Sep 15, 2014


I said, “Grits? Oh boy, this should be a good one!”  The Lord said, “I was hanging out and realized there was no time allowed for laziness. I thought, ‘Why?’.  Then I  thought, ‘I did not create sloth!’  Here’s the deal...there are things I did not create, therefore there is no time for them. What you do with your time is up to your discretion.  The value you get will depend on your choices.”  He continued, “It’s like cooking grits without water. When you do nothing, Nothing Gets Nothing!”

“Try something!  Add water to your grits and you will be full.”

Jul 3, 2014



Screams, this should be a good father. I can’t wait to hear what you say about this. He said to me, the call of the the wild can be an exhilarating lure.When you are alone in your thoughts what are you listening to? In my case , endless chatter. He answered, what do you think the reason for that is? I replied, that’s a tough one, several things, making plans, fear, anger, trying to figure out why everything doesn't go my way all of the time. ETC. 

He said that’s a good start, that’s the call of the wild,what you listen to is what runs your life, start listening for me in the cluster and watch the lion as he begins to tame and his wildly character  morphs into a kitten and his screams become a whisper.

Jul 2, 2014



I know nothing about soccer. God said you don’t have to. Soccer is kind of like lying in bed on a cold winter's night with no heat and the covers want stay on. I replied, I don’t get it. He said you just keep fighting the covers to keep warm only to find yourself fighting again for the same feeling. With soccer you're running up and down the field to get that same feeling again when you get a goal. Life is a lot like soccer, you fight and fight to get a feeling of satisfaction only to find it eludes you once again. 

God said to me, it does not have to be that way, come to me for a satisfaction that sticks even when there are no goals.

Life Is Not Fair

   Life Is not Fair

God I was thinking of how blessed I am, and wondering why. I have led a pretty crazy un Christ like life yet you still bless me beyond my imagination; why is that? God said to me, you are my child and I love you. I love all of my children, I just ask them to spend some time with me and ask for forgiveness when they make mistakes. I love hanging out with my kids. Wanna Hangout?

Jul 1, 2014

INSIDE MUSIC - Episode 1 (Pilot)

Crazy Brain

Crazy Brain

God does everyone have Crazy Brain? Crazy Brain is where your mind takes over with unruly, nutty thoughts. God said to me, yes everyone does, you’re not alone. I said, I wasn’t talking about me. He said sure you were, remember, I am God, I know your thoughts. Then he said, what if I were to take your thoughts and arrange them the way I wanted them? If I did you would no longer be you. I love you, not your perfection. There are times when your thinking is right on, then there are times of unhaltered thinking. 

Think as you may, just remember come to me to get off of the crazy wagon of thinking and you will be amazed!

Jun 29, 2014



This morning in my quiet time with God I was talking about topics for CWG, I was concerned I might run out of things to write about. He gave me a challenge he said pick any word. So I looked out of my window and saw a toyota. He said, that is one of the best selling cars in the country and yet they break down and have recalls all of the time, right he said? Yes, so. Well they are mans best effort to make something perfect, yet they still failed, but they still sell millions of cars and keep coming back. My point is, forget perfection,but don’t keep going back to your failures to make decisions for today.

I am the shop you come to for your recalls, I am a one stop fix all shop. Come to me and you will be amazed. Ok I said, I get your point!

Jun 28, 2014

Lady Ga Ga

Lady Ga Ga

Oh boy this should be a good one. I’ll bite. He then answered, what if I was to tell you to stick your finger in an electric socket, what would you do. First of all I know you wouldn’t ask me to do that. Now if I were to say you sound like Lady Ga Ga , what would you say? I would say, I didn’t know God was tone deaf. Lets play a little game , I will pretend to be you and you pretend to be Lady Ga Ga. Really God, he replied yes really. He then asked how did that feel, goofy I said, he said how do you think I felt. This is what happens when you think you know how others think. 

