Apr 29, 2013

Freedom From Fear And Doubt

Coffee with God, I asked God, what is it like to be free of fear an doubt? God said, to climb the highest mountain, to push the limits of your dreams, to seek your goals, to love someone with out expecting them to love you back, to have joy in the hardest times, to be full when there is only emptiness around you, to own nothing but have everything, to know all of these things are impossible alone, but to have faith and trust that with me all things are possible. To believe in the moment, and not worry about the future, while knowing I have your future in my hands and have broken all the chains that bind you to imprisonment. Freedom comes with trusting me, try it you will be amazed!

Coffee With God: Don't Chase The Cat!!!!!!

Coffee With God: Don't Chase The Cat!!!!!!: AUDIO http://www.4shared.com/mp3/KHIc-qFA/Dont_Chase_The_Cat.html Coffee With God, I asked? We know Jesus is about lov...

Coffee With God: Toys are us

Coffee With God: Toys are us: toys are us.mp3 - Hosted at 4shared.com   Coffee with God, I asked, why do most people focus on  the negative...

Answered Prayers!!

Answered Prayers

Coffee with God. I asked God,I'm told you always answer prayers, is that true? He said, always. Then he said, I knew what you where going to pray for before the beginning of time. I started planning your answer before the world was created. My answer is   
 based on my Love for you and what is best for you in the total scheme of things. You cannot see the big picture. I am the one painting the canvas and you have a special place painted just for you in the landscape of things. He said, trust the stroke of my brush, and you will be amazed.!

Apr 27, 2013

" Eenny, Meeny, Miny, Moe"

Coffee with God, I said it seems as if nearly everyone I talk to is trying to figure out what it is you want them to do. Some have reached out and begun but aren't sure if what they are doing is what you would have them do. Why is that?
God said,' eeny, meeny, miny, moe".
I said , OK, here we go again. Please explain!
He said, it's as if most people use this children's counting rhyme to select their callings.
When I have a job for you to do I always provide everything you will need; in the way I choose and in the time frame it needs to be done.
The doubt comes from wanting it done in your time schedule, not mine.
Let go of "eeny , meeny, miny, and moe"; wait on me, trust me and you will be amazed!

Apr 26, 2013

Beans and Carrot

Coffee with God; I asked, One of the most common things I'm hearing from people lately is when they pray they don't seem to be hearing a response. Why is that? He said, beans, carrots, squash, corn and cucumbers are all from the same family. No matter how hard you try you can't turn a bean into a carrot, right? I said yea but what does that have to do with the price of rice in China? He said, when a person prays, their prayers are always heard, and there is always an answer. The problem is, that they are trying to turn a bean into a carrot. I still don't get it. He said , look at it this way; in most cases when a person prays not only do they decide what they are going to pray about , but they also decide what they want to hear back, and if they don't hear what they want , they think I didn't reply.. It's the bean and carrot thing. I always answer, but they don't always listen to what I have to say. Even though the answer may not seem relevant, it is what they need, to get to where they need to be. Trust me with the beans and carrots, you will truly be amazed!!!!!!

Toys are us

Coffee with God, I asked, why do most people focus on 
the negative in their lives, instead of the good? God 
replied, toys are us. I said Ok; please explain. He said, when you go into a toy store you see little children excited anticipating bringing home the most important thing in their life at that moment. They fill if they don't get that special toy they will truly die. Understanding this should help you understand why focus on the negative is so predominant. You see focusing on the negative is the same as focusing on that toy, if you don't get your needs met you want be happy. Lack of faith, and trust in me is the cause of the negative 
focus, with unwillingness to believe I have better toys. Shop at God is us, trust in my good, don't focus on the bad, and you will be amazed!

Apr 25, 2013



Coffee with God. I asked; God why do we become so  
overwhelmed with everything. God said, everything? 
I said you know, all the stuff going on in our lives. 
He said; all the stuff? I said you know what I mean 
right? He said of course I do. He said what I'm 
hearing you really saying is. Why can't I make 
everything work the way I want it to. It's simple, 
your trying to do my job. You will always be 
overwhelmed when you attempt to take on my role. 
Give it up, let me do what I do, trust me in all 
things, and you will be amazed


When will the other shoe drop

when will the other shoe drop.mp3www.4shared.comwhen will the other shoe drop.mp3-4shared.com

Coffee with God, I asked, there are many people today that   struggle with thinking something bad is always around the corner. They can't seem to fully enjoy the good times because they are focused on waiting on the other shoe to drop. Why is that? God said, ships that have sails depend on the wind, sails without wind go nowhere. I asked , what does that mean. He said fullness requires a constant battle to keep your time intact, with an unbridled focus on me. Emptiness will leave you open to the thoughts that only produce doubt and fear. Let me be the wind that fills your sails, you do that and you will be amazed!



I asked God, “What does it look like in heaven?”
He said, “Remember seeing your sons being born?”
I said, “Yes I do.”
He asked, “What was that like?”
“It was the most peaceful, wonderful feeling I have ever experienced.”
Then he said, “Multiply that feeling times infinity, and that is close to what it's like.  This beautiful eternal home I have created, for you to live in with me forever, is beyond any human’s ability to comprehend in full.  The love you felt for your children when they were born is only a shadow of the heavenly experience.  Heaven is a place where you live fully, all the time, in the love I have for all of my children.  Live, and long for your new home.  You will be amazed!”

Freedom from fear and doubt

I asked God, “What do we do when we find ourselves doubting you?” 
God asked back: “What is your favorite sport?”
I replied, “God, you know it's football, just like everyone else on the planet.”
He said, “Who is your favorite quarterback?”
“My favorite all time quarterback would probably be Bart Starr.”
He replied, “Although Bart Starr]was one of the best quarterbacks of all time, he still missed the mark hundreds of times.  But he never gave up and never quit.  Doubting is part of the human condition.”  God said, “Remember, I understand your doubts and fears, and accept them with open arms.  Defeat is in the doubts.  Victory is with me.  Let me be your quarterback and lead you through your doubt.  You will never lose with me.  Trust that, and you will be amazed!”

Answers to prayer

I asked God, “I'm told you always answer prayers. 
Is that true?”
He said, “Always.”  Then he said, “I knew what you were going to pray  before the beginning of time.  I started planning your answer before the world was created.  My answer is based on my love for you and what is best for you in the total scheme of things.  You cannot see the big picture.  I am the one painting it, and you have a special place painted just for you in the landscape of things.”  He said, “Trust the stroke of my brush, and you will be amazed!”