Apr 23, 2018

Turn This Way

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Good morning Father! Where do you go for help. Do you turn to drugs, alcohol, money, physiatrist, people? The next time tour in trouble , turn to me. You will be amazed!! Love God!!! 

Apr 21, 2018

Please No Changes

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Good morning Father! What does it mean to change. It means to live. The only way you want experience change is to die. A lot of people are not comfortable with change because it means you have to experience new feelings. experience change with gratitude because your still alive. Join the game, ingage the change. Love God!

Apr 20, 2018

Dreams Of Success

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Good morning Father! Dreams of success seem to elued so many, why is that? The fault lies in inner talk, the negative displacement of a positive attitude takes over due to disbarment of a connection to me. I have been replaced by negativity. Come home and see success as it truly is , and we will take the journey to success together. Love God!

Apr 19, 2018

How Do We Trust?

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Good afternoon Father! How do we trust? Try not trusting. If you do that long enough you will be so miserable that you'll start trying, if that's what it takes. Then you'll get better at itin time. Love God! 

Apr 18, 2018

What Does God Want

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Good morning Father! Father what do you want for us? Love me Except my Son, and love others. That's it?  You betcha! Love God!

Apr 17, 2018

Where Does Disappointments go?

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Good morning Father! Where do disappointments go? There's two places disappointments go. You can hold on to them, and they will weigh you down and keep you from achieving your ultimate best, or you can let them go, give them to me. Giving them to me that will allow you to achieve your best, and  even greater things. Love God!!!!!!!!!!

Apr 16, 2018

Todays Picture

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Good morning Father! Take a picture of all your failures throw them in the trash. No take a picture of a new day. The slate is clean. I will always love you. Love God!