God said to me, lets do this, lets let Lady Ga Ga be lady Ga Ga, others be themselves, you be you, and I’ll be God and watch how that works, you will be amazed!  done

Jun 27, 2014



The word today is salute, I said God really. He said write it! God said to me you have heard the adage stubborn as a mule? Yes I have. He said pay close attention. Time is exchanged for a productive value; your most valuable asset. What you do with it is up to you. however the outcome of what you do is up to me. You can spend your time questioning me or following my directions. Why eat the fruit if it’s rotten. 

Pay attention, salute the truth,declare battle on the doubt and you will be amazed!

Jun 26, 2014



This is cool, pun intended, father what does it mean? The cool morning air on a hot summers day, the plunge into a swimming pool in July, the fresh breeze coming off of the ocean are all very refreshing. The hot pavement In the middle of summer, the desert heat, changing a flat tire on the side of the interstate in the middle of summer are all physically draining. Hot or cold it’s your choice.

I am your popsicle, come to me and chill out.

Jun 25, 2014

Hard Stuff

I said, “God, at times life comes with some tough decisions that don't feel good. How do we handle this?” He said, “Life is like a beach ball; you throw it back and forth; sometimes you catch it and sometimes you drop it, and sometimes it doesn’t come your way.”  He explained, “The answer is, you can’t turn away when the ball is being thrown in your direction. You catch it and throw it back. When it's not your turn, you wait until it comes your way again.”

“You must always face the ball to catch it every time, or you will drop it and it will get all sandy!”

Jun 24, 2014



As I was contemplating this morning about gratitude, I said to God, “It seems like gratitude has fallen by the wayside and has been replaced by greed as the predominant attitude today.  Why is that?”  He replied, “Tokens of goodwill have lost their value.”  I asked, “What does that mean?”  He said, “It’s like taking a mask off at a party and then everyone sees what you really look like.”  He explained, “There are times where the mask is so ingrained that some don’t recognize who they are and can’t see the real from the unreal. Reality says be thankful for what you have; the world says give me more.”

“Are you wearing a mask? Take it off and have a breath of fresh air!”

Jun 23, 2014



This morning I asked God for a word; he gave me “ears”. I said, “Ok God, I'm listening!”  He asked, “Can you hear me?”  I replied, “Not audibly, but I hear you in my heart.”  He asked, “How do you do that?”  I said, “It’s simple; I listen.”  He said, “Don’t be afraid not to hear me, because you do hear and most of the time you don’t even know it. I speak to your soul all of the time. Whether you choose to hear is up to you. I speak; you listen.  I guide; you choose whether to follow.“

“Remember my path is the right path. Open your ears!”

Jun 22, 2014


I said, “God, the word falling came to mind.  What does this mean?”  He replied, “When syrup pours out of it’s container, it drips very slowly. When it gets to it’s destination, it sticks and just and sits there and creates a gooey mess until you clean it up.”  He explained, “Lots of times that’s what people do with strongholds.  They allow them to pour out of their lives until they create a sticky gooey mess. What is your drip rate? Are you cleaning up the mess as you go, or are you just letting it drip into your life.”

“I’m not Aunt Jemima, but my syrup is much sweeter and never runs out!”

Jun 21, 2014

Gossip Buddies

Gossip Buddies

I asked, “Father, why do people like to gossip so much?”  He said, “Pretend you were in a forest and you were lost and there was no one to talk with. How would you feel?”  I replied, “I would feel scared and alone.”  He explained, “That’s why people gossip. Inside they are scared, alone and insecure.  Gossip brings them out of the woods for the moment. It makes them feel better and secure. The problem is, after that moment is over all the security leaves them to be alone and insecure once again with the added burden of guilt.”

“Come to me with your fears, doubts, insecurities, and loneliness.
You will never feel the need to gossip again!”

Jun 19, 2014

Selfishness Greed

Selfishness Greed

I asked God, “Why is there so much selfishness in the world?”  He exclaimed, “The prize is the blue ribbon!”   I asked, “What does the mean?”  He explained, “The course is for the fast and furious. The hour is to be conquered. In other words, everyone is chasing their desires, not their true nature: I don’t have enough; I need more; I’m not a success; People won’t like me, if I don’t have all of the trappings of the world.  That is the echo of the sentiment of the day.”

