Sep 18, 2013

Tricks Aren't Cool

When Tricks Aren’t Cool

I asked, “How do we know when we're in your will?”
God said “Tricks are cool. Remember the one when you were a kid and the magician poured milk into a newspaper and it disappeared?”
“Yes I do, and I was amazed!” I said.
God said, “Those were the days of innocence. There is no innocence in the way Satan plays games with your mind to trick you into believing you're doing my will.You asked, how you can know when you’re in my will. It’s simple: ask ,and I will tell you. But you have to really want my will and not your own to hear the right answer. Remember, Satan has lots of tricks.”
“Learn my truth, and it won't be a trick it will be a treat, then you will be amazed!”

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