Jan 10, 2014

Here we go again God, you gave me another word this time: Tolerance. This is huge in everyones life.”  I asked, “Would you help us to do better with this?”  God replied, “Sure. If you were to take a piece of rope and tug on it with all of your strength, it would eventually break if you are consistent with the tug. Don’t think being consistent is the the only way to break the rope. Although tugging is one way, cutting is is another, burning it still another.”  God explained, “Patience, endurance, mercy, grace, love and perseverance are the tugs you need to break the rope of intolerance. You have to know me to understand tolerance. I am the tug you need to break the rope of intolerance.”
“I am the strength you need for tolerance, I will provide the pull.”


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