“Don’t get trapped by the battle cry of greed! Simply come to me and I will supply your success beyond your wildest dreams!”

Jun 17, 2014

Simply Pleasure

Simply Pleasure

I said to God today, “Simply pleasure! That seems to be the battle cry of the day. Father could you help with this?” He replied, “Sure!  If you were to try to stuff a watermelon in an envelope, it would explode. It’s the same with pleasure seeking. Too much pleasure can become a hindrance and not an asset. When pleasure becomes an idol in your life, it takes me out of the picture. What kind of picture are you painting?”

“My paint never fails, idols go away with the wind!”

Pleasure, battle, watermelon, envelope, explode, pleasure, seeking

Jun 15, 2014

Off Sides


God asked me today, “Have you ever played football and got called for being offsides?”
I replied, “Yes, many times.”  He asked, “What happened?”   I said, “I was penalized.”  
He then said, “There are sides on my team and when you jump the line you are penalized. I’m the referee and I make the call, but I did not make you jump the line. I did not cause you to be penalized. Stay on my side and you will get way more yardage.”

“Remember when you jump the line, you are in enemy territory!“

Jun 14, 2014



I asked God, “What does destiny mean?”  He said, “Try to imagine a child playing jump rope and what he or she is thinking.”  I said, “OK. I’m assuming they're only thinking of the game they're playing.”  He replied, “Exactly. They are where the should be with no plans or concerns about their future. If you were to play more jump rope and trust me with your destiny you would know a new peace. I already have a destiny for you.”

“Jump the rope, don’t be a dope!”

Jun 13, 2014

I'm Not Crying

I’m Not Crying

I asked God, “It seems the world is crying, why is that?”  He answered, “The world is a melting pot of tears. The ghost of pain is on it’s march untethered by fear. The cause and lack is overwhelmingly laced in sorrow. The sorrow comes from a dependence on self power. Those whom choose to latch onto my power no longer have to ride the train of tears.”

“The cure is in me not in the world. It’s everyone's choice to select their own direction.”

Jun 12, 2014

Lady Ga Ga

Lady Ga Ga

Oh boy this should be a good one. I’ll bite. He then answered, what if I was to tell you to stick your finger in an electric socket, what would you do. First of all I know you wouldn’t ask me to do that. Now if I were to say you sound like Lady Ga Ga , what would you say? I would say, I didn’t know God was tone deaf. Lets play a little game , I will pretend to be you and you pretend to be Lady Ga Ga. Really God, He replied yes really. He then asked how did that feel, goofy I said, He said how do you think I felt. This is what happens when you think you know how others think.

God said to me, lets do this, lets let Lady Ga Ga be lady Ga Ga, others be themselves, you be you, and I’ll be God and watch how that works, you will be amazed!

Jun 9, 2014

I'm, So Humble

I’m So Humble

I asked God, “Could you explain humility to me?”  
He said, “Finding a way to to pinch pennies is a fine example of humility.”  I asked, “Really? I don’t get it.”  He said, “Take a jar of pennies and throw it up in the air.  When it lands the jar will explode and pennies will fall everywhere. It’s the same with an ego. When you shake it up, it always explodes into endless diatribes.”  God explained, “Humility usually comes from truth revealed in a series of failed diatribes and the pain that comes along with them. Humility Is the result of truth revealed in self.”

“Humility is honest self evaluation based on learning who you really are in Christ. Get to know me, and you will know who you really are.”

Jun 8, 2014



Today God said, “Sloshing around in the mud is what pigs do; they really like that because that’s who they are. Who are you?  Where there is mud, there is a happy pig.”  God asks, “When you have pain or hurt, are you harboring something inside? Do you keep it to yourself?  Has your mind become your personal pigpen of unsavory thoughts?”  He then said, “Quit playing in the pigpen.  Give me your hurts and thoughts. Free yourself of the mud and play in the light of love, grace, mercy, and forgiveness!

