Sep 14, 2013

You Talking To me


Forgiveness, Step, Timing

I asked, “Is it good to use criticism to demean the way other people worship?”
God said, “There’s a place where people go to get away. Each person has their own. Some go to the movies, some the beach, others the mountains, while some redirect their pain and use it to belittle others. While everyone has their own beliefs, and the way they come to me is correct, no one has it completely right. Your beliefs are your beliefs, their beliefs are their beliefs. Believe that I get it, and that it’s for me to judge right from wrong. Don’t become arrogant by believing you’re right and everyone else is wrong.”
Hints Of Faith

“Believe that you are not the judge, and you will be amazed!”

Criticism, Worship, Beliefs, Judgment, Sovereign God, Arrogance

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