Dec 4, 2013

Where Do We Find Fulfillment

Where Do We find Fulfillment

I asked God, where do we find fulfillment? He replied, “look in the refrigerator.” Really I replied?  “Yes he answered.” I did, now what? Did you find anything you wanted, he asked? Not at this time , I replied, I’m not hungry. He said,” even if you were hungry,and eat everything in sight it would only fill you for a while.” “ Then you would go away only to return when you get hungry again.” “True and lasting fulfillment only comes when you  come to me seeking with all your heart.” “ Don’t be bothered by what you see, but by what you don’t see.” Turn to me in all things, seek me, trust me, and you will never have to go to the fridge again. “Fill up with me, and you will be amazed!”

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