Jun 7, 2014

The Story

The Story

This morning God said, “I have a story for you.”  
“Cool.”, I replied.  He started with, “Once upon a time there was a cliff and it was very high and hard to see. Because it was so hidden, many people would fall off to their death. So, one day someone decided to put up a sign to warn people about the treacherous hazard.”  
He continued, “Are you watching the signs, or are you heading for the cliff?  I am your sign. My Word will be your warning and My Love will prevent your fall.”

“Come to me before you fall off of the edge!”

Jun 3, 2014



This morning I received a word, “Good morning God. Hangman?” He responded, “Jumping off of a cliff is probably not a good idea. But, no more than riding your dreams and hopes into an indulgence of anticipated self will and desire. You might as well tie a rope around your neck, stand on a chair and jump off. The end result will be the same, death!”  He explained, ““I have so much more planned for you than you can imagine and much better than you would plan for yourself.”

I am not the hangman. I will never ask you to jump off of the chair. Instead, I will take the noose off and give you eternal life.”

Jump, Cliff, Dreams, Indulgence, Rope, Neck, Noose

Jun 2, 2014

Walking The Talk

Walking the Talk
I said to God, “So many of us say one thing and act out another.” I asked, “Why is that?”  He said, “It’s easy to feel good and convicted when you're talking about your beliefs. The test is when the crisis hits and how you respond.  This is where you find out the strength of your faith.”  I asked, “What if I behave as if all I said was just talk?”  He answered, “You don’t have to prove your faith to me.  Faith is to benefit you, not me or others to see out the unseen works.”

“Remember you are a work in progress, not a completed project!”

Jun 1, 2014

Sand Trap

Sand Trap
God gave me “Sand Trap” this morning.  I said to Him, “This should be interesting. I don’t play golf.”  He asked, “Taking all things into consideration, why don’t you play golf?” I replied, “I don’t have the desire and fear of failure.”  He prompted, “What if I said, if you had played you would have been great?” I said, “I would be surprised!”  God explained, “Talking to yourself is kind of like never doing anything. It’s like being stuck in a sand trap and trying to hit the ball, but missing it and digging the hole deeper and deeper and losing sight of the ball. 

Have you lost sight of the ball? Are you stuck in the sand trap and can’t get out?”

“Come to me; I will provide a way out and you can sink a hole in one!”

May 31, 2014


This morning I reflected and asked God, “Restless seems to be the theme of the day. Father, why is that?”  God said, “Ok, if you take an Army tank and drive it into a wall, it would devastate the wall. If you take a thousand vitamins at once you wouldn't feel better, but would get sick and possibly die.”  He explained, “Restlessness is caused by a desire born out of the need to have more and not be satisfied with what you have. It leads to an attempt at pile driving through life and taking in more than you can digest.”

“Don’t be a tank!  Take in only what you need for the day;
Be satisfied with that and your restlessness will turn into rest.”

May 30, 2014

False Gods

False Gods
I asked our Father, “What do you mean by false Gods?”  He replied, “From the towers of wall street, to the ditches of the underworld and everything in between there is a collage of priorities. There is only one way to determine for yourself, you must put yourself through the acid test and ask, ‘what is my first love in my life?’ Only you can achieve this answer and only for yourself and no one else. I can tell you one thing that might help; there should be no other Gods before me!”

“Search your heart; the answer lies within!”

May 29, 2014

I don't Like God

I Don’t Like God!
This morning I responded to something God prompted, “Ok God!  You gave me this title and I really did not want to answer, but you wouldn't let it go.  So, what is this about?”  He replied, “At times in this world there are children playing and children starving all at the same time on planet earth. There are sunny days and days of devastating weather. It’s very hard to grasp how I can be a loving God and allow all this turmoil to happen with a finite mind thinking in the visible.”  God explained, “Remember I live in the invisible. My Son’s sacrifice is a testimony to how much I love all my children. There are things you can’t understand now.  But, if you get to know my Son and his teachings, you will be able to transcend the understanding into a new peace.  Hope and trust that all things are working together for the best of all to complete the canvas I have painted for you.”

“Trust in the love of the invisible, not in what you see and you will be amazed!”