May 16, 2013

Marriage And Sexuality

Marriage and Sexuality

A friend asked this question.
“Today there is a lot of controversy over sexuality and the definition of marriage.  Can you help us understand why and what your hope is for your children in this regard?”
God said, “Watch the whales.”
“What whales?”
He said, “The ones in the ocean.”
I said, “I don’t live by the ocean. I don’t get it.”
Then he replied, “If you don’t live in it you won’t get it.”
I said, “I still don’t get it.
God said, “There is a war of condemnation going on in the world based on the value people put on sin. The only way you can stay out of the war is to not enter the battle. People attempt to sets the value and the price. Stay out of the battle, trust me with the war, and you will be amazed!” 

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