God Out). You have edged me out and taken control.”

“Instead of edging me out try some love, grace, and mercy;
then, the wave won’t come crashing down on you.”

Feb 22, 2014

Does Grace And Mercy Stop

When Does Grace and Mercy Stop

I asked our Father, “How do we know when we have ran out of Grace and Mercy?”  God suggested, “Let’s take a test.” I replied, “Cool.”  He asked  “Do birds have wings? “  I replied, “Of course!”  He asked, “Do fish have fins?”  I said, “Surely they do.”  He asked, “Will you ever not love your children?”  I said, “Never!”  He explained, “Nor, will I ever stop loving my children. Grace and mercy is a part of love. Without it, love is no longer agape, it’s conditional. There is nothing anyone can do, or not do that will prevent me from loving them. “

Feb 20, 2014


We Are Under Attack

I asked, “Why do we feel the need to attack each other?”
God replied, “There is always an element of distrust between my children. However,  the larger distrust is of themselves and of me. If the trust in me were intact, there would be no need to attack.”
“Trust me in all things, not just the ones you choose, and you will find peace, resolve, and unity -  and you will rock!”

Feb 19, 2014

Mind Field

Mind Mine Field

I asked, “God, why does it seem as if our minds have a way of thinking things we don’t want it to think?”  He asked, “If you were to take a picture of the entire world what would you see?”  I replied, “More than I could comprehend.”  He explained, “That’s the way your mind works. It is trying to figure everything out and it goes into overload. Your mind must be trained to take in and think of the things that are noble and of good repore. As you begin to do this, your heart and mind begin to work together.”

“Spend your time thinking of things above and the endless chatter will calm and you will find peace in me.”

Feb 17, 2014

Torn Paper

Torn Paper

This morning God gave me a title for this blog, “Torn Paper”.  I said, “God I have no idea what that means; please explain?”  He said, “When you tear a piece of paper into two pieces, it has only a half value. The same happens when there is division among my children. Be a peacemaker. Enjoy the fullness of the Church, not the fragments of division. Place your forgiveness in my hands and run after unity. Unity is the fullness of the Church.

“Seek restoration and you will find my power in that.”

Feb 16, 2014

Why Do Horses Need Shoes

Why Do Horses Need Shoes?

I said, “God, I never intended to ask this question, but you prompted me. What does it mean?” God replied, “If you were to take a survey of one thousand people and ask them this question most would answer: to protect their hooves. And, they would be right. It would behoove you to pay attention to this. And, yes I do have a sense of humor.”  He continued, “All my children need protection from something. I am your protection.”
“I am the hooves for your heart, wear me like you wear your shoes!”

Feb 15, 2014



This is the second day in a row God has given me a word.  I can’t wait to hear what He has to say.  God exclaimed, “Keep it even.”   I asked, “Keep what even?”  He challenged, “Try first to work on your attitude.”   I said, “We both know my attitude needs work, but what does that have to do with being upset?”  He answered, “Cause and effect, believe it or not, is controllable in your emotional life. Cause is withstanding, effect is withholding.”  He explained, “Being upset has a cause of it’s own and it’s withstanding.  If you withhold the cause, it has an effect that causes discomfort.”
“Give me the cause. I will withhold the effect and you will see a new kind of effect that will be effective and not upsetting.”

Feb 14, 2014



Today the Father gave me a word, “Cinder”.  I asked, “God, what does it mean?”  He said, “As ashes fall from the sky, you will believe the lie.”  I said, “Very poetic, but it makes no sense to me.  Can you clear this up?”  He replied, “As for from the east is the west, cinders of my word are burning with perversion as people twist my words to fit their desires. My desire for you is to have life and to have it abundantly. The cries I hear from my children are burning with the pain of confusion, this confusion is caused by false teachers.”

“Take time to get to know me with a personal one on one relationship, and you will not be scorched by the burning embers of false teaching.”  

Feb 13, 2014

Snowed In

Feeling Snowed In

I asked God, “I know lots of people who feel snowed in, including myself. Why is that?” He said, “There is snow, freezing rain, and sleet, correct?”  I answered, “Yes, for sure.” He explained,  “All of them are made from the same substance, water; but they are different for different reasons. All of my children are made of the same thing, but are different. You can’t close the door on their uniqueness without understanding them first. The feelings of “being closed in” results because people don’t plug into the one substance that holds them all together.”
“Come to the source, and your feelings of being closed in
will recede just like the present storm.”

Can I Block God

Can I Block God?

I asked, “Is it true that when we surrender our enemy to you and forgive them, that we open the path for You to do a “work” in them?  When we do not, are we blocking that path?”
He replied, “Dust off the shades, pull the sheets up, clean the bathroom, and stop the bus.”
“I hear the instructions,” I said, “but I don’t get it.”
He said, “It’s like winnowing grain: you can separate the chaff, but it’s still wheat. Please the heart by unity with me and the person you’re forgiving.”
“Come together with me in unison of love. I will handle the results, and you will be amazed!”

Feb 12, 2014

The Internet

The Internet

“So... God, what do you think of the internet?”
He replied, “Are you serious?”  I said, “Yes I am!”   
He answered, “It’s kind of like riding a cow to a bullfight.” I asked, “What do mean?”  
He replied, “Have you ever jumped into cold water and it nearly took your breath?”   
I answered, “many times”.  He explained, “That’s the way it is for people who are not ready for the information overload. It’s too much coming too quick to process realistically. While it is a wonderful tool, it can be a powerful weapon. You have to ask yourself,
are you ready to dive in headfirst? If so take the plunge, but be ready for the chill”

Feb 11, 2014

I Have Complete Self Control

I Have Complete Self Control

I said, “It seems like no matter how we try, we just can’t always do things the way we should; Why is that?”  God replied, “Fall down, get up, jump up,  come down, cry, and laugh. Things are the way they are no matter how hard you try to stop them. The only way to do things the right way, is to allow me to be your strength. I know your weaknesses and love you through them all.” He paused, then said, “Thanks for trying.”
“I understand, trust that and you will be amazed!”

Feb 3, 2014

I don't Dream


Father, dreams seem to be a huge topic these days, can you help me understand?  He ask me, of all the time you have spent sleeping, have you ever accomplished anything. Yes rest. He laughed. When you sleep you rest from the world and all of the stuff that comes with it. Dreams are your mind letting go and running free. He said to me, you probably want to know if people can interpret dreams, right? Yes I would. There are cases where I allow people to interpret dreams, but as far as a formula, or a book the answer is no. Remember, not to forget, I created everything including your dreams, only I see into your soul, believe that and you will be amazed!

Feb 1, 2014

What Is Hope

I asked, “What is hope?”
He answered, “ Dreams hinged on the manifestation of reality caused by the heart’s desire.”
 He explained further, “You desire, you dream, and you wish for the things you want. Hope is the result of trusting Me with your dreams. Don’t short change yourself with
your dreams.
My dreams for you are bigger and better and they’re real.”
“Trust me with your dreams and you will be amazed!”