Mar 19, 2018

Genuine Fake Stuff

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Good morning Father! What if I were to tell you nothings real? That sounds crazy. Okay what if I were to tell you somethings are real, but some aren't? I could buy into that. So Father, how do we know was is real, and what isn't. Listen to me real close. All you have to do is know me, and the lies will be vanquished. Love God.

Mar 16, 2018

Where's The Peace

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Good morning Father! I have a question, where do you find peace when your world is in turmoil. The answer is in your question. The turmoil is in the world, it does not live inside of you, therefore you have a choice. You can live in the turmoil while at the same time the peace is waiting on you to call. Come to me, be with me, live in me and the peace will present itself in abundance. Love God!

Mar 13, 2018

A New Day

Good morning Father! So the last year was awful. Today is a new day. Do you want to have better days. Spend more time with me, and you will see change happen quickly. But send your time listening, not just talking. Love God!!

Mar 12, 2018

Motivation Got Some

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Good morning Father!! Is your motivation running low? If so, ask yourself why? Sitting in the stew? Watching the world go by? Bring yourself to do something you don't like to do. Do it with vigor. Then go from there. Fear stops motivation. What are you in fear of. Fear nothing because I am with you. Love God!

Mar 8, 2018

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Good morning Father! It has been a road with a lot of twist , and turns. You may have wound up in a ditch from time to time, even down a ravine. My road is straight, and narrow. Sty on it and you will always be safe. Love God!

Mar 2, 2018

Slip Covers

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Good morning Father! When you have a seat and it begins to wear out,get dirty, have tears, and holes,you get a slip cover to hide the damage. The thing is , it's still ugly. What are you covering up, are you just hiding the dirt. The slip covers will eventually wear out and he dirt will reveal it's self once again. Let me get you a new seat. Love God!

Mar 1, 2018

There Are No Bad Days

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Good morning FATHER! It's a beautiful day. How can it not be? There are no ugly days. Only in your mind. I did not make bad days. You can blame it on the day if you want. But the day didn't do it:YOU DID!So pause, reconsider your day, and enjoy it. Love God!