Dec 10, 2013

I Need Help

I Need Help
“Father, why don’t people ask for help when they need it?” He replied, When a river is overflowing, it's
time to get to higher ground.”
I said, “I don’t get it.”   
He asked, “Pretend a flood is coming, what would you do?”  
I replied, “I would run for higher ground.”
He explained, “Okay, you see the reason some people don’t run for higher is they're scared to get out
into the elements.”
I said, “I still don’t get it.”  
 He said, “It’s like this, 
the elements of safety are scary for some 
because they have to relinquish control to someone or something. So, quietly they sit in their pride hoping no one will notice their lack of control and fear.”

"Trust that I am your helper when the flood comes!"

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