May 2, 2013

Don't Buy Cigarettes

Don’t Buy Cigarettes

Coffee With God, I asked; how do we find joy when we are in the middle of turmoil. God replied, don't buy cigarettes. I said, what? He said don't smoke. I said either I have lost it, or your playing with me. He said, it's like this; if you don't have the cigarettes, you can't smoke, if you don't fall into the river, you want drown, if you don't buy what the world is selling, you want believe what it is feeling. He said , there is a whole wor ld of hurtful messages out there, wanting you to believe the lies, and feel the pain that comes with it. The way you find joy in the mess is, letting the truth guide you, not your feelings. Getting to know me equals truth, knowing the truth equals joy. Trust me with your feelings, and you will find the truth, then, you will be amazed!

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