Aug 27, 2013

Pickled Pigs Feet

Pickled Pig’s Feet  

I asked, "How do you respect someone  
that is falsely attacking you?" 

God replied, "Bring on the pickled turnips!"  I exclaimed, "What?"  God said, "Pickle the pigs feet!"  
I said, "You've got to be kidding."

He explained, "It’s simple, pickling turnips 
or pigs feet does not change the turnip from being a turnip, or the pig’s feet from being pigs feet.
The assault is just that, an assault. 
The person is still a person.
Respect the person, not the assault
and you will be amazed!"

Aug 23, 2013

Got Faith?

 Got Faith?

I asked, "What do we do to maintain
our faith during crisis?" 
God said, “Take a walk, come back and I will tell you what’s next.” I replied, “...back from my walk”.  He said, “Now make up your bed and straighten up your room”. I replied, “...bed made, room straight”. He explained, “It’s that simple to keep your faith.  You have to work for it.” Then he said, 
“Pray, read my word and listen for my word.
But, most importantly be obedient and follow it 
                                    in the order you receive it.
My order I ordered for you to find comfort.
Follow my order 
and you will  be amazed!”

Aug 21, 2013

Under Attack

 Under Attack

I asked, "Why do we feel the need to attack each other?" He replied, “Always there is an element of distrust between my children.  However the larger mistrust is of themselves and Me.  If the trust in Me is intact, there would be no need to attack.  Trust Me with everything, not just in things you choose, then you will find peace, resolve, unity
and you will be amazed.”